Spencer Pratt Says Lauren Conrad's Preventing 'Hills' Reunion

Spencer Pratt Says Lauren Conrad's Preventing 'Hills' Reunion
Image from: TMZ

The rest is still unwritten and it's Lauren Conrad's fault!

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dosent need, hills reunion, sorry spencer, chris pratt, god spencer,


  1. I accidentally followed him on snapchat because I saw pratt and thought it was Chris Pratt haha. He is so insanely desperate to become famous again
    .. they were even trying to start the hashtag #makespideyfamousagain

  2. Lauren is doing so well why would she go backwards. Plus I doubt she wants to join in on their crazy AGAIN. Honestly he really is a few timbits short of a snackpack.

  3. She’s a busy entrepreneur who doesn’t have time for reality tv anymore.

  4. Like anyone really remembers the show we only know him and his wife cause they and hungry af for the camera and will do anything to get publicity.

  5. I loved The Hills but I hate Spencer “he’s a sucky person!”

  6. Lol she's a success unlike the rest, doesn't need it

  7. Their starting fake drama just Incase someone might wanna watch that bullshit lol

  8. Well. No one wants to see Spencer. Lauren was the show.

  9. LC is to good for Spencer's trash

  10. LC needs to stay far away from that crazy!!!

  11. If he thinks he is such the stud , just do the reunion without LC

  12. Spencer is a loser and shouldn't be invited to The Hills reunion!

  13. Spencer will always be the “Stifler” of the group. You hate him and love him all at the same time. 😂

  14. He’s needs the money y’all give him a break 😂🤮

  15. She actually has a life now.

  16. Bryan Torres 😂🙏🏽🙏🏽 and we need Justin Bobby for sure if this happens

  17. She's the only person from The Hills that dosent need to go back.

  18. Why does he have to keep bringing her up move on talk about something else

  19. It's not her problem if Pratt has no money and desperately wants to be famous again.

  20. Because she doesn't need it. She moved on and made a life

  21. Just go away already 😯 nobody cares

  22. For some reason I liked The Hills.

  23. That’s ok. We can do without that show.

  24. Thank god spencer go away

  25. The Hills was a fake anyway!!

  26. one reunion we don't need to see.

  27. Nobody wants to see a Hills Reunion

  28. He's so damn obsessed with her!

  29. she doesn't want to go slumming...

  30. Lmfao Brittany Ruel-CurtisKevin O'Dea I want a hills reunion!!!!

  31. Lindsay Leavitt He's such and IDIOT!!

  32. Chester Bennington suicide home for lease!!! https://youtu.be/08tBW9gsLdU