Saudi Crown Prince, in His Own Words: Women Are ‘Absolutely’ Equal

Saudi Crown Prince, in His Own Words: Women Are ‘Absolutely’ Equal
Image from: The New York Times

When asked if women were equal to men, Prince Mohammed said: "Absolutely. We are all human beings and there is no difference."

Women in Saudi Arabia are still bound by so-called guardianship laws that give male relatives control over aspects of their lives, like their ability to travel abroad and undergo certain medical procedures.

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  1. I just saw 60 minutes. It amazes me how respectful and how well other leaders present themselves on national TV. Ours doesn't so it's refreshing to watch!

  2. Rome wasn't built in a day, and this process will take time. I hope this Prince will stick to his words and show some action.

  3. The Saudi Crown Prince will probably drag Saudi Arabia socially into the future. You can't expect to live in a 13th century mentality and survive into the future.

  4. Having lived in Saudi Arabia for four years, if anyone swallows the snake oil this guy is pushing.....

  5. Hmmm, well I know men in America that would say that too but, their behavior still speaks otherwise. :(

  6. I saw the interview. When reminded that women still needed male guardianship he acknowledged that women do not get have the rights they are entitled to, but they're working on it. It was a credible interview and very hopeful.

  7. The 60 minutes interview was eye-opening. He has a long way to go, but he’s right. He wants to return Saudi Arabia to the social culture pre-1979. When all this strict religious stuff infiltrated.

  8. One person cannot change a country in a day.

  9. Actions speak louder. This is an extremely wealthy country whose leadership is beholden to religious interests; it’s going to take a lot of effort to create effective change.

  10. Until they follow through with reform it’s just rhetoric.

  11. Nice looking guy, well-spoken, but I would not trust him as far as I could throw him. Conditional equality is not equal, he just wants investors and will say what needs to be to get the $.

  12. I'm glad to hear his point of view. I hope he is crowned King or someone with his same thinking. The Iran of the 60s and early 70s was a beautiful society before conservative Islam poisoned the society and oppressed both men and women into archaic fearful thinking. I see the same ignorance happening here in America. Men should never have any rights over women's bodies whether married single or as fathers. Yet our young women, girls, adult women and mother's must teach our counterparts to do the same.

  13. Maybe he believes in what he says. But the majority of men and (older) women in KSA are nowhere this liberal. In the big cities, a lot of women will work. But in the conservative areas like Qassim, a lot of women will fight in court for their right to work, angering their families and clans.

  14. So why does he have his mother hidden in an undisclosed location? To keep her away from his elderly father so he can usurp his power?

  15. I had a customer of mine many years ago who was a prince from that region. He loved coming to the US because of how free women are here vs there. He desperately wanted his daughter to come here for university but her mother was a traditionalist and would not allow it. He tried to convince several of us at work to date his sons so they would have "strong independent" wives. He really was in love with this country. I wonder what he thinks now.

  16. Well except for his own mama- he needs her to shut up so he had her banished to a palace in bum f-nowhere.
    Otherwise - yea - we are all human beings....

  17. Since when saudi crown prince in lower case gets to decide equality? Financially spoiled persona like this one, only knows about pedicure and you expect him to see the difference? He doesn't know how to hold hammer in his hand for deer life!

  18. Sheep..This is all propaganda! Let's get this right. Saudi Arabia is good, Iran is bad.. Another chess piece in the inevitable war with IRAN..

  19. Change comes slowly every step in the right direction is good. He respects women they are in his goverment and head up divisions.

  20. ... amassing!!! Welcome to the XIX Century! Now let's try to civilize you a little further so you stop being such a medieval monster beheading gay and atheists! Then maybe, if you stop your genocide in Yemen, you'll almost join the 20th Century club... so see you at the next elections!

  21. MBS is a true leader who will bring his kingdom and people to the modern age and be a shining light for the Middle East.

  22. He's been working to dismantle the guardianship system, while also taking very harsh measures against more conservative contenders for the throne.

  23. I'll believe it when I see it. His intentions may be on the right path but i can't believe his religion will allow him to follow through.

  24. That's his opinion. Unfortunately , according to Mohammad and Allah , women are absolutely inferior to men.

  25. Sure and he denies the 9/11 terrorists were from Saudi Arabia 😂😂😂 stop it you have your mom locked up in a castle somewhere

  26. He’s changing things, slowly. Which, may be wise...too much change too quickly can cause pretty severe backlash.

  27. Another man who says what he thinks people want to hear while doing whatever he wants. His track record speaks volumes.

  28. Yes, that is why if they wear the wrong clothes in public they are legally taken aside and beaten .

  29. Patriarchy is the most ancient and insidious tyranny. Its extinction is the next stage of human evolution

  30. Their definition of what equal means is pretty messed up.

  31. Just because he's a prince doesn't give him the power to change laws at will

  32. No difference huh? I guess they don't have Biology in Saudi Arabia.

  33. Men and women are equal, only men are more equal ...

  34. who have say the contrary , well sure , NKOUCHA = NKOUCHA this make , ² , WE RETURN TJR TO WHAT IS CONCLUATED , 1 ² 3 0

  35. Kamel Ammar do people like the prince in Saudi Arabia?

  36. Language is a slippery thing. When you ask a loaded question without providing a solid definition of the terms involved, the answers have no meaning.

  37. Doesn't he have his mother locked up?

  38. Was I they only one surprised at the lack of accents in the group of young women she spoke to?

  39. I believe it. Equality means different things in different nations and cultures. For them, they are equal. And it's not for us to judge.

  40. since the creation of this shity kingdom it was ultra fundamentalistic!!
    Nothing will change!

  41. The 60minutes interview was such horse sick‼️

  42. Seems like they are starting to make some changes. It isn't instant folks!

  43. Hopefully he can drag them into the 21st century

  44. Yes they’re so equal they have few rights.

  45. They follow the Qur'an. The Qur'an is a fundamental application of the Hebrew Torah (Old testament).

    Like the Orthodox Jews, the Haridi and Hasid who separate women from men and limit women participation in religious practices, the Saudis are bound by those same restrictive Mosaic laws of the Torah.

    Why dont people understand this relationship between Islam and Judaism?


  47. I give him a tremendous amount of credit. Change is always difficult. He has a great vision for the future and he will be causing a stir among those who think he is going to fast or not fast enough. Not to mention those who do not want change. The word of the day is hope.

  48. Dear God! Thank you for this great man.

  49. yes of course they are equal .. women are allowed to drive a car now LOL

  50. I believe he came off as honest and sincere

  51. It’s a step, in the right direction. Where are WE headed?

  52. Show us you mean it, Prince Mo. Do away with all the discriminatory laws.

  53. Absolutely equal. And there's guardianship. Hey, what about them Cubs?

  54. someone should have asked him, "equal to what?"

  55. Equal? Like they all cost the same over there?

  56. Not sure the current U.S President would believe in that philosophy 😊

  57. Nice advertiser / investor driven editorial content... dovetails nicely with tonights 60 minutes.

  58. So he Lied.

    Rape victim sentenced to 200 lashes and six months in jail.

  59., where’s his mother, though?

  60. Actions speak louder than words. Put up, or shut up.

  61. Look much further into this mans beliefs before praising him. There is more than meets the eye with this guy.

  62. Equal but separate...we here in US know how well that works😳

  63. This MBS is full of BS! He's just like DT, always making statement for attention.

  64. I'll think he'll get rubbed out by the other royal family members.

  65. It's going to take time, but maybe, just maybe, they'll make progress...

  66. Some are just more equal than others