Spyro Reignited Trilogy Announcement Trailer

Spyro Reignited Trilogy Announcement Trailer

Spyro Reignited Trilogy Announcement Trailer

Posted by IGN April 5, 2018, 3 p.m.


Spyro's original three games are officially being remastered for the Spyro Reignited Trilogy!

Get all the details and a first look here: http://www.ign.com/articles/2018/04/05/spyro-reignited-trilogy-collection-announced

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  1. Cool, I get to chase that egg bastard in 1080p lol

  2. Crash gets one, spyro gets one, all we need is a jak remaster and I will lose my mind of all the nestolgia...

  3. YES!!! I may be 26 years old but this is going to be so worth calling in sick for! lol

  4. Y tho. Crash i can understand, spyro was just a crappy fetch quest game

  5. I put more hours into the original Spyro then probably any other single player game in my 20 years gaming. It is a marvellous platformer with a cute story and fun graphics. A true classic.

  6. I don’t care if it’s remastered. I just want to play it.

  7. So you are telling me Spyro didn’t look this good when we were younger. All the games they are remastering are what we pictured they look like now.

  8. Sadly the gaming industry is getting just as lazy as the movie industry. Why make anything innovative and new when you can just remake everything

  9. Sucks it's not on PC or switch :(
    I have the first Spyro game on PSOne and loved it. I also have "enter the dragonfly" on PS2 which was pretty good too.

  10. I cant express how excited I am to have my childhood game remastered and now having kids myself i can show them a piece of where their gaming mom all started from! 😍😍😍

  11. Tim Gettys be hyped AF right now. Hahah

    I'm actually a lot more excited for this remake than Crash. They did a great job with the N'Sane Trilogy, but I just never really liked those games.

    Spyro I actually really enjoyed back in the day.

  12. I never really was hyped for the remaster, actually.
    You see, I never really had experience with the Spyro games while I did have some with the Crash games, which made me excited for the N Sane Trilogy.
    I really only played a little of the crappy one on 360 with my cousin back then. I do know however, that Spyro is a great franchise and I hope you all enjoy your remaster :D

  13. Ooooo I know the best way to anger everyone here.....

    *Takes deep breath*

    I prefer The Legend Of Spyro trilogy over the original trilogy and wish it was also getting a remaster! ^^

  14. I often replay Spyro every few years, to me this is amazing! I was alittle disappointed in Skylanders as it didn’t focus on Spyro all that much. But I can see where this is going and I’m just full of excitement.

  15. They made a Spyro where you could fly whenever you wanted but I always hoped they'd make a Spyro game where he's all grown up like Malefor but not evil. They could make a sick game out of that

  16. Garrett Petrik it's like they took our childhood and upscaled it to 4k 😂

    For real though, I bet Brixton would love these games when he gets a little older. Kept us entertained for days.

  17. Please make Cynder a playable character as you did with Coco <3

    (I know Cynder is part of the second installment but who cares)

  18. YES!!! I remember playing the demo Playstation disc of one of the levels back in the day and then playing the first game countless hours. I can’t wait to be back playing a childhood classic and my favorite game of all time.

    P.S: If anyone can fix the wreck of Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly that would be awesome. Not sure if its made by Activision.

  19. Awesome!! Love those games.
    Replayed Spyro 3 not long ago and it holds up surprisingly well if you don't mind the PS1 graphics and janky camera

  20. I can’t wait. I’d buy a console to play that if it doesn’t have an eventual switch port. Those are without a doubt the best dragon games there are!

  21. “Hey there, Dragon. I hear you’re pretty tough. I bet my cousin Gluk you wouldn’t be able to make it through Badlands without being singed.”

  22. Bethany, please tell me you were into Spyro as much as I was. Crash is cool, but Spyro was my boi. HYPE.

  23. Wasn't a fan of the epic music in this. We need Stewart Copeland on this. Otherwise we are calling the police

  24. Brian Stevenson I don’t know if you’ll be able to see it well but it’s Spyro The Dragon video game! Remember when we used to play that back in the day! They remastered it and are bringing it back for the new consoles!!

  25. Now we need a Socom remastered and a syphon filter . We're already getting medievil , it would be nice to get a legacy of Kain soul reaver remaster. Or xenogears , maybe even boshido blade

  26. My 26 yrd old self and my 57 yr old mom are so freakin stoked right now! This was our game growing up and we would make bets on chores on who could get all the gems 100% before the other. This was my childhood.

  27. For my birthday. Although I kinda prefer the old school design. Do you guys know for what console? Saul SolarisAxul Solano

  28. I wonder when we'll see the Medievil remaster gameplay. That's the remaster I want more than anything on Sony's platform.

  29. I'm gonna need an easter egg where the dragon cracking open animation freezes, just for true nostalgia.

  30. Jaimey... and sadly we have none of the systems it will be released on... unless a pc version comes too... I didn't see one though...

  31. Andrew Pierce I’d think about getting a PS4 just for this but tbh it’ll come out on switch in less than a year after anyways

  32. Tyler if this was coming to switch I’d say you could get this, but only if it wasn’t digital so I could play too

  33. They forgot a console. Sometimes I think these multi-plat developers forget that we operate in a 3 pillared console economy and not a 2 pillared one

  34. Cheyenne Savage I’m excited for this. We always played Year of the Dragon 😂

    Ryan Konanz I’d definitely buy this when it comes out.

  35. Kimberly Michel Between this and the Crash Bandicoot collection do we have enough reasons to get a PS4 yet? 🤣😆

  36. thanks god they finally put spyro in reboot from the ps1 era and now to the ps4 and xbox one this is going to be meta this year my sister and mom is going to love this

  37. Arsen Petrosyan literally was about to say i need your PlayStation for a few days but it comes out on Xbox too 😮😬

  38. Nintendo just has to release Odyssey DLC with Mario 64 courses and then the 90s remakes will be complete.

  39. Megan Hughes I might have a gaming problem for a little while 😩 I’m too excited about reliving my childhood!

  40. Isabelle Lapaine OMG!!!! Is this what I’m getting you for your birthday... or would it be too selfish since it would also be for me...

  41. Instead of just buying it for PS4, I will wait a year for PC version, you won´t fool me twice Activisión.

  42. Shamie Maaño Omg Shamie one of My favourtie games being remastered and it looks amazing :D I Love you baby, Buy me it <3 ;)

  43. its not the same. I played the crash remastered trilogy. controls are actually more blocky and rigid than the original ps1 version.

  44. Heeelllooooooo childhood.
    Alex Volpe, I wish you were still here so I could finally kick your ass at it. 💜

  45. Never got the chance to play Spyro, (I never got into those games as I was born in 2003) but I’ve always wanted to try them. I guess now is my chance

  46. Ahhh I used to love this game. But I know if I buy it im gonna play for a day and return it just like crash Alejandro Enrique Navarro Antonio Lebron

  47. Dillon Smith we need to find a PlayStation so we can use an entire day to play this together until we beat it. Pls ❤️

  48. TJ Williams this will be so awesome.. crash was good. But I can't wait for these games to release

  49. Roland Lazarte did you let me borrow one of them? I owned the first one and pretty sure I bought the second one from the PI. Hahaha

  50. Zach Rosson guess we’re gonna need a new gaming system for the first time in 10 years, this looks awesome

  51. time to go practice my sweet skateboarding moves so I can impress Hunter and get me some baby dragon eggs

  52. Sherrie Warriner look our childhood is coming onto PS4 that'll mean I'll be bringing the PS4 round for us to play it!! 😍🤣

  53. Hey Laura Grant now you know what games I'm looking forward to when my bday or christmas shows up ;)

  54. LeanneCallaghan Ripon Ali JishanMiah told u it would happen so gassed! Time for midge to get a ps4

  55. Now we just need a nintendo switch version. Definately buying crash on switch though. Crossing my fingers

  56. I see it as the equivalent of a movie like Blade Runner or Star Wars being remastered!! Not a remake

  57. Heidi Isaksen 😁 du som lurte på om du skulle ha en spillemaskin hjemme. Trur du burde avvente til du finn ut hvilken spillemaskin detta kommer ut på! 😍😍

  58. Danielle McDowall Melissa McDowall Annie McDowall. Can you just see dads face when he hears about this 😂 I’ll not see him for weeks if it comes out 😫

  59. Brett Rylan Ryan Josh Kelsey Kimberly. Well I guess I didn’t need to do anything for the rest of the year after September anyways.

  60. Caroline now I'm not saying it's a sign or anything that this is coming out the same month as my Birthday, buuuuut, considering it's coming out the same month as my Birthday I just might have to invest in a gaming console that'll let me play it 😂

  61. I may be crying I’m so excited 😂😂❤️Thomas Atchley Brandon Duncan ps go ahead and put us as off this day for pto lol

  62. i’m surprised this is actually coming to Xbox One.

    Call me shocked because I always considered Spyro part of the Playstation family.

  63. Michele Jewett Tammy Cockerham you two know you have to buy this for both Shawn & I right?

  64. The 90s are back. First Crash now Spyro.

  65. 😂😂😂😂😂😂 happy tears! I'm so excited. Spiderman and Spyro in one month.

  66. Now remaster the Legend of Spyro series please.

  67. I'll wait for that Switch version