Sweden 1976: Tyrrell's 6-wheeled victory

Sweden 1976: Tyrrell's 6-wheeled victory
Image from: F1

On this day in 1976 Tyrrell showed their six appeal 😉

Jody Scheckter steered the Tyrrell P34 to the only win for a six-wheeled car in F1 history 😲

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  1. Shame designers can't do things like this anymore. There needs to be a change of regulations to encourage innovation.

  2. Remember Jody giving it a run out at Silverstone before it was raced, International Trophy if I remember correctly, happy days watching F1

  3. Its precisely why we have the cars we have - because of these innovators. Regulations vs Innovation always swinging liking a pendulum.

  4. We need more of these kind of cars. Let the engineers go crazy and try all sorts of stuff!

  5. Must say am missing seeing all these types of innovation in F1 these days.

  6. Riccardo la prima ed unica vittoria/doppietta della P34. Anderstop 1976.

  7. Just brilliant was a major fan !!

  8. Much longer tyre change stops.

  9. I was at Mosport in '76. Have tons of great pics of the Tyrrell.

  10. Best F1 car EVER! The cars of this era were the most beautiful! P34 wqs my Favoriate!

  11. how kak does that F 1 car look today that time it looked great

  12. Michelle Gafner Jody Scheckter, Südafrikaner, 1976 mit sechs Räder, Tyrell, Du es Jöhrli 😃😃

  13. Paul Gregory Check this beauty

  14. Ans Huigevoort hier eentje met 6 wielen

  15. nagyon furcsa de gondolom hatékony

  16. Unfortunately, FIA bans almost every innovation and its attempts to kill this sport are working.

  17. Jasper Kramer Cédric Van Dijck Matthias van Thillo waarom 4 wielen als 6 ook kan😎

  18. P Douglas Estrada Raph Estrada los colores