TMZ On TV: Cardi's Probably Pregnant

TMZ On TV: Cardi's Probably Pregnant

TMZ On TV: Cardi's Probably Pregnant

Posted by TMZ Feb. 17, 2018, 3 a.m.

Cardi B's probably ... pregnant! 🤔

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well cardi, metoo person,


  1. In all fairness I'm sure she's been pregnant many times. Let's be real here.

  2. If the Kardashians can have baby after baby after baby after baby and continue to work, then I don't see the problem here.

  3. Harvey should help find a way for gun control. Instead of blaming one person who he knows cannot do nothing about the shooting.

    Harvey! What do you have in mjnd? And since you have the access to reach out to people. Do something, stop blaming the person you think is incompetent. Lay down your plan. Otherwise, STFU!

  4. Well unlike some of you she's booked and busy with them bank deposits going in on a regular basis. While y'all broke and bitter checking your account to see if you can get a medium pizza with a drink.

  5. Damn, who gets pregnant at the beginning of their career? Typical ________....

  6. It has a uterus?? Really? An actual real one? That works???? Im confused 😕.. Isn't this the tranny from love & hip hop.... Never mind... Dont waste your energy even responding. Its only facebook & entertainment.

  7. It could be just a nut build up in her gut

  8. By who? I can't understand a sentence she says!

  9. Literally all her songs are the worst

  10. Cardi b, you know where I'm at, you know where plan b!!!!

  11. Well Cardi B did say...” I turn Offset on...” 😬

  12. I never knew tmz reported “probable”news.....(well unless it was another #metoo person coming out)🤔

  13. Y'all really care about this street trick... I've seen potatoes that entertain better than her.

  14. Wants to be throwing slugs at crips while pregnant 🙄

  15. At the Height of your carrer. Nice move.

  16. Oh stop, she was just on ig dancing and show in her FLAT belly!!!

  17. Nah it's just a burrito fart she's holding in

  18. It's gas she's just bloated she needs to let it go ( Y )💨 LOL

  19. She just might have eaten too many fast food meals. Not all puffy bellyies mean a woman is pregnant.

  20. I think she is pregnant but going for that abortion

  21. I wouldn't expect anything less from that mutt Lmao

  22. The way she dresses most of the time reminds me of an old lady

  23. Y'all run with thee smallest comment lol

  24. Geez lol so what if she is
    Leave it alone gahhh

  25. Lmao journalism at its finest "Maybe shes pregnant. We're not sure" 😕

  26. Ok she will be eventually, lil baby migos

  27. Do you think she listens to Pink Floyd?

  28. Not pregs so Cardi B can sip some
    B.Cardi now !!

  29. and it aint by her boyfriend watch...

  30. Jackie Mallory ! Let me fat in peace!

  31. Who......(wait for it).......cares! Lol

  32. From one of her lap dances?! Girl is trash

  33. Who cares. If she is, then she is.

  34. She is a dude... she can’t be pregnant