Simone Biles speaks out

Simone Biles speaks out

Simone Biles speaks out

Posted by NBC News Jan. 31, 2018, 1:34 p.m.

"He can't hurt you anymore," Hoda Kotb tells Simone Biles in emotional interview about Nassar verdict.

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good job, fine fur, matt lauer,


  1. She is so beautiful both inside and out.

  2. Why can’t super pedophiles lie Nassar just be put to death immediately after sentencing?. Save a whole bunch of money, feeding and housing the bastard.

  3. Why didn't they have an interview with the victims of Franken or Coneyers?

  4. Ewwww !

  5. Dam she fine

  6. She looks purple

  7. Good He's Getting What He Deserves..

  8. Look at that smile. Radiant.

  9. It hurts to hear the pain in her voice. I'm glad he got what he deserved. However, I can't help but to think of how sad it is that so many other pedophiles don't get any time. It took 156 victims testifying to give this creep what every pedophile deserves. Good job to this judge and all of the victims for remaining strong.

  10. Hoda is wrong. Nasser will, unfortunately, continue to hurt her, emotionally, every single day until the day she dies.

  11. He (Matt Lauer) can't hurt you anymore.
    Quote of the day.

  12. She's beautiful!

  13. Typical Liberal controlled media. Always trying to appease.

  14. MORE:

  15. There is hope, for a state that harbors liberalism....Nassar should be locked up until he rots to dust.....175 years was too light a sentence.
    But hey, read what Mr. Cain has to say about this....I hope University of Michigan is paying attention....

  16. I've disliked the Karolyis from the beginning. They turn these girls into eating disordered runts. The girls weren't having periods because they ate so little. They had the fine "fur" called lanugo hair on their faces (a sign of anorexia). They also did not require outside physicians to monitor the health of these kids. Now we know why.

  17. Yes amen 🙏