Super blue blood moon spectacle

Super blue blood moon spectacle

Super blue blood moon spectacle

Posted by BBC News Jan. 31, 2018, 8:04 a.m.

Get ready for a rare celestial show - a lunar eclipse, supermoon and blue moon are about to happen at once. 🌕

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  1. Fulfilment of Biblical prophecies.
    ( he that has ear , let him hear)

    Luke 21 vs 25
    And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring;

  2. It can't happen because the earth is flat

  3. It's not seen from UK so why talk about it and make us jealous? There's another eclipse that will be visible in July if that makes everyone feel better.

  4. Get ready for an overcast night where you will see absolutley f@#k all.

  5. Bottom line: Any calendar year has a minimum of four eclipses –two solar and two lunar. Most years have only four eclipses, but depending on the year, it's possible to have five eclipses, six eclipses or even as many as seven eclipses in one year's time and this has been happening before God was invented.

  6. Tip of the day: So its Super Blue / Red moon thingy day...if you cant be arsed to stay up / its cloudy then simply dig around in that draw you shove all your old crap in, find a pair of them old 3D cardboard glasses, wait a day or two until you can see the moon (and its not stupid o'clock), then simply put your 3D glasses on and close one eye...job done

  7. I am confused as some people said it will be a blue moon not a blood moon. So which one are we going to see? Blue or blood?

  8. But it ain't happening here in Britain so why are the BBC going on and on about it? Here it is nothing more than a full moon.

  9. It should be noted that a blue moon looks nothing different to a normal moon and is merely a calendar event rather than an astronomical one. It's like saying that today is the first time that 31st January has fallen on a Wednesday since 2007 so look out for it!

    Also, by definition a supermoon IS a full moon. So basically the only notable thing happening is that it's a supermoon, which is still cool, just not as rare as BBC are making out :)

  10. Every time I prepare myself, and look at this type of event I go ‘Oh.. is that it?’. Seconds later I shut the blinds.

  11. there was a really weird sky last night - really bright moon and around it a massive, clear ring, no cloud etc, quite spectacular

  12. I ain't never done seen no mess like this here mess. It is only because of the divine intervention of our lord and savior Donald Trump!
    I is gonna put my teeth a back in an go takes me a look see!
    JK 😇

  13. NASA says the eclipse is from 4/5 a.m.. cloudy in Hawai'i, but can still see the huge bright moon n looks kind of clear like daytime at 2200n2330. The full mom Is Hawaii mountains right now n will be before Kauai in 4hrs.Don't know what time to watch it here! This moon is closes to earth!

  14. Gagamitin ko ang Buwan bilang mata ko, nang palagian kitang mapagmasdan habang nakatingin ka rn sa akin.

    Tumingala ka at makikita mo ako.

    Sa Nagliliwanag at Sa nagkukulay Asul na Buwan sa mga oras na ito, Ito ay gagamitin ko.

    Sana'y madama ang prensiya ko,
    na dadalhin ng hangin,
    at ika'y yayakapin nito.
    Nang maipadama ko lang
    Ang Pangungulila ko sa iyo
    Oh! aking giliw.💕 - Arlyn Reyes Nocalan

  15. just saw it when I woke up! it's bright and beautiful! we finally get to see a cool sky event here in NJ. any time there is an interesting sky event, the clouds usually roll in here

  16. i better..stay up..this time..cause i know i missed it last time..cause in my former life i must have been the exact opposite of me in this life..a man maybe? an

  17. Aida Eghrari, você poderá ver! Super lua e lua vermelha hoje. Infelizmente, parece que do Brasil não será visível... mas aproveite o cenário incrível da viagem pra contemplar esse fenômeno haha beijo!

  18. Blue moon pink moon it's all the same, now if you told me tom hardy was going to show his blue moon I would be all over that like a rash 😂😂 as for this I think my bed has more to offer.

  19. It's very cloudy where I am at the moment,so we probably won't see much! I can't remember what it was we were supposed to look at last year,but I do remember that we couldn't't see it because of the cloud!

  20. I actually did stop this morning to watch the Moon setting and was wondering how many times a supermoon occurs because this one looked quite large just as the other one I had witnessed sometimes back. I thought the next one would take time to be seen again. I understand it will climax tonight (local time).

  21. Go check my page. I have NASA details about this lunar eclipse. Is midnight here n cloudy. The moon is over Oahu n over Kauai in 3hrs. Don't KNOW if can watch from here!