Tasty fast-food items you can only find in certain states

Tasty fast-food items you can only find in certain states
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Mcdonald's in Missouri has biscuits and gravy?! 😛

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  1. At McDonald’s in Illinois,
    Me: “I’ll take a hot&spicy”
    Mcd: “We don’t have that here”
    Me: “FINE, I’ll just have a sweet tea”
    Mcd: “we don’t have that either!”
    #truestory #TexanForLife

  2. I was in California and asked my cousin to get me a hot n' spicy Mc Chicken. They didn't have hot n' spicy Mc Chickens, just regular. Good enough.

  3. Butter burger from Culver's only in Indiana? Uh I live in Minnesota and can drive 20 minutes to get one too.

  4. Whoever put this together should have done better research. I live in Texas, we have Raising Cane's here too and they all have tenders.

  5. You can also get a chicken tender sandwich from wawa.... in pa and Florida one other state I don't remember the other

  6. This list is shit. I live in Iowa and we have like 6 of these.

  7. You can get lobster rolls at McDonald's in pretty much all of New England... Not that you'd want to.

  8. Drunk AF at a friend's house and all they got is a loaf a bread & some weird sh!t in the freezer.

  9. McD's biscuits and Gravy is pure garbage. Although I'm surprised its not everywhere.

  10. You can get the lobster thing in certain parts of Canada too 🙂

    It’s... not amazing, but edible.

  11. I just wanna know why I can't get noodles at my McDonalds.

  12. Yeah I have no fucking clue what most of those restaurants are. 😩

  13. We’ve always had gravy at McDonald’s in Arkansas. It’s 🔥🔥🔥 too

  14. Raising canes everywhere has chicken tenders. It's kinda what they do.

  15. Gotta say the MS 1 is spot on, wards is only in this state and is amazing

  16. Indiana- Butterburger from Culvers? Fyi Culvers was started in Wisconsin.

  17. 3000 calories and 2000 mg of salt. Great fix America!

  18. Becky we'll need to add some of these to the road trip.

  19. Rare and exclusive? This is all just junk, different variations of fries and burgers. Come on now.

  20. Cheese curds in Wisconsin? No shit, and they're amazing

  21. For Washington's, Miner's is really good. Only problem is, you have to go to Yakima for it.

  22. they also have breakfast bagels on the east coast still ;)

  23. The butterburger? Um...that's at just about any culvers, and its not exactly unique.

  24. So the whole not posting chive.com links on Facebook thing didn't hold up then?

  25. Uh...doesn't every McD have Biscuits and Gravy?

  26. McDonald's in Arkansas has biscuits and gravy and it slaps the shit out of Whateverburgers lol

  27. Wait... Not all McDonald's have biscuits and gravy?

  28. Don't all McDonald's have biscuits and gravy?? Jessie Madson???

  29. I'm not impressed by any of these.

  30. Most of it looks like dog shit to be honest haha. Moby Dicks greasy fried fish on white wonder bread. Did someones 4 year old come up with that??? Fast food in 'merica is "special". 😂

  31. Wtf is up with your page chive, I get this pop-up saying I won an amazon gift card and freezes Facebook. I’m reporting your ass!