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Image from: National Geographic

That is one lucky tortoise.

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  1. I honestly believe those intelligent elephants knew it was a tortoise here and stepped over it on purpose.

  2. What do you mean "its a lucky tortoise"? It's a huge herd of INTELLIGENT ELEPHANTS, that's what it is! Intelligent creatures don't destroy things just like that! Contrary to some bipedals.

  3. Change the caption to "Watch elephants carefully avoid stepping on a tortoise", please.

  4. With my humble opinion Ofcourse without offending anyone who thinks differently from my point of view but also looking this matter in a different way and without fighting and by trying to make this clear and by considering each and every one opinion I honestly believe that I completely forgot what I was going to say.

  5. They seem to be quite aware of it being there and stepped over it rather than on it. One of them gave it a once-over with its trunk. So cool <3

  6. This wasn't luck. The herd carefully sidestepped the tortoise. Maybe as much for their sake as for that of the tortoise. Either way, it turned out well for all 🐘🐘🐘

  7. The elephants knew it was there. Elephants can teach humans a thing or two.

  8. Elephants are smart and compassionate. They avoided stepping on the tortoise <3

  9. It was in no danger of being trampled. Elephants are completely aware of their surroundings and what they are stepping on. They know if some live creature is near and do not step on them purposely.

  10. At first I thought they had to know...until the last two got all startled when he started walking in the other direction! He even looked like he was talking to the tortoise at the end..."Aw man, I thought you were a rock! You got me again Chuck!"

  11. 🐘❤️🐘 The elephant at the front trumpety trumped to rest of the gang “Yo guys there’s a tortoise in the road, mind where you’re going!!” 🐘❤️🐘
    😂🐢❤️ The tortoise pipes up ... “That’s Mr Tortoise to you!!!” and tuts loudly before retreating into his shell. 🐢❤️😂

  12. Elephants are intelligent, caring creatures known to pay close attention to their surroundings, and have been seen and filmed before carefully moving tortoises from their path so as not to harm them.

  13. He didn't "avoid" getting trampled - elephant are extremely intelligent, they knew it was there and avoided stepping on it.

  14. How can you say it's luck....elephants are smarter than to step on small animals. They know how to behave in nature....unlike humans.

  15. They knew the tortoise was there. You could see that they had acknowledged it, by the way the stepped over it. One elephant felt it with it's trunk.

  16. I appears they knew he was there and avoided him on their own. Aside from the one who didn't lift her foot high enough, they all walked around. Elephants are amazing.

  17. I suspect the elephants are avoiding the tortoise on purpose. They are smart enough to know what it is.

  18. And my bet is that no elephants like to spep on a rock or tortoise, so naturally and efficiently walk to avoid the most rock possible

  19. Not luck. Careful elephants don't want a shard of shell in their soft feet?... paws?, i know it's not a hoof.

    What's the term for an elephants foot?

  20. They knew he was there. Animals won't step on a object if there's a flat spot to place their foot. Humans on a trail won't step on a rock if they can by step it.path of less resistance applies to all creatures.

  21. Yes. They knew it was there. Yes. You can see them reach a leg out and gently tap the animal. Yes. They stepped over it. Yes. It was pushed gently out of the way.Yes. An infrasound signal was probably sent by the matriarch to the rest of her group (rumbled at a frequency too low for human perception)

  22. This is fake. The elephants were in on it. Didnt anyone notice how they just happened to stop for the camara? And at the end one glory hound turned back, looked at the camara and gave a nod. Nat geo is colluding with the elephants for this fake story.

  23. You think this was luck? No chance.... elephants are highly intelligent animals, they avoided this tortoise with precision 👌

  24. They knew he was there, and were careful to step over or around him. Most animals will try to avoid stepping on another live moving creature.

  25. Looks like at the end when the tortoise started to get the hell up outta there the elephants got a little spooked. That exactly how I react to a spider on the wall... I respectfully avoid it and leave the hellspawn alone, but once that thing even moves one little mm I start trumpeting and stomping around. HAHA

  26. Ellies are very intelligent animals, they KNEW that was no rock but a living creature in their path. Now if that was a group of humans, they would have wanted to take selfies with the tortoise, or they would have killed it for its shell.

  27. That tortoise wasn't lucky... That is the way Elephants are. They care about the other animals around them. We should be more like elephants.

  28. That's not luck. Elephants avoid stepping on other creatures. There was a test done using an African Elephant to prove this by placing a mouse under a bucket that was revealed as the Elephant passed over. The Elephant always made a point of avoiding stepping on the mouse.

  29. The tortoise isn’t lucky, the elephants are just careful not to kill something that does not mean any harm to them. They are intelligent creatures.

  30. Yea why is it so difficult to believe an intelligent animal such as an elephant which has been known to show compassion, sadness, the ability to learn sign language and do art. Wouldn’t be able to notice a tortoise and not step on it. This is classic internet clickbait wording here.

  31. How is it lucky??? The only way the tortoise would have been crushed like an insect is if the elephants felt it was a threat. ONLY humans would decide to step on it if they could for pleasure or "because it was there".

  32. Did anyone else notice one elephant like, gesture at the tortoise with it’s back foot like “hey, be careful, that’s a living thing “? I only noticed on my 2nd viewing. Then the baby went around it.

  33. Nothing "lucky" about it. Other than a couple jostles by big feet, you can see that many of the elephants are plainly aware that the tortoise is there.

    Still, very cool. And I'm sure the tort was going, "Oh no, don't step on me - OH MY GOD THAT WAS CLOSE" more than once. 🤣

  34. Not so lucky, the elephants are a great example of respect others like them and anothers animals into the wild. Elephants are awesome! 💚

  35. Huge flat footed animal meets small round object. Have you ever stepped on a stone or kids toy? It hurts! This is no different. They are massive, yet intelligent beings that perceive even the smallest obstacle.

  36. They thought it was a rock and didn't want to hurt their feet on it. When the "rock" started moving, they freaked out. One even threw water at it. They asked it to leave. The tortoise was all too happy to go. That sleepy tortoise has angels. 💛💚💙👼🐢

  37. The elephants know its there hence the reason they all lifted there legs over it to make sure the other elephants saw it too and then tried to put water on it

  38. Even if the last elephant didn't realize it was alive and was startled doesn't mean that none of them realized it was alive.... I saw some steps that looked pretty intentional.

  39. They knew what it was and where he was and avoided him. Elephants are like that. Won't take a life unless threatened. Unlike mankind,

  40. Many actually stepped over the tortoise and a couple brushed it with a foot or trunk as though acknowledging it. With their sense of smell and memory I would guess they realized it was a turtle and saw no reason to do it harm.

  41. Don't think he was lucky. He is a well-known cantankerous tortoise who places himself in their way everyday and they tolerate him but sometimes keep it real by toeing him a bit.

  42. That wasn't luck, at all. Those elephants knew that was a living, breathing and helpless creature and they were careful to walk around it. I love elephants. They are gentle giants - unless you mess with one of their own.

  43. It's funny how they thought it was a rock. Everyone stepping over it. When the tortoise moves, they're startled😂. The babies seemed to get knocked around more than the tortoise.

  44. I'm not sure it's luck, as it seems the elephants are being courteous and avoid stepping directly on the tortoise. Those were purposeful steps. . . Just more reason to love and protect these kind and intelligent beings. ❤🐢🐘

  45. If you watch carefully til the end, you will notice the elephants’ reaction when the tortoise moves, so they didn’t notice it beforehand. It would be safe to assume that they don’t go around stepping on big stones normally. I would imagine it would be like that little stone in your boots when you put them on, uncomfortable. Love the way the younger elephants put on a display for the tortoise to scare it off.

  46. Abu Huraira رضي الله عنه narrates that The Prophet Muhammed peace be upon him said:

    “Allah Ta’ala has divided mercy in hundred portions. He kept ninety-nine portions by Him and sent one portion in this world. It is through this one mercy that the creation has mercy amongst them, to the extent that a horse will lift its hoof from its young fearing that it might harm it.” (Bukhari)

  47. "WTF!!!???"

    I think they thought it was a rock, until it started moving. Elephants are big and strong but anything can roll an ankle. Just look at their reaction after it moved. They were freaked out.

  48. Not luck. Elephants are as smart as creatures come. Of course they purposely avoided crushing a live being. I like how the last elephant signals the tortoise, "We are going to the other side now; you don't have to leave. Come back!"

  49. It’s not often that the comments on a post are so cohesive and positive! I admit, I didn’t read every single comment but all I did read felt the elephants were careful and respectful. Love !

  50. Funny how people try to project their own feelings on animals. The elephants naturally avoid rock and objects, they dont step on rocks and that is what the tortoise looks like when it is static. Once the tortoise moves you can see the elephants opening the ears in order to scare it off.

  51. Surely you can see the intelligence of those amazing elephants? They oh so carefully avoided stepping on the tortoise. No luck in it. Elephants are far more careful than humans when it comes to looking after their world; no contest.

  52. Elephants are very careful when they walk. I promise you they weren’t stepping on him on purpose. If you look up videos of a mouse or other small creature around an elephant, the elephant gets startled and they sort of tiptoe around the small animal. They know what they’re doing.

  53. I've read stories about gangs of young male elephants breaking down walls and killing only specific people, who turned out to be ivory poachers, and leaving the rest untouched. It think it was in India. It became such a problem, a genius came up with the idea of adding full grown adult males to the herd to keep the unruly teens in line. (And they also stopped the poaching.)And it worked. So if elephants can plan out murders of specific people, they can identify a tortoise in the road and decide not to trample it.

  54. I don't think the tourtouise was lucky,the elephants just know how to respect life and that's what we should remember as we brag we are the most intelligent and superior in the kingdom animalia. #respectlife

  55. Elephants are sensitive, intelligent creatures, and they have eyes, not to mention big flappy ears. I'm sure they're capable of seeing and hearing that there is a tortoise there. It's lucky that it was elephants not humans!

  56. One elephant even *trumpeted* at the tortoise saying ...hey pal, road is clear, move on to safer ground... 😊😋

    Apart from my teaser, elephants are awesome (so are animals generally speaking): they are so huge, yet so gentle with those who are smaller and less strong. They are my favorite animals and I cry when I see the ways they are treated, sometimes... 🐘🐘🐘
    Awesome video, National Geographic! A joy to the eye, and a caress to the heart...


  57. I am sorry but I disagree with everyone saying the elephants knew it was there. When the tortoise started to move the elephants started mock charging it, and waving their trunks at it. They may have thought it was a boulder and avoided it, but it freaked them out after it started moving

  58. no es suerte, ellos la respetaron, y el humano desgraciadamente no respeta la naturaleza. a veces digo, debería de haber una selección humana tipo como magia, o sea , tipo cada año, y el "digamos justiciero", dijera bueno humanos ya llegó su año, a ver quien merece estar en este planeta, y bueno a ver -Pepito, tu bueno, eres buen muchacho, respetas a los demás y respetas la naturaleza, estas realizando tus metas o proyectos o sueños o lo que fuere, lo importante también es dentro de la cadena alimenticia de la naturaleza, respetas, bueno, tu aún meritas estar otro año, y te deja vivir, y los que nooo, bueno obvio, quemados vivos. digo. todos podemos soñar.

  59. Tortoise have a pH level of 38.53995 giving them the ability to avoid being trampled and a diamond hard shell. If they eat enough bamboo, they can generate a sticky film on their stomachs allowing them to cling to smooth surfaces like a suction cup. Despite being located around the world, their preferred habitat is the rocky cold regions of the Andes mountains. In this habitat they survive solely on bird eggs, ice and dirt.

  60. Elephants have a notoriously light step for something so huge. They don't like to lift their feet much and the tortoise was too tall, so it was seen as a rock or other impediment to large to step over... So they simply went around it.

  61. I was going to say they knew it was there and were stepping over it every time... But then when he stuck his legs and head out, and started to crawl away, the elephant saw him and freaked out! LOL... So I don't think they knew he was there....... Maybe they just thought it was a rock they were stepping over...lmao

  62. I bet that tortoise was shitting bricks for a few minutes though!!! Amazingly, the elephants were carefully stepping over and around it!! And actually looked a bit startled when "the rock" got up and scuttled away!!! 😁

  63. The Elephants are carefully placing their feet. The tortoise did not avoid being stepped on. It was all the kindness of the elephants.

  64. The elephants probably thought it was a rock. You can tell because at the end the two were startled when the "rock" began to move. Others are bashing the title of this article as if the creator thinks these animals are not intelligent. Completely irrelevant argument just to cause drama. Is it luck? Maybe. If you have a startled group of large animals like that, its possible he could have been crushed. But they were calm elephants at a water hole. Adding a humorous title to something nowadays and seeing how others respond ruins the awesomeness of the video.

  65. Is it me or can no one else see the big beautiful elephant actively avoiding stepping on it!! Even when the kid (I know it’s called a calf thanks) tried to be a moron, the others tell him to behave. That’s one helluva example of intelligence in the herd/parade!!!

  66. That's really cute. Right about the middle of the video, you can see several of them deliberately step over it. I love at the very very end of the video when the tortoise gets up to go away, and holy heck! I love how their ears stand up and they scoot away until they realize what's going on.

  67. Tortoise was not lucky, elephants avoided the tortoise. A stampede of humans would had purposely step and smash the tortoise.

  68. C'est pas de la chance ça, les éléphants sont des animaux intelligent et propre ils ne ferons pas de mal à un autre animal si celui ci à un bon font, et d'ailleurs ils le montrent bien devant la caméra car ils savent très bien qu'ils sont observés, alors nous devrions apprendre de même? Posez vous la question lors d'un mauvais jugement car peu importe qu'un être soit différents ou plus petit ça ne veux pas autent dire qu'il est insignifiant pour autant.

  69. The herd of Elephants went out of their way to avoid harming the Tortoise, even the youngest who actually smelled it too. They were all very aware the little creature was there. It's a great pity that human beings aren't always as caring.