Seeing Couples PDA In Train

Seeing Couples PDA In Train

Seeing Couples PDA In Train

Posted by 9GAG April 4, 2018, 12:11 p.m.

My relationship status:

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background hand, hand lai, ist nur los mit manchen, cant with the face maha, hand van, song title thoooooooo,


  1. okay i thought that was the boy's hand

  2. I think it will be my profile pic for next century 😤😂😂😂😂

  3. You can't do that here in my country. You can't even move your fingers.

  4. Guy holds the hand of a woman: Harassment
    Girl holds the hand of a man: Flirting
    smh 😒

  5. I thought it was the guy in the background hand the whole time....

  6. But the reaction of the guy in the background ahahaha 😂 I bet he is single 😆 He is already allergic from all the romance surrounding him haha

  7. Valentina Poprugin omg so einen hatte ich auch mal im Zug 🤯🤣 der hat genau das gleiche abgezogen...habe ihn dann einen bösen Blick zugeworfen und er hat seine Hand komplett weggetan 😂🤣 was ist nur los mit manchen Menschen

  8. Is your relationship status the guy that wants to hold the hand or the guy in the back?

  9. Lmao
    I did this to a dude at eliches who was hoggin up the rail XD
    He was super cool about it and looked at me and smiled XD

  10. Can someone please tell me what's the title of the song? It's so very cute 😁

  11. Tror helt seriøst hans sjæl forlod kroppen der 😂 men jeg kender følelsen, hader virkelig lovey dovey par 😂😂 Katrine Westh Sanela Lozic

  12. that guy is quite cute though hahaha.

  13. Khang Anh LêDuc Doan NgocSandy Nguyen t là thằng phía sau 🙂 con mẹ áo trắng mắt kính đó 🙂 đứng giữa dòng đời của con Cu và con Sandy cộng thêm cha nội Khang với bồ chả nữa 🙂

  14. Cheryl Chong Yi Ern just now u give me watch I thought is his hand lai de leh 🐷😂btw his biao qing I really kennot 😂

  15. What Asians do when they aren't studying 🤣🤣

  16. Ashu That face in the ending 😂😂

  17. Andrew Li this guy is better than all the girls

  18. Karli Thompson 😂 the guy in the background

  19. This is what most south Asian guys try to do. It's harassment! Not cool


  21. Sheetal Nilay Mritunjay K.....
    Next time metro me ye karna hai apne ko... Yaad rakho😁😁

  22. Yisheng Lai the guy in the background hahahah

  23. Louise Noir Thierry Chuddy ah il me reste encore un peu de vomi

  24. Kayen in taipei mrt when there's no hawakan anymore

  25. Angela Arceo ganito ka rin ba pag may nakikita kang couple sa daan???

  26. Tristan Lanz Giuseppe tayo yung naglalandian but the man with glasses on is def u before we met hahahahhahah

  27. Sazzadul Islam
    That guy literally depicts my reaction when I see couple.

  28. Lyle Rosen my reaction when people touch me or cough near me in public

  29. Amy Feng me every time i see anything cute these days

  30. Petra is there something to say? :(

  31. Ikaw naalala ko BBG kapag may PDA akong pasyente HAHAHA! Rabby Granada

  32. Saad when your crush approaches her crush or is approached JBH 😂😂😂😂😂😁😁😜😝 acha SOrrY

  33. Kim!!! Ganyan na ganyan muka ni Isle kapag nagka bf kana. Kasi wala na syang kasama mag aral kunyari hehehe

  34. Acel i cant stop watching! hahahahahahahahahahaha

  35. Xian Wei hahahahaha!!! Omg his reaction 😂🤣😂🤣


  37. Maha the guy at the back xD epic expressions 🤣

  38. Thanh Hiền bữa đi xe buýt 2 mình ko làm v cho dân tình ghen tị chơi m ha

  39. Haha the reactions of the guy in background is amazing

  40. Nimra Shah tum apni love story aese start karna 😂😂😂😂

  41. Ken that kind of reaction HAHHAHAAHHA "tangina"

  42. Shee Dee Dey HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA magbulag ra gihapon mo. Manghubag ra ng mata ninyo.

  43. Ashita Gogia watch twice and look carefully we're that guy behind 😂😂😂😂😂😂 omfg this is hilarious 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  44. Simon hvem siger man skal tage i byen for at score, jeg gør det bare i toget 😅

  45. Marie Coy Paul Gasnier regardez la gueule du chinois derrière je suis morte mdddrrr

  46. Jacky Vang I'm the guy at the back when Maiv Suav Vwj decides it's okay to get close to good ol Will

  47. Lisanne Boek wanneer je perongeluk de hand van de klant aanraakt 😂

  48. Brian bat ikaw naiimagine ko dun sa rxn nung guy hahhahahaa

  49. Isa Bolhuis Marieke Hotting ik ga stuk om dat hoofd van die gast op t eind

  50. Nilasha Diganta ... Dipti ke tag kore Labh nei but still XD

  51. Faith, Rehanna, Jevelyn monyo na HAHAHAHAHAHA di na lang nakiJoin ba xD

  52. Vanessa Jee we are the white shirt dude

    Then thats Felicia Haryanto & leighton


  53. Who records these moments publicly? Or carries a hidden camera

  54. What the f is the song title thoooooooo

  55. Morgan Beeching I’m crying 😂😂his face at the end

  56. when you are so depraved of of affection, that a hand makes you cum xD

  57. Nathaniel Hernandez Matty Salud si karl hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahhahahahahaahahaya

  58. Totally me with you two. Grace FrizChin

  59. Delfino acaba de revolucionar lostra risa en secreto