Supreme Court Decision Delivers Blow To Workers' Rights

Supreme Court Decision Delivers Blow To Workers' Rights
Image from: NPR

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled for the first time that workers may not band together to challenge violations of federal labor laws.

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  1. Summary of the 5-4 opinion:

    Employer: "Sign away your constitutional rights or you don't get the job."

    Gorsuch: "Yeah that sounds cool with me. Corporations are more important than actual people after all."

    This is why presidential elections matter. This is why voting in every. single. election. matters. Start this November and Vote Blue.

  2. And that's what a stolen Supreme Court seat will get you.

  3. in MO, some of the biggest union proponents were also the ones with Trump signs in their yards in 2016. How'd that work out for you all?

  4. Just writing to remind everyone that Gorsuch, who wrote this anti-worker opinion, should never have ended up on the Supreme Court. The Republicans stole his seat in an almost unprecedented act of partisanship and sullied the reputation of the Supreme Court in the process. They also abused the 'blue slip' rule by expecting Democrats to adhere to it and then abandoning it as soon as they were in power (look it up if you don't believe me). Remember this, and urge your Democratic senators (if applicable) not to vote to confirm any federal judges under future Republican presidents. It's one thing to compromise when there is common ground. It's another thing to just get walked all over. Republican judges hurt people with rulings like this.

  5. Union members that insist on voting Republican, you're choices are coming to fruition. Bow down to your corporate overlords.

  6. Elections have consequences....but, hey, what about her emails? 🤔

  7. Imagine that--a Conservative court ruled against exploited workers.

  8. "We need a business man in the White House", they said.
    "What about her emails?", they claimed.
    Yep. How's all that working out for ya'?

  9. Corporations are people too and should have rights, but a group of people aren't? Elections have consequences, stolen Supreme Court seats have consequences #weAreSoScrewed

  10. The law of unintended consequences might just kick the union haters right in the butt on this one. You see they just Gave the best reason to unionize in years.

  11. An extremely good thing. The teachers unions for instance must be destroyed. They’re ruining the education system and in turn ruining our children.

  12. “They are fighting for us!” Ok conservatives lol

  13. Well, on the bright side, all of the blue-collar Trump supporters working in dangerous jobs will be hurt by this. If only their regressive fanaticism existed in a vacuum though - I am tired of America being great again.

  14. It’s almost like 1%ers are the root cause of every systemic problem facing our nation and the world...

  15. If this doesn’t make you realize how broken the system is- how rigged to only make the rich richer- you never will.

  16. Why? Because republicans have stacked the supreme court with wrong thinking greedy people like themselves who one must assume are being paid for their decision. This is so blatantly against what is right for the people what other answer could there be.

  17. So much for the 1st Amendment: "...the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances." This involves federal labor laws. Assembling (banding together) to petition the Government (a class-action lawsuit) for a redress of grievances (challenging violations of federal law). It's all right there. How can SCOTUS interpret this differently??

  18. Get used to it, you peasants! Soon the unions will be completely gone and you'll be thankful to work for pennies! Maybe you'll have to buy all your work supplies and necessities from the company store, and slip into indentured servitude! Think it can't happen? Take one look at the orange abomination in the White House. Then think about the deluded #MAGA hat idiots that voted for him and against their best interests. Then tell me again it won't come to serfdom eventually!!

  19. Once again, a perfect example of why our nation’s laws, including The Constitution, need an update.

    Within that update, I believe SCOTUS appointment procedures should be revamped and term limits enacted

  20. And it continues. Get Gorsuch off the bench. He was illegally given power by a guy illegally given power.

  21. "The policy may be debatable but the law is clear: Congress has instructed that arbitration agreements like those before us must be enforced as written," Gorsuch writes.

    Well with a 5 to 4 decision I'm not sure if I agree with Gorsuch's statement that the law is clear. If the court was so evenly divided this obviously is not the case.

  22. Ah yes, because a statute written 4 years before the Depression started should definitely take precedence over the Labor Relations Act. "Workers Rights" is such a quaint idea.

  23. The oligarchs have taken over America (beginning with Citizens United), and we are no longer a Republic, but an owned territory ruled by billionaires.

  24. The republicans, big business, and lobbyists must be celebrating big time. Workers get the shaft again. Stupid trumpettes enjoy lower wages & fewer rights.

  25. Wealth “incorporates” and the company then has rights of speech (money) and even “religion” separate from the ownership... but the workers can’t collectively challenge violations of their rights.
    Each ant must be on his or her own while elephants stampede.

  26. I am very happy , because it will show to the morons that voted for the Orange Mussolini because "he tells it as it is " that what was at stake in the 2016 elections was far more the choice between Clinton and Trump . Well you have few months to think about it and maybe you can register and vote in november?

  27. THIS is what you GET folks! THIS is your “Deep State” taking AWAY your Rights one by one until you have NOTHING. It’s called “Projection.” While you’re busy chasing nothing, they will continue to take you BACK into the DARK Ages until you have NO Voice at ALL. 😕

    But that’s ok - They are “Keeping America Great.” 🙄🙄

  28. Further proof that the American citizen doesn’t matter, except as a resource for generating profit for corporations. Serfdom for all!

  29. White blue collars for some reason will be both happy that trump was elected and unhappy at the consequences of his election. This could have been overturned if Gorsuch was not on the court.

  30. The GOP refused to consider Obama's Supreme Court nomination for over a year, then an illegitimate president who was put into power with help from foreign nations nominates a corporate yes man who couldn't be confirmed without Congress changing 100 years of presidence and initiating the nuclear option. When this joke of an administration is out of power they should rip the robes of Gorsuch!

  31. Midterms more important than ever. All this is happening because the republicans controlling congress refused to even have a hearing for Obama’s Supreme Court pick. They hijacked the country. Vote them out. ALL OF THEM.

  32. Here we go... tax breaks for corporations, now stripping the workers of their rights! WINNING! 🤦🏻‍♂️

  33. And they fooled so many people to walk away from unions as well. Many gave up their own rights here. This is shameful.

  34. This is so sick, and one sided, against the employees - the ones doing the work. Leaves one imagining the recourse left, when employers start to let their greed run rampant over their employees - wildcat strikes and violence returns to our workplaces - just like in the 1800s and early 1900s. We see it in our school teachers today. No violence yet - just strikes. History is fun - when it unfolds in front of you - I never thought I'd witness our country descend into despotism though - Yowsa - such a trip.

  35. This goes against everything I have values about my country my entire life. Labor unions were responsible for the growth and prosperity of the middle class and everyone in this country since their inception. When Republicans began dismantling the unions is when the wages stagnated for the workers and rose astronomically for the owners and executives. Wake up, America!! "They" aren't coming for your guns.
    They're coming for your money and your health. They want to bleed every last drop from you before they discard you when you can no longer work like a dog. And then blame you for being poor and sick.

  36. Make sure you get everyone you can registered to vote and vote against every Republican and follow up to make sure they vote 11/6/18 so that intelligence and humanity win against the ignorance and neo-fascists of Trump.

  37. So, now, our government doesn't represent the people and the Courts are upholding the denial of rights to workers? Are we still a Republic or are we now a Banana Republic?

  38. So, working class Trump supporters - 'ya feeling the winning yet? I hope you're not counting on a GOP Congress to help...

  39. Workers' rights are being chipped away in decision after decision by this court, and that will continue until people start voting to protect their rights as workers. Elections have consequences.

  40. Gorsuch shouldn't even be on the court-thanks, republicans, for stealing this seat and making garbage like this possible.

  41. Would be great if you could refuse to sign an arbitration agreement. Then pool the rest of workers who also didn't sign into a class action suit. Then get a precedent setting decision from the courts that applies to the industry as a whole.

    Oh wait you mean I can't opt out of arbitration clause, but all I want is a job, my cable TV etc or to change your industries vile practices on an issue. Oh you wont give me the job or cable tv if I dont sign. Hmmm, so I have no power either way. Wonder why I am angry.

  42. Forgive me, but WTF? Once again working people are poked in the eye with a stick, it's long past time to ORGANIZE and show business who really wears the pants. Without workers, corporate America will go out of business!

  43. Thanks once again conservatives for choosing big business over workers rights. The blame falls fully upon republican voters who voted against their own best interests. 🤔 What were you thinking?

  44. WOW! Once again the rights of corporations to circumvent wage and hour laws supersedes the rights of employees...but that’s what you get with the right wing Roberts SCOTUS. ☹️

  45. And so it begins. Our freedoms diminish whilst big Corp’s grow. How does this wheel truly get stopped from spinning in this direction. Is their ruling based on the constitution?

  46. More Unions needed.

    “The court's decision means that tens of millions of private non-union employees will be barred from suing collectively over the terms of their employment.”

  47. Time for workers to join unions to have some protections.
    Elections have consequences. We would not have Gorsuch if Trump had not been elected and McConnell made it possible! Vote blue!

  48. Amazing. This is what it looks like when workers have fallen for the con jobs that killed unions and voted after being stoked by racism used to camouflage blatant lies about who cares for their future.

  49. No one wants to hear. Just call names. We will not have air, water, homes, jobs in 5 years of this keeps up. Low income housing prices going up for elderly and handicap which will essentially put them in the street to die. It’s an American Apocalypse.

  50. So now corporations are more important than workers. Sounds UnAmerican to me. Then again Gorsuch sold his soul long ago. The time for sharpening the pitchforks is at hand.

  51. It seems like this administration is hell bend on taking rights away from the people to strengthen their own self interests, and they do not include the low or middle class.

  52. This is not the kind headline you would see if thr government was truly of the people. When will US citizens see that thier work is largely being exploited by corporations, and they are getting peanuts in return. Steady increases in productivity for years, and little increase in wages. We try to blame the other side while we ignore the economic mechanisms that have allowed us to become beholden to corporate interests.

    Capitalism must be infused with socialism to protect worker's rights. If not, then we need to organize and protest like we used to, because it is only going to get worse. I am speaking to both Democrat and Republicans, you're being had while you perpetuate your tribal politics...It's unreal that US citizens flip flop between parties In elections thinking that there will be different results, as opposed to radically changing the two party system that has largely failed to represent the majority of citizens in the US.

  53. Thanks McConnell and Trump. Great if you are an employer but terrible if you are poorly treated by employers. Welcome back to the 19th century and your kids making less and having less rights and benefits than their parents and grandparents.

  54. A stolen Supreme Court seat...and this is what happens. Hey workers...THIS is what happens when you vote against your own interests and vote rump in. Newsflash...he doesnt give a **** about you...neither does the repulsive repub party...or the Supreme Court rumpies. And workers...looks like that vote for rump didn't work out too well...but I don't feel sorry for you.

  55. We say that we live in a free country that affords us individual freedoms, and that is true, but we see clearly, especially with this ruling, that America is truly more in favor of the rights of corporations and big businesses.

  56. I would posit that take-it or leave-it contracts with these and other provisions are adhesion contracts, not enforceable. The fact remains that individual employees cannot afford the legal fees for challenges and that class-actions should be permitted. This Congress isn't going to do anything about it.

  57. Thank you so much Sen. Sanders. There is no doubt in my mind that your intransigence in the summer of 2016 brought us Gorsuch, I am ashamed I once considered voting for you.

  58. Let the screwing of the little guys begin!!! This is the real agenda behind all the culture war B.S. Taking power away from the workers and giving it to your bosses. No wonder corporate bought-and-paid-for politicians are so willing to look the other way at all the chaos; they are making out like bandits, bringing on the Second Gilded Age of the almighty, amoral, and malevolent corporations.

  59. So more rights stripped away. Everyday, these people make futures uncertain, unfair. Is this the Cosby era? You’ll have courts clogged with individual cases as the powerful take advantage of people in bulk?

  60. How is this not a first amendment thing?

    "Congress shall make no law respecting... the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."