Sheriff defends self after public outrage over $740G beach house, pocketing money from inmate food fund

Sheriff defends self after public outrage over $740G beach house, pocketing money from inmate food fund
Image from: Fox News

The Alabama sheriff who came under scrutiny after he bought a fancy beach house with the $750,000 he pocketed from funds meant to feed inmates defended his decision this week to keep the cash and buy a $740,000 beach house.

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  1. Typical Republican stealing from the taxpayers while claiming superior morality. #VoteAwayRepublicans in all local, state and national elections. Putin must be defeated. #POWsAreNotLosers

  2. It’s the law. Any excess money for food funds goes to the sheriff. The inmates didnt go without eating or anything like that. He did no wrong he took advantage of the legal side of the law. 90% of the people on here complaining probably would have done the same thing. I know i would have. Should the law be changed? Probably so. It happens all the time

  3. Legal or not, I can't sign off on this. It stinks.

  4. My question is, what the heck are they feeding inmates that justifies $750,000.?

  5. All this outrage, but honestly, who wouldn't do the same if that's the way the law reads? As long as the inmates are being fed, it doesn't sound like he's doing anything illegal. He said it himself, if people don't like it, they need to change the law.

  6. Meh ... Alabama. Guy deserves a Nobel Peace Prize for not stealing more.

  7. Hang him,
    It's time to clean our great country of corruption before it's to late..!

  8. Wow! Where does he get off taking the money that was supposed to feed inmates? Isn't this called embezzlement?! He should go to jail! Can't believe it but this is actually legal. By the way what are the inmates eating now that their food allowance dropped from $750,000 to $10,000?

  9. This is a perfect example of why the people have lost trust in our leaders.. the legislators say it’s a dubious interpretation of state law and the sheriff says change the law.. I’ve done no wrong.. he knows it’s morally wrong,Because he claimed to try and give it back. It’s just a legalized form of stealing!

  10. First people get mad when we spend a dollar on any prisoner because most believe they deserve nothing...
    The same people now are complaining about this..
    This isn't the first time it happened it won't be the last..
    He just got caught

  11. I don't see a current problem with this. When he became sheriff he went into 400,000 dollars of debt because he is personally responsible for feeding the inmates. He is also taxed for that money. Change the law if you don't like it.

  12. Well even the sheriff says change the law. He puts the ball back in the legislators court.He claims to have tried to give the money back but the county would not take it.somebody needs to look into that as well The end result is he kept the money for personal use. First of all the state lawmakers should be tripping over one another running to file legislation to Change this sleazy law forthwith. If the sheriff felt it was morally wrong why did he not push for the law to be changed? Why did he just not feed the inmates better if he had the means to do so? Was any federal money used? Did he break and federal laws?

  13. The overwhelming majority of comments after this article are from “enraged” but ignorant people who think this is some kind of new scam that is taking place in the black depths of backwards Alabama. They are doing nothing but showing their stupidity. Numerous states have the same system for county sheriffs and it is completely legal for them to take the profits from the jail food programs. This has been in place for many years and has always been an incentive for winning the elected office of sheriff. If you don’t like it, get the law changed but don’t crucify this guy for playing within the rules.

  14. Any tax payers money should be used for the purpose it was meant for.I agree that law enforcements officers dont get paid enough but this is wrong.Just think what would happen if all of them did.He should not live above his meanson the tax payers dime .The prisioners could sue the sheriff and state over this.This sheriff knew the was to feed the prisioners with.What if they died while under is care of starvation.Wouldnt you called that neglect ,and mistreatment of a person in this case persons?I hope they bring charges against him for embezzement ,and my opinion the sheriff has no right to that money at all.

  15. Makes me wonder if he starved the prisioners to gain the access money.Just curious but where did the 1.75 being paid per prisioner a day come from.l dont know of any jail in the state of Tennessee or any other state that could fed,cloth,and give medical attention on $1.75 a day.

  16. How does a county in Alabama with less than 105,000 people, develop a 750,000 dollar excess. In the inmate food fund?

    Where does that come from?

  17. This dude needs to be investigated by the DOJ and Attorney Jeff Sessions for crime against humanity. This sheriff reminds me of Henrick Himmler of the German Nazi Party in world war two where Himmler kept food away from people!😈

  18. Also I doubt very seriously that all of $750,000 was for one year,most jails are run on a budget ,and they determine what it takes to house,cloth,feed and medical.It also determines how many inmates there are and weither they are county or state prisioners.

  19. So, is this how government employees are finally motivated to save taxpayer’s money and eliminate waste, is when they get to keep the savings? Wow! How wrong is this picture?

  20. It maybe the law and no inmates went hungry but as a public servant it doesn’t seem right to use the fund for him self.. I am sure he could have found something in the community to use it for..

  21. Interesting fact that I have not heard before. He has to pay taxes on the surplus. I would be pretty pissed if I had to pay taxes on money I didn’t have! The entire setup is ridiculous but he was not stealing

  22. He stated that he has to pay taxes on that money. If that's true, then it's his. I'm not defending it, but if the government considers it income for him & he pays taxes on it, it is what it is.

  23. So why buy a house? Why not use the money to help people stay out of jail and prison by finding them jobs, giving them a hand up into society, and showing them how to be responsible citizens instead of criminals?

  24. This is the proof that red states do not spend the money responsibly, either. Yes, the left in CA are scums. However, the right is clearly not much better.

  25. It's not just there ppl it's everywhere... I never heard of a sheriff having $750k. But, it does happen and mostly through programs such as comissary and any funds left over the sheriff gets. Hell, there use to be a law that any BUDGET money remaining went to sheriffs in some states. Regardless this guy took advantage of a system, it wasn't illegal but he should be held accountable in the public eyes and the law needs changed ...

  26. I'm sorry, legal or not this is just wrong. Maybe if he used the money to feed the homeless or offer it to a food bank or school lunch programs maybe. But to enrich your self on the backs of the taxpayer? That is simply indefensible.

  27. What were you allowing you people to feed those poor inmates? Those Chinese chicken wings (RATS) from China. I believe that inmates are there for rehabilitation, not Chinese torture.. Give the money back, you don't need the beach house, your wife will get that in the divorced when you go to jail.- lol

  28. Well at least he left 10,000 for the inmates whata guy. lol Defense? That's enough money to buy the silence of at least 5-6 porn stars.

  29. I’m curious to how much he actually pocketed directly from this. Just because he bought that house doesn’t mean he paid cash for it.

  30. If they are willing to take funds to help themselves...they should not have been in that position. WHEN WILL WE HAVE OUR ELECTED TESTED FOR DUTY?

  31. Simple point the law states he keeps it and he has to pay taxes on it so it is invest it to get a write off or be go into the higher tax bracket. Does t sound great but maybe this will get them to change the law.

  32. No different than that corrupt sheriff from Florida telling his officers not to bust criminals or do there job so the county could collect government funds. This was all planned out by Obama's administration. Yet 17 children list their lives because of it. That sheriff still has his job. Unbelievable!!!

  33. Corruption at every level of government ,and we wonder why this nation is so far in debt and inflation is such a scourge.

  34. If he donated some of the money to charity then I have no problem with him keeping the money. Maybe he did and it's not being reported.

  35. Blame the County Commissioners for not addressing the surplus. Really, regarding surplus, why have they not put the issue on a ballot to address for redistribution of surplus.

  36. Say what you will but I find this indefensible. It might be legal, but I think the community should shun him and anyone living in the house.

  37. That house should be forced to sell and every single penny he stole should go right back to the fund he stole from.Simple as that, then arrest him for fraud, theft, embezzlement. I would bet he stole more than that, probably been doing it for a long time, and somebody else he works with I would bet is in on it with him. He's not the only guilty party involved. This guy is a thief period!! No better than the inmates he's got in the jail.

  38. If he stole this money then arrest him charge him try him convict him and lock him up.i am a registered republican but I have no use for this.

  39. For embezzling, his home should be a very small jail cell for a long period of time. Take everything he owns away from him.

  40. He should be fired, and made to pay any food money he pilferd and a nice 6 month term for him in jail too!😈

  41. Doesn't matter if this was legal. It is unethical and the guy should be at the least, removed as sheriff. Then, the state government should fix this. Or, I should move to Alabama and run for sheriff.

  42. Well then, move over because sounds to me like it's the inmates beach house too!!! And don't hog the covers!!!

  43. This guy thinks he's sheriff joe?
    Only Maricopa county can be that corrupt, or did he not get the memo

  44. Take all bets! How long before cannibalism sets in! It's a dog eat, dog word in there and it's about to get worse.

  45. Technically he is stealing from the public. Because their taxes is what feed inmates. Which is a shame that we the public are paying to keep hardcore inmates alive.

  46. Ifthis were foodstamp theft..and really no different..he'd be audited and stripped of his possessions.

  47. So many people didn't even read the article. So many more don't comprehend what happened. Smh. People with the attention span of a 2 year old and the fit throwing of a 15 year old.

  48. Smh, I cant find any article where the comments aren't Republican vs Democrat. Doesnt matter what source or topic the article is. and everyone on both sides are 100% wrong and destroying this country.

  49. Either way the tax money was wasted at least it went to someone who does good instead of people who we have to warehouse.

  50. He could have split the excess money with food banks and shelters in his surrounding area. He could have.....

  51. This law needs to go. It's sleezy and unethical. I still question the large amount of money he gained from this fund. This is a small county. That money desperately is needed elsewhere in other programs. No other sheriff's office in the state has this kind of excess. This guy should be investigated, and the ancient law needs to go immediately.

  52. I think Alabamans used to have a good lynching for crimes against humanity back in the day...

  53. Choke on it,legal don't mean correct

  54. The public outrage should also be directed at the administration in charge traveling around the world with weekend stays at Mar-a-Lago while the average taxpayer tries to survive on an extra $1.50 a week.


  56. He should be fired!!! At the very least, this law should be changed!!!

  57. I sincerely hope there's an audit in his and his wife's near-future.

  58. That’s what I call a “government handout.” #WelfareKing

  59. One day you feel like you succeeded in the American dream, the day later you find out you are in deep trouble and you’re gonna get what you deserve

  60. Please cut the support and sympathy. The guy is a thief and an entitled crook as that is taxpayers money.

  61. why doesn't fox put this on the air???ohhh a republican I'm sure

  62. I don’t see a problem. Criminals got fed and he got a house by taking advantage of a law.

  63. Corrupt POS... How about using the money to start a non profit for veterans or foster children?

  64. Well, he didn't have to spend it on himself. Why not the court general fund or better his department infrastructure.

  65. Legal, yea though really screwed up. Morally correct, not by a long shot.

  66. They left out his political party!

  67. Every leader all over making bank on tax payers money except the tax payers.

  68. This is awful. Even through they are criminals, they should be fed.