S3, E172: Which Of These Is Russ's Most VICIOUS Slam This Season?

S3, E172: Which Of These Is Russ's Most VICIOUS Slam This Season?

S3, E172: Which Of These Is Russ's Most VICIOUS Slam This Season?

Posted by NBA June 13, 2018, 4 p.m.

💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽 Russell Westbrook showed off MUCH more of that "NUCLEAR ATHLETICISM" this season... but which was his best jam?

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  1. Jamming out of playoffs.

    Obnoxious showoff too greedy for numbers to achieve greatness

  2. Best point guard in the league, period.

  3. Just imagine LeBron Paul and Westbrook in OKLAHOMA city THUNDER all blue plus get Chris Paul if he dont resigned with Huston #top4superstars i count 5 rings max

  4. Westbrook should play off the ball, look at how he explodes to the rim when he’s moving in transition can you imagine the back door passes and running off screens.

  5. Me atrevo a decir que Westbrook y James son los únicos jugadores que menos se pueden parar en toda la liga como vez Javier Aguilar Mena ?? Uno por su gran capacidad atlética y el otro por su capacidad fisica

  6. This dude has such high output and ferocity. But he's not very accurate majority of the time. Most of all chases stats alot. He'll fight for a rebound on his teammate. He'll never get a ring playing like this unless his teammates he passes it to shoots at a 100% lol.

  7. Westbrook is not deserving to got that triple double... For example those rebound that his teammates let him take dispite the obvious reasons...

  8. I love me some Russell Westbrook he's a triple-double machine but can't get out of the first round come on man

  9. Jajaja ¿Están hablando de esa escopeta que por no jugar en equipo se quedaron en primera ronda de play offs? 😂 Westbrook a la basura, es un pésimo jugador...

  10. Cocky.no respect to other player.like monkey after dunk on some banana..1st round playoff gone to jungle d

  11. All brawn, no tactical or strategic basketball brain. But then again he’s was the topping on the cupcake that left.

  12. Nesse quesito não tem ninguém que se compare a ele, Explosão, velocidade, intensidade força nas cravadas ele é soberano Hugo Souza Bruno Wendel Soares Daniel Barbosa

  13. Westbrook is a selfish player. He's part of the reason why Durant left. Westbrook will not ever win a ring.

  14. Still can't reach the finals...I will believe in you once you have that ring.... your energy is not enough...

  15. I was watching this video on my feed rather than clicking it and I still heard the rim rattle and him yelling.

  16. Russell Westbrick!!! Shoots way too much for a PG, hard to play with, and narrow minded just like what Cowherd says.....

  17. Westbrook’s first dunk when he’s walking away saying Oh my god 😂 100% me after a reverse dunk on 3 people Dorrell Morris Steven Mitchell

  18. August Smrek Kwasi Roberts Gary Steinberg grown men finish at the rim.. Saw KDs season highlight reel it was 20 jumpers 🤦🏻‍♂️

  19. Rose and Westbrook are top tier
    when it comes to athletiscm, feel bad for Rose he has Spongebob's knees.

  20. LeBron cp3 harden Westbrook the new team

  21. He needs to join LeBron so LeBron can make him the player he should be. And they can take revenge on GS

  22. Russel who??
    Oh yes! The fake MVP who watched the entire Playoffs sitting on his couch!
    Now I remember!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  23. The one where they won in the play.....nah

  24. Anyone who thinks this guy is best PG in the league must immediately cease watching or commenting on the great game

  25. Who cares, Westbrook will never win a championship.

  26. Send lebron to OKC n its over for them warriors

  27. He is the funnest to watch in the NBA right now. That doesn't equal winning but definitely fun to watch

  28. I love his little rants and cheers he does after ever little dunk! Hah

  29. Ese dúo de Westbrook y LeBron acabaría con toda la NBA Alex O. Castro Gonzalez

  30. People think that Lebitch, Paul George, and Chris Paul are going to team up on a super team. Maybe in some far-away fantasyland, but not reality.

  31. Gavin Mcconnell he’s the same height as me... but got about 20 inch more on his vertical

  32. Eric i really feel like the dunk on thon maker should’ve been dunk of the year

  33. Look at all those teammates wide open at the 3

  34. Imagine that explosion if him and LeBron were on the same team 🤔

  35. Too many opinionated people speaking on Russ that don't know the game, business of sports nor work ethic it takes to do what he's done. Fools speak, idiots listen and follow.

  36. We don't see enough of this in the NBA

  37. my favorite moment of RW's season its when he got schooled in the playoffs by Rubio

  38. Thought just because he picked up George & Melo he was going to the finals lol

  39. First NBA ring for statpadding will go to this guy. Championships not so much.

  40. My fav the one vs GS telling Durant u a snake

  41. Too greedy. HE will a boring baller @ 34..

  42. I like the Loser Jam. That one was amazing!😂😂😂

  43. Yea We Know he is Super Duper Athletic but can he lead His team outta 1st Round?

  44. Best Jam would have been putting a sock in it!

  45. No Championship? No Ring? But he still my favorite player in the league 👏

  46. He had a nice dunk in that 1st round series he lost

  47. hahaah shut-down rubio talk more

  48. The D rules, make it easier for point guards or small guys to penetrate inside the shaded area.

  49. Cant wait to see him in the wine and gold.

  50. I like how half were when they were down and the other half were teams that didn’t make the playoffs hahaha

  51. And he will retire without a championship ring...

  52. Whose more athletic, Westbrook or LBJ?

  53. N here's all the haters😂 half of em are casual fans🤷‍♂🤦‍♂

  54. You can have your 3 pointers and efficiency but I will rather have a mean dunk. NNuclear athleticism

  55. Russ is more like a nuclear meltdown.

  56. Imagine if LeBron played with that type of intensity instead of crying and flopping....

  57. We have never seen a 6" foot version of LeBron, averaging a triple double!

  58. I pin him for a hall of fame player someday.

  59. Kendall Dixon All the yelling he does after the dunk lmao

  60. Stat padder thats why KD left you

  61. OKC needs to sign LeBron...and get spot up shooter

  62. Should play beside LeBron next season✋

  63. All that show boating, AND NO RINGS!!!

  64. coi thằng Mặt Lềnh !!! này t chỉ muốn tag m vào Thịnh Phú 🤣

  65. Cocky...nice dunks tough. But he's gotta work some humility...

  66. Jaume Grandson Jose Perez Visdomines es muy muy muy bestia. La verdadera definición de elefante entrando en cacharrería.

  67. Actions without RINGS is nothing! Stop the show off!

  68. Otro hablador de q le sirve si no hay anillos de campeonato uno más

  69. Love this guys passion and intensity... 💪🏾

  70. Bruno! Olha esse compilado! Insanidade em pessoa 😂😂😂😂😂