S3, E183: Kemba Walker's Best Plays Of The 2017-18 Season

S3, E183: Kemba Walker's Best Plays Of The 2017-18 Season

S3, E183: Kemba Walker's Best Plays Of The 2017-18 Season

Posted by NBA June 13, 2018, 3 p.m.

Check out all the HIGHLIGHT moments of Kemba Walker's season!

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  1. One of the most underrated players in the NBA

  2. 🙌 finally highlights from other than Lebron😂!!! We need the old NBA with multiple great players and physical games...

  3. Finally a video about someone other than LeBron James

  4. I hope we can get him to Cleveland when Lebron James stays😉

  5. I don't know any player that gets as low as Kemba while he's handling the ball. Maybe that's the reason he rarely turns the ball over, because 6'5 dudes find it real hard to interrupt a guy who's 6'1 and dribbling near the ground.

  6. Matthew Turntine why LeBron always crying bro you can clearly see him push Kemba!! 🤔Smh

  7. Just to think, Lebron had a chance to be playing with kemba and deandre Jordan this season

  8. Tarun Rao this guy is actually RIDICULOUS

  9. Tanner Graham Adrian L. Do this is who LeBron needs if he stays in Cleveland!


  11. Jason Joyce
    John Joyce this guys got all the handles👌👌

  12. He's fast like many pacquiao lol.

  13. João Luis Chambô esse aí podia ir pra um time brisa nessa pos temporada ein

  14. Siya C Mahlangu you cav why I feel Kemba so much🔥🔥 too much sawwwce


  16. wow amazing but still cantgo to play offs what this for

  17. Melhor PG da liga esse ano. Fellipe Cabral, concorda? rs

  18. Edwin Cepeda Rivera, deablo cb tu juegas igual que el

  19. Erik Doerl Tim Se selber spielstil wie ich 🙆🏾‍♂️

  20. Mijoo Jelečević sigurno jedan od boljih plejova

  21. Jahnskey dapat ito nlng kapalit ni kyrie kesa kay I.T.

  22. i want to see kyrie and kemba showdown 😮

  23. Move to cle, play with the goat if stay,

  24. Hola.hornets. Soy. De. Telefono.0034651491969. Necesita. Correos. De. La casa. Si. Familia.

  25. Rafael Fulgencio Beras es una bestia subestimada 😉

  26. Kemba God Matheus Martins Thiarles Gonçalves

  27. Dennis Nana Yaw Asare this guy dope

  28. Yoav Ravnizki שמע מדובר במפלצת

  29. Mike Bernstein Eddy Ryan nasty