Scottie Pippen dunks over Patrick Ewing in the 1994 playoffs

Scottie Pippen dunks over Patrick Ewing in the 1994 playoffs

Scottie Pippen dunks over Patrick Ewing in the 1994 playoffs

Posted by ESPN May 20, 2018, 3:32 p.m.

On This Date: Scottie Pippen had one of the most disrespectful dunks of all time during the 1994 playoffs.

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  1. Guarantee you Jordan wouldn't have nearly as many rings as he has without this guy.

  2. Dunked on him, pushed him on the way down, then stepped in the name of love over him. Finally talked smack to Spike told him to sit down and shut up. I love it! The NBA IS FANTASTIC....!

  3. Drake is basically Toronto's Spike Lee

  4. This is why Lebron will never be Michael Jackson. Jackson was a humble player who never disrespected his opponents, his coaches and his teammates. He is the GOAT! Jackson was so good that the entire Bulls starting lineup was called the Jackson 5. Nobody calls the Cavs starting 5 the Lebron 5

  5. I miss when basketball was more physical. Now you get slapped on the wrist at the top of the key and drive to the basket for an and 1. Back in the day, you earned an and 1.

  6. This is when Basketball was entertaining and not every foul or Tech was called.

  7. That's when basketball was a contact sport! I miss those days. LeBron wouldn't have made it in that league he is too soft!

  8. Pippen is one of the most underrated players in NBA history. Jordan’s bulls weren’t doing anything until Pippen showed up. Pippen was a top tier player. The year Jordan didn’t play, the bulls still had a great regular season. I love Jordan, but Pippen deserves respect.

  9. Ewing wasn't a punk, scotty ate his wheaties that morning ready to bang on someone that night.

  10. THIS will ALWAYS be THE nastiest dunks there ever was! The disrespect to Ewing and The Knicks is classic! Ahhh, the good times, when basketball was real! ❤️.

  11. The first super team started with these guys. Jordan wouldn't have been half of what he was without being along side this monster. That's a nasty dunk over a great big man. Then he talked trash to other dude's on that team. Total savagery.

  12. Poor Patrick Ewing. This is a metaphor for his entire career.

  13. This Bulls team went 55-27 without Jordan. Some say they was a controversial call away from winning this series against the Knicks (game 5) who went on to the Finals. I still give Mike his props but this is evidence he had help.

  14. What was so disrespectful about it ? That was our house !! Spike Lee and Patrick were running their mouths all series and in OUR house. Pippen just told the New Yorkers that MJ wasn’t the only one who could ram it down their throats!! MJ is gone this is my house now !!!

  15. Ewing played defense and contested every shot. That's why he got dunked he was beat up with two bad knees. Ewing trying to run turn and contest a dunk...forget about it. In my opinion nothing special about that dunk other than Ewing was out of position...PS. Pippen sucks

  16. The entire Jordan vs LeBron debate is dumb AF. I don’t understand why people can’t just relax and enjoy once-in-a-generation types of talent without getting all worked up about an idiotic rabbit hole of a debate about which one is better.

  17. Still remember watching this play live on tv. Was a little kid running around the room like a fool afterwards.

  18. He missed a golden opportunity. Just one time, is it too much to ask for someone to pimp slap Spike Lee into the 4th row?

  19. Point is, the Knicks hustled back on D to make that possible. Today there would've been one back court player moving out of Pippen's way on that same play.

  20. With the amount of times that the New York Knicks of that era delivered cheap shots to other teams including... Jordan, Pippen and the Bulls... I think most hoops fans feel no sympathy for Ewing or any of them.

  21. These old (24yrs) highlight clips REALLY separate the game from what it is today. It's impossible to compare players from that era to today's players. It's a COMPLETELY different game. Having said that, I watched Jordan and the players that came at him year in year out. He always had another gear and never lost his edge. I'll give LeeBron his props, he's a good ball player. He doesn't put the team on his shoulders for 3 quarters, ice his knees in the 4th, and grab some popcorn like MJ did. Physically, LeeBron appears to be a bigger, stronger man. :) I saw MJ turn up on players bigger and stronger and frankly better. In today's game, if you're not stringing together triple doubles and scoring 40pts a game at will, you're not MJ worthy. MJ would average 10pts a game more today than he did back then. Career 30.1 vs LeeBron's 27.2. For him to be in the conversation he'd have to average 40.1 a game or more. Not over the years, but THIS year Harden's a better player. Durant laughed at LeeBron and he's a better player. I have others, but let's leave LeeBron 3rd for good sportsmanship. 14-15 players average over 30pts a game. Steph Curry is 1st. KD is 2nd, D Wade is 3rd. Then LeeBron. Now watch him work and see if he can come back from 0-2 to Boston. He is building a legacy, he's still building though. (played 4yrs in the NBA when he should have been getting experience) Now THAT probably would have gave him the edge on everyone.

  22. Everyone talks MJ -v- Lebron....
    The real matchup would been Pippen and James. Anyone who’s watched both, I defy you to tell me Pip doesn’t shut Lebron down on a regular basis. Because no doubt that woulda been the game time matchup.

  23. Danny Shikwana meanwhile Leexcuses head gets lightly touched and he has to go to the locker room after being carried off but he could have totally played and dominated in this era

  24. Don't know about anyone else but I think it was a charge. The Bulls got all the calls on those days.

  25. If that same sequence happens today, the point guard stops for a pull up 3pointer and we never have this highlight.

  26. This is a Scottie Pippen Highlight but yet I see all sort of Jordan and LeBron talk!? How about we pay tribute to the freaking highlight!! Sweet Dunk On A Fellow Hall Of Famer!

  27. At least the big men back in the day made uh player their respective dunks. Today's players are soft & just step aside, giving up an easy 2.

  28. You play according to the rules that govern the game... If lebron was playing in the 90s he would have adjusted, he's bigger, stronger, faster than all those players were. No zone defense back in the day.. Bron would have had a field day. So why should lebron be subjected to a different type of rules by refs because he's big... Ref a the same.. Just cuz shaq was huge doesnt mean you could jump on his back and get away with it

  29. If #patrickewing did not receive a flagrant foul 48 hours after the game, then the #2016nbafinals were rigged @KikiVanDeWeghe #warriors #dubnation

  30. Remember the first 4 years in the league he had? Yeah no one else does either . Averaged about 8 a game, until Jordan shaped him as a player into his image. Pippen wouldn't have been pippen without Jordan

  31. Yeah but the Jordan-less Bulls didn’t win a ring that year. The Rockets beat the Knicks for Hakeem Olajuwon’s first title

  32. Labron would have went to the. Locker room and traded away half his team before coming back out with his head wrapped. 😂

  33. This is when basketball was awesome, now a bunch of cry babies 😭 let’s be real Lebron wouldn’t make it back then!!

  34. Remember it like it was yesterday! I loved the pass and him going over to Spike Lee! Lol ...You like that!!! 😂😂😂 Ok he didn't say that, but if he did that would've been hilarious!!!🏀

  35. Hey ESPN, why “disrespectful”?
    That comment is exactly why basketball is lame today. Two dudes jumped, one jumped higher and dunked on the other. This is what used to make basketball be exciting!

  36. I'm just gonna throw it out there that LeBron wouldn't make it in the league if he played in the 80's and 90's. These dudes were so physical on D.. bron would be crying every game!!

  37. Sadder part is big man Ewing didn't want no part of a confrontation afterwards... he faked the funk but you can tell on his body language he shook... All big for no reason #SMH

  38. I love this rivalry. I like patrick Ewing a lot. But being in the Midwest I had to root for Bulls ! Or the Celtics

  39. Not sure what was better....The Dunk and the blatant display of disrespect for Ewing or him telling Spike to "sit down and shut up!" 🐮🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆

  40. Love Pip. They complemented each other well. Jordan wins 1 maybe 2 rings without Pip, but Pip doesn’t get in the Hall with out Jordan raising his game.

  41. This also shows how much of a legend Spike Lee is. Dude been having floor seats since the mid 90's and witness nothing but greatness.

  42. After dunked and pushed Ewing, trash talked Spike Lee... Only thing left to become a real gangster was kiss Patrick's momma

  43. more then likely, lebron now would have just step aside and just watch the player dunk the ball. it's smart on lebron's part. contesting a dunk goes in favor of the dunker anyway.

  44. I jumped out of my chair and fell to my knees when I saw this. I was in the Army at the time and my roommate was a Knicks fan. We almost came to blows after this dunk. ( although he got the last laugh because the Knicks won the series. )

  45. Loved old school basketball, how many players playing now good play this style not many they all complain to much

  46. I remember the refs cheated in game 6 when the Bulls had the lead and called a foul on a last shot 3. Knicks should have never advanced in that round

  47. I remember this very well...and the smirk on Scottie's face says it all! Never liked Ewing at Georgetown, liked him even less as a Knick...

  48. The only flaw in Pippens game was his lack of competitiveness.... thats why he needed MJ to motivate him to get more aggressive..

  49. great player....but a jerk. remeber he wouldn't go into a game due to kocic was going to get the last shot? jerk

  50. I'm just here to see the people that claim to hate Lebron, bring him up 1,000 times in a post that has nothing to do with him. 🤔

  51. Hue Hollins screwed Scottie and the bulls. They would've beaten the pacers in the ECF and been in the finals without MJ.

  52. Jordan wasn't the goat. He couldn't hit a curve ball and struggled in the outfield. Never made it past triple A.
    And that, folks, is the absolute only way he's not the greatest of all time.

  53. Ewing swung at his nuts for stepping over him. I wonder if they looked back and gave him a T or flagrant foul?

  54. That's not impressive. Ewing was big for nothing. He was a walking poster. I could've dunked on him. And I'm white.

  55. And JR smith can't score a single point in a Conference final game and yall want to compare the help MJ vs LBJ get 😂

  56. Raul Martinez Lebron James would Died If Pippen did that to him !!!

  57. Today the defense would have just moved out of the way and allowed The dunk they do when leFlop goes to the basket

  58. Donald Jeune the one time scottie was ever disrespectful. When the dunk is so sick they wanna fight you lol

  59. If it had been Lebron it’d been “Lebron James had one of the most spectacular dunks of all time blah blah blah”

  60. I always say it. MJ, wihout Scottie Pippen? No rings.

  61. He would get a flagrant 2 in today's generation of basketball.😂😂😂😂

  62. The most disrespectful dunk I ever seen was shaq over that white guy from the Knicks

  63. MJ dunk on Ewing Pippen dunk on Ewing all because of Spike running his mouth Raymond Wright

  64. On this date in 1994, Scottie Pippen teabagged Patrick Ewing.

  65. People act like he’s Dominique Wilkins ... which in my opinion is the same as Bron playing wit wade ..

  66. Eric Guzman next to the DeAndre Jordan/Brandon Knight dunk. This is my all time favorite.

  67. Sobre un legendario como mr ewing, cuando la nba estaba en su mejor época, con su basquetbol físico y de grandes superestrellas

  68. I miss these days this is called real basketball

  69. That were the best times in basketball physical and hard against eachother

  70. Who is Michael Jackson that played basketball