Spyro the Dragon Reignited Trilogy Graphics Comparison

Spyro the Dragon Reignited Trilogy Graphics Comparison

Spyro the Dragon Reignited Trilogy Graphics Comparison

Posted by IGN April 5, 2018, 4 p.m.

Spyro is looking LIT!! 🔥🔥🔥

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  1. Is it me or did I just always see spyro in the better resolution 😂

  2. Nice to see Spyro in a game that doesn’t have "Skylanders" in the title.

  3. they need to remake Croc: Legend of the gobos <3

  4. Wow out of all the skylanders to get a solo run they choose Spyro?
    -A disappointed parent’s kid

  5. Am I one of the few who never played any Spyro?

  6. Why arw there so many salty people when it comes to remakes when there have been people literally clammering for this game? I know i have dispite how i have replayed thebwhole series over and over

  7. Okay i lovr spyro but is it too much to ask for actual new games instead of a bunch of remasters? Seriously its getting old.

  8. And if it sells well like Crash, a new Spyro will be made. I wonder if they're gonna do this for a lot of old games cause I kinda need a new Conker

  9. From my memory, I swear I remember Spyro always looking like he does in the remaster. Maybe the eyes of a child tell lies.

  10. That’d be cool to see a oddworld remastered and a medieval remastered anyone remember that game? It’s great to see old games being able to play on latest consoles

  11. I am all for this, I wish more companies would do this with older games 15 plus years old. I love some of these old titles but I refuse to play them because of the graphics.

  12. Ik most people don’t care but I love Spyro growing up . I played hours an hours. Especially in the skate park in Spyro beating all your friends records. It was entertainment then I’ll still be hooked after a blunt haha

  13. Well... Honestly, I prefer Legend of Spyro series instead of classic one to be remastred owo I sure hope if this trilogy a successful, Activision will consider it

  14. Great now give Spyro back to Sony and Insomniac so they can make a new game after this collection releases

  15. Thank God they didn't use the Skylanders model and redid the old one. It makes it feel see much better to the nostalgia bone haha

  16. Let's not forget that it was Ratchet and Clank that started this when they remade and remastered the first game on the ps4. Then came Crash and now this! Omg I can't wait!!

    Also I know there have been many games remastered but a lot where just updated ports. These are remade from the ground up, only that they use the same game mechanics but with a new skin.... I think, I might be wrong though. ^_^

  17. Brandie England this game will always and forever b instilled in my brain! The house on Vaulk! I think this is the only video game I've ever played with you and shuri!

  18. Carl Bourbon omg I'm so excited for this, look at all the weenies crying because it's a remake and they can't accept change

  19. Felix Lopez I love this game! 💀 I kid you not I’d spend hours playing it and my mom would hide my PlayStation

  20. Henri, this is a game I would play if we got it. I spent hours without food/sleep trying to beat the original when I was younger.

  21. Ross Kidd - I hope you realise that I will be getting this and we will spend a full day playing all 3 games until they are completed 😂

  22. Out of all the spyros, why choose the oldest? Ya huge difference but the last one made wasnt that bad of graphics. Mid 2000s games were huge steps in the graphics for all games

  23. I understand that this game is amazing and the series is great but can we please get some new gams\ips.... like please all of this new console power and pc power and we get remastered games...... GIVE US SOMETHING NEW!

  24. Sam “here’s my top 4 reasons wh- why speeeero is the greatest character ever on video game. Speeeero”

  25. Jo Ellen Gouge-Huff Amanda Norcom Joel McKee I know what I'd like for my next birthday (ps I hope you guys remember me playing the crap out of this game back in the day)

  26. Devin Irvine, Doug Bowling, Autida Tran, Alunee Tran, looks like we're having Spyro parties sooner rather than later 😍

  27. I wonder if it will be like crash where they changed the difficulty and updated a few of the hit boxes and what not

  28. Sharlyn Rae Davis we're Patrick and I are totally getting this. Come play with us! We also have the remastered Crash Bandicoot

  29. Omg I’m getting this and playing it on your game box Cheyenne Jorgensen 😂 this is one of the two video games I played when I was little

  30. There was this jump and flight that I could never do and I gave up on this game .. I swear so much I thought this game would come to my funeral .

  31. I'm stoked about the new trilogy. Can't wait to get it!! This is the game that got me playing video games, yes😄

  32. Personally I still prefer the 98 graphics even after seeming the updates graphics of this year.
    Who’s with me

  33. Why have the made spyro look loads worse than it was, I've got it up on the TV right now and it's no where near that bad xD

  34. I am playing on my psvita. 😁 and i have originale games so this noe i by the secend IT COM in the store

  35. MariFer - this is the game I was playing when I missed the rice shower at my parents wedding. Natascha, Rob

  36. Shaun dude I’m picking this up to relive the child hood only you could help me with!

  37. After the success of The Crash Bandicoot N-Sane Trilogy. Activision Blizzard launched one of the most iconic games on the PlayStation, Spyro The Dragon: Reignited Trilogy which now featured all 3 original Spyro games now remastered and scaled up for HD and 4K!

  38. Victor Ruby Jessica El Chango remember when we used to play this for hours all day!? 😂😂

  39. Tonja Alexander , Britt Treece looks at the different between then and now. Can’t believe it’s been that long ago.

  40. I’ll play it on the switch next year.

  41. It’s like watching porn in HD for the first time.

  42. If only Naughty Dog made a new Jak and Dax game. I'd prefer that over Spyro anyday

  43. it would be better if anyone make Pepsiman's Remaster

  44. Judith Espino a little piece of the good ol days! Spyro! The cutest dragon ever!

  45. I can’t wait!!! Gonna school my son cause Spyro is my jam!!!!

  46. umm did you know spyro is in games from 2 years ago? SKYLANDERS

  47. Matt Sargent awesome gift idea!

    Corbin Claypool remember the hours we spent playing Spyro?

  48. Make spyro with the graphics of monster Hunter and we'll talk....

  49. I played the third Spyro but not the first two. Hey it’s new to me!

  50. I've seen some Japanese scenes that look like the original Spyro.

  51. If you’re old enough to have played this when it came out then you’re probably old enough to not say LIT lol

  52. I've never played spyro so here's my chance

  53. Taylor dude they're bringing back spyro!!!!

  54. I loved the classic spyro games but I was hoping they would bring back the legend of spyro also.

  55. William Folog made buckloads with crash now they’re doing Spyro lol still awesome tho


  57. Man too bad the Spyro games aren’t very good

  58. The original Spyro looks way better to me

  59. Am i the only one who remembers spyro looking like that?

  60. Chris MaysYou should buy the new spyro! I probably will lol

  61. Melissa remember playing spyro round your house ❤ xxxx

  62. Jak Gooseman
    From low poly to high definition Spyro

  63. Should of been more “the legend of Spyro” games

  64. Jak and Daxter is a better franchise
    Change my mind

  65. You vs the guy she tells you about 💁🏼‍♀️