TMZ On TV: Banging & More Banging

TMZ On TV: Banging & More Banging

TMZ On TV: Banging & More Banging

Posted by TMZ Feb. 11, 2018, 11 p.m.

Quincy Jones spills about Marlon Brando & Richard Pryor banging, but Oprah Winfrey won't spill anything!

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  1. They can't defend themselves. I find it tacky for the wife of richard to come out about it now. Who cares if its true or not. If richard wanted people to know, he would've said something himself!

  2. And last week he was talking about how he dated Ivanka Trump. He’s got a lot to talk about all of a sudden.

  3. Damn what’s up with Quincy lately? He just said F!$CK IT imma spill every bean can I know of . 🤷🏻‍♀️🤣

  4. Nobody has talked about Quincy in yrs so he says this about Richard Pryor and bashes Taylor swift last wk...

  5. Quincy Jones has Diarrhea of the 👄

  6. Just because their dead does not mean they never existed. I love also the way certain groups of people abuse dead Confederate soldier statues and they are long dead not even in my lifetime.

  7. I bet marlon brando had his pipe parked down quincy jones's throat too😂

  8. Prior to the Richard stuff I wonder what did Quincy do to Michael

  9. It's no ones business but theirs. I could care less.

  10. Quincy should keep his pie hole shut

  11. I’ll never enjoy THE GODFATHER again...😞

  12. Bs,Quincy has lost his dam mind

  13. What's with you freaky liberals wanting to know every detail with regard to naked people? Sick. Leave it alone.

  14. He must be starting to have his memories mixed up. 🤔

  15. Big deal....lots of ppl are bi-sexual but very few admit it....

  16. Amarosa, you are an Black African woman, being An Donald Trump..lmao

  17. Spills on all the dead people. Lol

  18. Nothing like going senile on live tv. 🤪

  19. nuttier than squirrel poo

  20. Quincy is old and senile like trump