Sebastian Vettel's pole lap at the 2018 Chinese Grand Prix

Sebastian Vettel's pole lap at the 2018 Chinese Grand Prix
Image from: F1

Nice work, Seb - a fourth career pole at the Chinese Grand Prix 👏

Here's how the Scuderia Ferrari man did it ⬇️

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  1. Since Hamilton made that joke about wiping the smile off Vettels face, things are going in a horrible direction for him... I won't say it's Karma, but he can't complain if someone laughs at him now...

  2. He wont be getting many next year when Daniel is driving for Ferrari

  3. I'm the biggest Hamilton fan but I really do believe that his days as top driver is over. At the end of the season he will be announcing his retirement. 😥

  4. Amazing lap in the final sector by Vettel to beat Kimi.... Still do feel it’s gonna be a long and close race and I do think Mercedes might have the edge on the tire strategy but if Ferrari can up their race pace,they surely can take the win but it’s gonna be a long battle

  5. Richard Ronga: assurdo, hanno realizzato una Ferrari imprendibile, se vedi l'interno giro Sebastian non corregge mai tanto! Ma anche i tempi già parlano da soli, na bomb!

  6. Awesome lap by Vettel. Specially in last sector he was flying.
    No more excuses for Kimi fans. This time Kimi got the chance to get out first for his Q3 lap. Still Vettel managed to leap frog Kimi. Kimi did what he could. He did a great job too.


  7. F1. It would be nice if you could show the top 3 drivers laps from on-board. It might give an idea how differnt driving styles effect the lap

  8. Might be a boring race this one Mercedes look like they gonna have a bad weekend. And kimi won't be allowed to challenge seb, be boring Ferrari led procession

  9. I thought it was all about the car... at least that was the retort whenever Hamilton took pole etc. This Ferrari has a real potential to dominate this season. Which will become a borefest as Ferrari won't allow their drivers to actually compete properly. I sincerely hope this isn't a sign of things to come and that Mercedes and Red Bull get their act together FAST

  10. Absolutely cracking drive in 3rd sector which broke Kimi's heart once again! Superb driving by both Kimi and Seb. #ForzaFerrari

  11. Had a tickly belly watching this
    Then I watched Hamilton's and had time to boil the kettle make a brew make some toast eat it then drink my tea and he still wasn't finished

  12. Ferrari are still not the fastest, but Seb makes the difference. He is yet again beating mediocre drivers in faster cars, just like king Schumacher did.

  13. I see the ferrari is a far better car, Seb didn't have to fight with the wheel, great job ferrari and seb!!

  14. It's nice to see Prancing horse on 'dragon mode'. Hopefully tomorrow gonna get 1-2 win as well. Forza Ferrari 👏👏

  15. Absolutely unreal lap, epic stuff! #ForzaFerrari

  16. A nice race strategy tomorrow will help a lot. The finesse Seb showed last week should be avoided. Let both Fezzas stay in the race. Would love a 1-2 by Ferrari and Danny to lock out the podium.

  17. So much more front end grip on the ferrari than the mercedes

  18. very nice Ferrari Smart Move vettel now win the race

  19. Ferrari have a good car this season.vettel can't win if the car isn't up to it.

  20. F1 driver claims pole position. It wasn't the driver you wanted. Get angry on social media. That makes YOU the loser.

  21. What a smooth turns so much grip....!!!

  22. All credit to Ferrari they’ve been impressive this year, Lewis needs to keep his head up and keep pushing

  23. Perfect lap Good Luck tommorow🏎🏎🏎Ferrari back;)!

  24. He can't decide whether to wave or take the wheel

  25. That's the most perfect lap I've seen today. 0 errors. Srijith A Kumar

  26. Watch out for the flying finn #77 at the start! #forzaferrari

  27. Mercs need to sort it out the way the Merc goes through it's tyres

  28. The Ferraris looking fast and hot . Forza Seb Forza Kimi tomorrow P1 P2 for Scuderia

  29. So sad these drivers don't know about the apex

  30. Love how the teams have moved the camera so you can now see what happens on the steering wheel....:)

  31. Ferrari looks planted on that lap, although then downshift “knocks” don’t sound too healthy.

  32. Ma che cazzo di giro ha fatto Pascal Capone??? Macchina perfetta, sembra la Mercedes di Melbourne

  33. The guys from the helicopter at 1:05 don't stand a chance :😂

  34. Cong seb and the red was very clearly drive.

  35. Silver arrows has some serious problems in hands now...

  36. Great lap congrats Seb and both Ferrari though👊🏼👍🏼

  37. Iam dreamer if Rio Haryanto drive this supercar scuderia ferarri

  38. On the “push mode”... but what a great drive!

  39. Il giro di seb Alessio D'agostino Matteo Palmieri che pulizia di guida che macchina perfettamente bilanciata zero correzioni. Ciao mercedes

  40. The handling is superb.. it does look like on rails. Finally the HALO comments is gone! Haha

  41. No sense comment, I know but...
    Dat angry faces ahahahahah

  42. Dan Hewlett Ferrari doing you proud x

  43. Juan Alessandro la penultima staccata fioi

  44. Forza Hamilton forza Mercedes benz

  45. Super Sebastian 👍👍👍
    Super Scuderia Ferrari 💪💪💪

  46. Stunning ...forza Vettel forza Ferrari 💪💪

  47. Francesco Rissone guarda quanto cazzo vanno

  48. Vikky Pfff wat een rondje van Seb! 🤪👌

  49. It's our time now silver arrows

  50. That Ferrari is on
    a) rails
    b) fire

  51. Cringeworthy sound #bringbackV10s

  52. Macchina. Perfetta. Correzioni quasi nulla. Bravi. Ragazzi