Stanford reverses decision, will allow American flag on College Republicans' apparel

Stanford reverses decision, will allow American flag on College Republicans' apparel
Image from: Fox News

After initially rejecting the design because the logo contained a portion of the American flag, a school official said Stanford University decided to approve the apparel.

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  1. The fact that this was even an issue is extremely gross.. I will never look at Stanford the same way..

  2. hammer and sickle would be immediately accepted, however

  3. The fact that this is even up for discussing is ridiculous. Sick of commies in this country. No one is making you stay here....

  4. How dare they not allow the flag of our country to fly proudly anywhere people want to put it. How dare they!!!!

  5. Heaven forbid a college America....has a portion of the American flag on it!

  6. Are they going to allow Americans in their college too?

  7. How very generous of them. How dare they gan the US flag in the first place?

  8. What? You guys aren't allowed to sport the American flag on your apparel?

  9. There was a time when any clothing with any American flag design on it would result in being called a Hippie, and the person wearing it would get attacked physically. Around 1970

  10. It should have NEVER been banned to begin with! This is America!

  11. It never should have been declined!

  12. How in the world did our major universities become so anti-American?

  13. Why in the world was this ever an issue?

  14. I can't believe they were even debating this. Evidently, America is full of Pinko Commies.

  15. Why in the hell would that even be a decision in America? #liberalismisamentaldisorder that's why

  16. Oh, isn't that big of them........

  17. Why the fggk is that even a question?

  18. Charlottesville tricks won't work:
    ----- "Poll: 71% of Americans want Trump to stay out of NFL anthem spat" (Yahoo, 11/30/2017)


    The Birther can't self-pardon.

    There is now a solid case for the underlying crime.
    ----- Biden: "It this is true, it's Treason."
    -------- "George Papadopoulos Claimed Trump Encouraged His Efforts to Establish a Russian Back Channel" (MJ, 3/12/2018)

    @ March 18, 2015: Dutch Intelligence Notifies US Intelligence About Russian Hack of DNC

    The FBI / Mueller Probe has known of a vital information re: Papadopoulos (he lied to the FBI on January 27, 2017 @).
    ----- The Democrats' memo discloses @2 Russian agents previewed their hack to Papadopoulos on April 26, 2016 (before Mayflower Hotel event).
    ----- Papadopoulos' plea discloses he communicated with Clovis, Lewandowski, Manafort, Gates, Phares. @@

    Significance of Seychelles:
    ----- Sold Foreign Policy (Quo) after the elections and Rosneft sale requires (PLOT) a backchannel. (NYer's Mayer's Steele piece says Putin nixed Romney).
    ----- "Mueller gathers evidence that 2017 Seychelles meeting was effort to establish back channel to Kremlin" (Washington Post, 3/7/2018)

    When Cambridge Analytica was hired, they learned (Early June 2016 @) from Kushner's digital operation (set up (June 2016 @) after the 4/27/2016 Mayflower Hotel Event @), that Assange has the dirt Papadopoulos discovered @@ (a day before (!) @ the 4/27/2016 Mayflower Hotel Event @) that Putin had.

    @2 The Central Mueller Probe Scope:
    ----- @2 "Mueller asking if Trump knew about hacked Democratic emails before release" (NBC, 2/28/2018)

    PLOT: "The plot to sell America’s foreign policy for foreign oil and steal an election in the bargain began at the Mayflower Hotel.”

    ----- Pompeo replaces Tillerson after Tillerson backed UK May's view of Putin killings.
    ----- Pompeo just lied: "CIA: Intelligence assessment has not changed on Russia election interference" (The Hill, 10/19/2017)
    ----- "How Rex Tillerson Did So Much Damage in So Little Time" (NYT, 11/30/2017)

    Manafort is a key ladder rung.
    ----- He changed the venue for the April 27, 2016 Birther foreign policy speech within 24 hours of Papadopoulos' "dirt" finding. @@
    ----- His notes from the June 9, 2016 Trump Tower logistics meeting include "RNC Contributions". @@

    "If Gates can testify that Manafort was acting with Trump’s blessings, it’s the end of his presidency. That’s substantial." (Twitter(JohnDean), 2/25/2018)
    -------- "Many of the counts in both the VA and DC indictments have state law counterparts that can be charged in NY and VA, where Trump had no pardon power. Checkmate is coming for Paul Manafort."

    Nunberg, who is cooperating, is a protege of:
    ----- "Report: Roger Stone communicated directly with WikiLeaks, despite denials" (CBS, 2/28/2018)

    "Does a Russian’s Confession Fit What We Know?" (Washington Monthly, 10/27/2017)
    ----- "Jared Kushner In His Own Words On The Trump Data Operation The FBI Is Reportedly Probing" (Forbes, 5/23/2017)
    ----- "Robert Mercer: the big data billionaire waging war on mainstream media" (The Guardian, 2/26/2017)
    ----- "Jared Kushner’s many, many scandals, explained." (Vox, 3/2/2018)

    On Hope Hicks:
    ----- @ Sept. 26, 2017:
    -------- "... According to Gordon, “She said there were no contacts with Russians. Well there actually were a lot of contacts with Russians.”"

    @ "Interactive Timeline: Everything We Know About Russia and President Trump" (Bill Moyers, Now())
    ----- Decoder of @: @@
    @@ Mueller Expert Game Theory Litigation:
    @1 "Steele Dossier and its confirmation" (in @@)

    A condensed timeline pertinent to the primary basis for the Mueller Probe is shown in M0.
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    -- The Mueller Probe is also investigating Russian donations to the Birther campaign.
    ----- The Birther famously didn't forgive a $50M loan to his campaign until June 2016. The Birther had to sell *all* his stock in 2015 to make the loan.
    --------- "Maybe the Answer Is That He Can't Divest" by John Marshall (TPM, 12/9/2016)

    M0: CONDENSED TIMELINE (2016 ELECTIONS) (Source = @)
    -- @ Late 2015: European Allies Observe Trump-Russia Links.
    -- @ April 3, 2016: Panama Papers Leaked.
    -- @ April 26, 2016: Papadopoulos Learns That Russians Have ‘Dirt’ on Hillary Clinton.
    -- @ April 27, 2016: Sessions, Kushner and Kislyak at the Mayflower Hotel.
    -- @ April 27, 2016: Trump Delivers First Major Foreign Policy Speech.
    -- @ Mid-May 2016: Papadopoulos Tells Australian Diplomat That Russians Have “Dirt” On Hillary Clinton.
    -- @ May 19-22, 2016: Trump, Don Jr. and Torshin at the NRA.
    -- @ June 2016: Kushner Takes Control of Trump Digital Effort and Hires Cambridge Analytica.
    -- @ Early June 2016: Cambridge Analytica Offers Help to WikiLeaks.
    -- @ June 9, 2016: Don Jr., Manafort, Kushner Meet With Russian Lawyer.
    -- @ July 14, 2016: Trump Campaign Successfully Changes GOP Platform on Ukraine.
    -- @ July 22, 2016: WikiLeaks Releases DNC Emails.
    -- @ Aug. 26, 2016: Rebekah Mercer Wants Trump Campaign to Help WikiLeaks.
    -- @ October 2016: Deutsche Bank Refinances Kushner Building Purchased From Putin Ally. ($74M Profit)
    -- @ Oct. 7, 2016: Intelligence Community Publishes Statement on Russian Interference. (Comey begged off b/c it was too close to the elections) (Statement swamped by the "Access Hollywood" tape and Wikileaks).
    -- @ Oct. 12, 2016: WikiLeaks Contacts Don Jr. Again.
    ----- "As The Atlantic later reports, 15 minutes after Don Jr. receives the WikiLeaks private message, Donald Trump tweets:"
    -- @ Mid-October 2016: FISA Court Issues Warrants to DOJ.
    -- @ Oct. 25-26, 2016: Giuliani Discusses Coming “Surprise”.
    -- @ Oct. 28, 2016: Comey Announces FBI Is Investigating New Clinton Emails; Giuliani Speaks About FBI “Revolution”.
    -- @ Nov. 5, 2016: Comey Says FBI Won’t Prosecute Clinton.

    M0 Addendum:
    ----- April 26-27, 2016: Manafort changes venue for the Birther's first foreign policy speech within 24 hours of its scheduled start from the National Press Club to the Mayflower Hotel. (PLOT) Stated reasons are bonk. [After 4/26/2016 Papadopoulos "dirt" discovery]
    ----- April 27, 2016: VIP-only cocktail hour at Mayflower Hotel where the Birther, Sessions, Manafort, Kushner, Lewandowski, Buddy McFarlane and 4 ambassadors (Kislyak, Italy, Singapore, Philippines) meet. (PLOT)
    ----- December 5-7, 2016: Steele Dossier confirmed: 19.5% of Rosneft is sold to unknown parties. Deal arranged by representatives from Russia, Italy and Singapore whose US ambassadors met with the Birther during the April 27, 2016 Mayflower Hotel Event.
    ----- December 25, 2016: Rosneft executive tied to the Steele Dossier is found dead.

    McGahn concluded that Flynn possibly violated the Logan Act. KT McFarland's email proves Flynn wasn't acting alone re: Sanctions.

    June 9, 2016 Trump Tower Logistics Event:
    -------- Rohrabacher already had the "dirt" promised the Birther team.
    -------- April 2, 2016: Rohrabacher Meets With Veselnitskaya in Moscow. @
    -------- June 14, 2016: Rohrabacher’s Request to Show Pro-Russia Film During House Committee Hearing Is Denied. @
    ----- Among the Russians are an accused launderer and an accused hacker.

    "Who Is Felix Sater, and Why Is Donald Trump So Afraid of Him?" (The Nation, 9/8/2017)
    ----- "Deutsche Bank sent Trump Financial Details to Mueller Investigation" (Financial Times, 12/5/2017)
    ----- "Cyprus Gave Manafort’s Bank Records to Mueller Team, Sources Say" (Bloomberg, 11/3/2017)

    "Four top law firms turned down requests to represent Trump" (Yahoo, 6/5/2017)
    ----- ""The concerns were, ‘The guy won’t pay and he won’t listen,’”[.]"

    ----- "Trump called Murdoch to make sure Disney deal wouldn't affect Fox News: report"


  20. Are you kidding me? Disgusting!

  21. Stanford employs a bunch of pansies.

  22. Sick this is even a thing. Bleh.

  23. Don’t think the6 have a choice

  24. Why in the world was this ever an issue?

  25. Well Gee we are in America after!

  26. Coming from an Asian American, If you live in America and dislike the flag or anything related to this great country, maybe it's time to find another country to call home

  27. You are either for all life or you are not pro life... no borders... birth, childhood, adults, elderly sick and weak.... Pro life is nothing less.

  28. Fckn retards have a problem with the American flag. Hmmm.


  30. Fox News, perhaps you don't understand but Stanford has every right to impose their own rules but once again the Republican crybabies moan about their fake patriotism.