The 31 most important, insightful and just plain odd lines from Donald Trump Jr.'s Russia testimony

The 31 most important, insightful and just plain odd lines from Donald Trump Jr.'s Russia testimony
Image from: CNN

29. "Do you have a home landline?" "I believe I do, but I don't even know the number of it."

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  1. We will never have another family in the WH with as much style, grace and tact as the Trump's. They are truly Americas royal family putting Britains royal family to shame in comparison. Be Best everyone! 😀😜

  2. So let me get this straight.

    Liberals will claim Russian collusion over Trump Jr. meeting with a lawyer to get dirt on Hillary... but they will completely ignore the FACT that Hillary financed a fake dossier to frame Trump & undermine our election?

  3. What a boring article. It’s just Cillizza’s opinions on a bunch of irrelevant answers. How desperate and pathetic is CNN to try to make big news out of stuff already known for a long time now?

  4. Don the Con Jr has one of those faces that the second you see him you just know he’s the douchest and creepiest person ever. Turns out he’s also a moron and really bad at collusion! His downfall is the one I’m most looking forward to after the original Don the Con.

  5. To be totally honest here, many of us have landlines but dont use them apart for internet so I can see under this circumstance someone not remembering their phone#, not saying this is Don Jr situation!

  6. I have a landline and don't know the number to it. It's installed with my internet but I don't use it. What's the point?

  7. And yet, nothing but CRICKETS on the lying leftists...

  8. Down to the bottom of the barrel now for negative news I see. To quote she that shall not be named, "this report is a big nothing burger".

  9. Has any of Don Jr's answers to Congress been proven to be false or misleading? NOPE DIDN'T THINK SO! This means his testimony was accurate and honest regardless if the left does not like his answers. Another hit piece from Cillizza that will fall short and show the bias nature of CNN's propaganda.

  10. Most people use cell phones. Land lines are a thing of the past for many, and not knowing the number is not all that unusual.

  11. How is not knowing your land line number odd? Landlines are dinosaurs and I don’t call myself to often. Wtf.

  12. What about the fake UNVETTED dossier that was used by HILLARY's campaign to get a FISA warrant to Spy on an American Citizen??!!!! When are you going to report on this????

  13. You media CNN and Trump are the same thing; justifying the foreign plicies in the Middle East, and reporting selectivaly and with biase.

  14. You know, I want to read this but your website is too addled with clickbait garbage to even manage it. After two minutes not even being able to figure out how to get to the list, I’m over it.

  15. hmm ...I cld kinda see not knowing a landline number in this age of cells n computers! I forget mine all the time!.lol.and I didn't have to collude w Russia to realize that ;)

  16. OMG is that all you have??? This is getting nuts that a thing like this hits the headlines. I do not think I know my own cell number these day. CNN you better hire some real reporters !!!

  17. My mom and grandfather both have landlines but they don't know the numbers to it because they never use it... the only reason for them having it is for 911

    CNN is so petty it's unreal

  18. CNN will go off air and out of business after this Admin. You give nothing, have nothing and pretty useless for anything other than what one can get from the National Enquirer. At one point and time you were bearable. Explains the 20% year over year drop in ratings.

  19. I feel this family is up to no good with their businesses, but I can barely remember my # and don’t even ask me anyone elses🤨

  20. Suggested questions not asked but thought of as important.
    Boxers or briefs?
    Ham or Chicken?
    Do you use stuffing in your Thanksgiving Turkey or beside it?
    Do you hear this word or this one when we play this audio?
    What color is the dress in this photo?

  21. Eric farted in a meeting and said that due to attorney-client privilege, he couldn't tell anyone.

    But we knew, we knew.....

  22. Trump will win in 2020, drain the swamps.

  23. Wow CNN is doing some awesome reporting LOL what a joke

  24. The best part of this man was left on the cheat motel linen that daddy Trump wiped his manhood would be "poetic justice" if the "Russian meeting", organised by Trump junior is what brings down the corrupt, criminal regime of his daddy.. . While brother Eric blends small animals in his new multi-mixer, Junior is trying not to be the ultimate disappointment that he has always been... Poor Baron, his male role models lacking in the areas most important to a young boys maturation.

  25. I must have missed CNNs article on Hillary's odd lines about washing her server "like with a cloth"

  26. The fake CNN, grasping at straws for almost 18 months. Your media is a joke . CNN must not have gotten the memo , no collusion .

  27. Trump Jr.-"I have a burner phone too, and I do know that number."

  28. You can't buy intelligence and or class, but apparently you can buy the presidency.

  29. The fruit does not fall far from the tree

  30. I have a landline as part of my uverse bundle. No idea what the # is.

  31. This story should win a Pulitzer. CNN keep up the great work.

  32. This just in //BREAKING NEWS CNN: Donald Trump believed to have diarrhea and possible switching to charmen ultra soft... Eye Whitness reports claim trump seems to be different then his usual fatty self.

  33. Bacon boy knows nothing, just like old man sessions. lol...crooks.

  34. 1 question - were he and Manafort able to adopt the baby?

  35. I don't know my landline number either. Hell, I don't trust anyone who calls it. LMAO

  36. CNN is this another way to put down the administration? You have nothing to do to help this country great again?

  37. Either he’s the best con and manipulator (like daddy don) or the best 🤥💩 (like daddy don)

  38. that's spanky's "high quality" son lmao

  39. What else/more would anyone expect from a friggin' idiot?

  40. Hope he has it on a tag in his underwear somewhere ffs !! 🙄

  41. So where's the collusion lefties? Your last bastion of hope just crumbled in front of your eyes HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  42. The apple didn't fall far from the tree.....

  43. Wow someone who doesn't know their own number. Call the feds we have collusion.


  45. yep-proof positive that Trump Jr has the same sniffling problem like his Dad :P

  46. I was expecting a smoking gun. You mean still no evidence of collusion?

  47. I have a bundle with Spectrum that came with landline service. I, like Trump Jr., do not know my landline number due to the fact that I primarily use my cell phone for communication and entertainment purposes. How is that strange or odd?

  48. Congrats CNN - 30% drop in’s on at at every airport...👍🏻

  49. What would CNN do if Trump wasnt in office be off the air.

  50. It was history, when we have, now only use for internet

  51. This is it! This is the end of trump! For real this time! Mueller has him right where he wants him! Resist!

  52. A face only a mother can love.

  53. Do you have a chin? We can't see it. What a dork! Now screwing fox pox news woman. Corruption has no limits.

  54. Articles like this is why CNN ratings are lower than Cartoon Networks. 🤣🤣🤣

  55. Have they found any criminal evidence? Have they found any collusion?

  56. Notice that Trumpers are still ignorantly and stupidly deflecting to Hillary after 2 whole years. The Left has moved on, but the CULT can't get her out of their minds - must be sexual, or something, very strange.

  57. -
    What I find interesting is that "even If" the meeting with the American Citizen Russian born Lawyer was all to get dirt on hillary... Would there even be anyone talking about it if it were hillary trying to get dirt on Trump???

    Then, if "that" is such a scandal, why isn't the fact that the "dossier" that is being used to try to depose President Trump that was created by a former foreign agent, paid for by the DNC and using information garnered from Current Russian Spies, not more horrifying???

    Which is more likely "Russian Collusion"???
    Seriously think about it...
    And how could we possibly know that the information from the Russian Spies wasn't directed by Putin himself???

  58. I just wanna know if he’s bangin Kimberly Guilfoil?

  59. Here we have a prime example as to why CNN is nothing but a gutter gossip journalism rag 😳

    What the hell does this have to do with anything CNN?

  60. Without Donald Trump, what is CNN?

  61. I have a landline that I don't know the number to

  62. lol I remember the number but it is no longer in use ;) or somebody else has it now.

  63. Wow ! So bad ! Fake News ! Who cares ! If you like your doctor , you can keep your doctor ! Pffffft !

  64. You guys just don't ever give up you can't prove it so you make it up more fake news

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