Russian officials warn of 'consequences' after US-led airstrikes on Syria

Russian officials warn of 'consequences' after US-led airstrikes on Syria
Image from: Fox News

Russian officials on Friday warned of “consequences” after President Donald J. Trump announced his approval of U.S.-led military strikes in Syria against the Russian-backed regime of Bashar al-Assad.

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  1. Russia might want to cool down before they bite off more than they can chew.

  2. My prayers and support goes out to the U.S. military as well as the UK, France and Israel. Trump did the right thing, it wasn't an easy decision but Trump showed Assad that he won't tolerate the used of WMD where Obama who drawled a red line and did nothing when Assad crossed it, and our enemies laughed at him and us not anymore. Who cares what Russia says.

  3. There’s a reason Obama won the noble peace prize. Trump is beating on the war drums

  4. Let me guess. Putin and Trump are coordinating this just to throw off the investigation because they're always colluding.😂😂😂

  5. Guess that whole "collusion" thing is out of gas...

  6. America is the greatest country there ever was and is. Don't be afraid . We are in good hands. Don't be afraid of Russia don't be afraid of Iran don't be afraid of Syria

  7. He threatened Syria not Russia, so that statement means that Russia admits to being and is really behind ISIS and all that other crap... 🤔

  8. It’s about time a president stood up for what’s right. A war with Russia would take less than a week to win. They are all talk and no power.

  9. Seems like the orange fatso was lying when he said he'd keep away from other country issues and called Libyan and Iraqi leaders throwing off as blunders

  10. In confused... Obama said he got rid of all their chemical weaponry ??? Lies & deception you speak of ???

  11. So, the enemy that the last administration sold American Uranium to, supports the Syrian use of chemical agents against its own civilians, and now warns of consequences!
    We need to prosecute our own Domestic enemies in the last administration!

  12. Well to be perfectly honest, in my humble opinion, of course without offending anyone who thinks differently from my point of view, but also by looking into this matter in a different perspective and without being condemning of one's view's and by trying to make it objectified, and by considering each and every one's valid opinion, I honestly believe that I completely forgot what I was going to say.

  13. Putin should remember the last time he ordered a sneaky attacked on Americans in Syria two months ago, 400 Russian special forces were killed and 100 more wounded. No casualty on American side.

  14. President Trump is being careful with his decisions and i respect him for that. Alot of people don't understand the consequences that can occur especially with Putin in the mix with more than his own country. It's like he is the leader of more than one country. We do not need a WWIII especially on our own soil. God bless America, our troops and President Trump.

  15. Will our continuous cycle of being involved in the middle east ever cease? We have an entire generation of American children who have grown up seeing America perpetuate this "war on terror" that has done nothing but create more tensions and destabilize sovereign nations.

    When is enough enough?

  16. This is even more telling about what Russia and US...collusion it doesn’t exist... Bashar al-Assad is horrible of treatment of the people of Syria and Russia supports it.... how very scary.

  17. I'm just curious; why on earth would the west not take Putin seriously when he says there would be consequences if Syria is attacked? Would they really gamble away the lives of millions getting involved in a country where they have no business to be in the first place , (let alone try to topple it's leader) .

    Stop arming "moderate rebels" to try and bring about a regime change and stop trying to kick start another World War. get back stateside and focus on making america great ...

  18. The mid east, has a history of seizing up land, and areas. Especially Syria. Years ago, Sadam used Russian chemicals making sarin /mustard gas to use in scud missiles against the Kurds in Iraq. Then after the winds, used earth machines to dig pits and bulldozed the bodies in to those pits and buried them. Russia helped with that. Then he took the land. This is nothing new. These people slaughter their own, it decreases the population, and frees up land. Asad has done this before.

  19. That wasnt an insult it was the truth. People get more aggravated at the truth than anything. Good thing Putin doesnt get insulted like our President on a daily basis, he would lose his mind.

  20. Obama said don't cross this red line, then they did. Obummer did nothing. President Trump has enforced that red line. O bummer made our enemies stronger and America weaker. President Trump has fixed that issue and many others.

  21. In his inauguration speech Trump said very clearly "American first" on earth is this move of once again allowing the US to meddle in Middle Eastern affairs got anything to do with Americans? Trump was against Iraq for good reason, but now he's getting involved in a very similar situation.

  22. He insulted himself with being a tin horn dictator instead of a responsible leader ! The new Russia needs to dump the old Stalinist ideas of KGB terrorism !

  23. Trump has killed to birds with one stone with this strike,,,,one it shows he is not in same side with russia , and he has deflected political heat the current admn is facing for a few days ....never mind that few years down the line , it will be known CIA is the one behind the syrian chemical attack

  24. Basic concept for both weapons crazy superpowers ...

    Let's both of us (Russia and USA) use Syria as the battleground ... to test + deploy + finish all of our current stockpile of weapons ... ammunition ... equipment

    After that use Syria to "test" the effectiveness of the newly acquired equipments ... weapons ... and ammo

    After 2 to 3 years ... declare peace in the region ... and let Syria recuperate ... a la Iraq ...

  25. Everyone is forgetting Russia wants a pipeline though Syria and Assad says no. We were pulling our troops out. Isn't it a little strange what is happening now. Are we sure it was Assad who used the gas and not the Russians.

  26. What else couldve Assad done to ensure America wouldnt leave Syria? It doesnt make sense... I support him but this is crap. Whats the diff in drone strikes or chemical weapons? Not much, they both take your life and it seems like a media type thing. Its like oh the public will be behind this war if we show babys being killed with chemical weapons... shady at best... get us outta there

  27. Russian Government cant be trusted. Let's hope they don't try anything stupid on one of are Battle Wagons at sea.

  28. So everyone’s just gonna ignore the fact they’re going back and forth threatening eachother off Twitter ... 😂💀

  29. Western world being told more lies. Assad with the help of Russia helps to destroy ISIS then a staged chemical attack by rebels on their own .

  30. In 2016 Obama dropped 26,000 bombs on 7 countries. And over half were on Syria.

    That's about 72 bombs a day.

  31. Russia might want to cool there jets! It doesnt look good when you go all in to support your friend who happens to be a maniac who murders children with chemical weapons. Just sayin

  32. Russia should have taken that out when they said not innocent civilians of syria need to suffer from there own ppl killing them over east cmon what they did nothing

  33. There WILL be a world war 3. I dont know when or if it will even happen during my lifetime. However, this is how the last two looked when thry began. You start seeing numerous countries joining forces. These are major nuclear powers that are basically pointing guns and missiles at each other. Next thing you know, the Earth is covered with a thick blanket of nuclear fallout.

  34. It's sad that people get excited about "nuking Russia and showing them whose boss" . Wish that type off attitude would be more evident when it comes to cleaning up our streets, our neighborhoods. There is a battle for you.

  35. What's unacceptable is the Russian choice to support the use of chemical warfare. Putin needs to tap his buddy on the shoulder and knock him out! Just because you have an alliance doesn't mean that you should turn a blind eye.

  36. I thought Hillary was supposed to be the warhawk. So once again, Trump is doing everything he said others would do, but not him. When are you people gonna wise up?

  37. Putin has the worst little man syndrome, so of course he'll feel vindicated by retaliating...and im guessing none of the UN countries that we help financially every year will stand with us, Britain and France to enforce the chemical weapons ban....where's China on the matter?

  38. Had Hillary won they still would have got the bombs we just would have had to deliver them safely inside military trucks and give them a billion dollars

  39. Vlad, what consequences? Are you, Vlad the president or 'ruler' of Syria? Has Assad given you the keys to the country?

  40. Let's see how AMERICANS like being on the receiving end of the bombs, We asked for it, it's coming! The same way, Police Bully it's Citizens, the U.S.A. Bully the WORLD....WE AREN'T THE WORLD POLICE!!!

  41. Shut up comrade, your economy is smaller than California’s. It would collapse within a month during a war.

  42. They are going to turn on their one aircraft carrier and crank out enough smoke to cause global warming...

  43. Oh my, how the leftys must by confused!!! Wasn't Putin & Trump supposed to be best friends?? This really don't fit their trump/russia collusion story

  44. Trump calling bluffs again, they don’t want any part of us...... first they were going to “shoot our Missiles out of the sky” now we have to wait for their consequences

  45. They CAN’T do a thing about it without getting a American spanking!
    Iran doesn’t want none either, those hijabs and head wraps are highly flammable.

  46. Tell them to bring it with their cold war aged military. Let's turn Russia into a nuclear wasteland.

  47. When did this become all about Russia? I would like to know what the end game is. What do we want to happen and how do you plan on getting there?

  48. Normal hot air from the Russkies,the west is not Ukraine,just listening to the nonsense coming out of Lavrov;s mouth is enough to realise that propaganda from Russia is not hinged in reality,like UK planned the Salisbury nerve agent attack...must surely be for local Russian audience,if not he is deranged,Russia is the master of spin,they turn every defeat into victory,and deny everything,which means in fact 100% complicity.

  49. But insulting the US President? Well, that’s a daily occurrence. 🤦🏼‍♀️ Americans? This is why the 1st AND 2nd Amendments. Tyrannical Leaders being ‘insulted’.

  50. Get a dang life!!! My father severed in the military for 23 yrs!!! My daughters father is serving 17 yrs now. We are in a war I pray we survive. Don't comment unless u have been there or a wife or husband of a hero.

  51. Whoaaa, nice to see Fox and the trump sheep starting to realize that Russia is not our friend. Took you long enough...

  52. This is what they wanted another stupid conflict that will solve nothing and put us further in debt 😑

  53. What consequence? I think it's time to put Russia in her seat. Let's see what they do, that is if they dare.

  54. Sounds to me like Russia is getting a BIG chunk of money to watch Syria's back. No more body guard money Vlad....sorry.

  55. Russia should have done the job they agreed to do a few years ago,when he gased his people the first time

  56. Riddle me this, Liberals. If Putin is holding Trump’s leash, explain the air strike.

    And explain why, if they’ve colluded or Putin is blackmailIng him, Putin doesn’t end Trump’s presidency RIGHT NOW by leaking proof of collusion, or the blackmail you insist he’s holding over Trump. That’s all it’d take to get rid of a President he can’t control.

  57. Isaiah 17 is just about to be fulfilled. God be with us all...

  58. Libtards- Ahhhhh, the sky is falling. Armageddon is beginning and it's all Trump's fault. LMAO and the utter stupidity of the left wing.

  59. So Fox News-Syria says the "attack thwarted". It also says the chemical attack was not done by Assad. But turning to Fox News-Russia, they're saying the same thing. Fox News-America says Spanky is great for attacking. And then blame Obama for it.

  60. Matthew J. Oukes not in the mood for russian retaliation. Especially since our allies are two of the most cucked countries in Europe

  61. Russia needs to shut up and back down before they get the same!

  62. Triggered liberals I thought president Trump.was working with Putin

  63. So Russia does not even hesitate to admit that they helped Syria, a country, which kills its own people... The country shows its true colors over and over again...

  64. "Insulting the President of Russia" is a crime in Russia and now apparently everywhere else. Morons on march.

  65. i don't think the United States and the West are the 'good guys' anymore...

  66. Weigh out your consequences before coming to any conclusions may be sorry.

  67. i dont think russians make cubans throw themselves to the gulf of México and to reach florida, usa. If they make it, they are welcome as asylum seekers, no embassy needed, diplomatic actions arent needed, no embassy in cuba, san goes for México and central america

  68. Is that the same blowhard who said I he would shoot down any missiles we launched at Syria?

  69. An embassy is to solve any kind of differences requirements etc, etc, etc from that country, welcome to the uk, usa, francesa gov. way to do things

  70. People, prepare yourself for the Euphraties war that is escalating. Turn to Jesus today.

  71. They don't burp, let's hope they do don't retaliate this time because the only thing that I figured I do I don't think I'm not kind of aircraft carrier but I think they might put a little hole in one put it up Ido and want to I think they were putting their heads together and see what will accept and I don't think we'll accept I don't want to be a Tit for Tat but I do appreciate our presidents did thank God for president Trump God bless our country God bless up way God bless our military God bless our families God bless my family and friends may we all be safe and now enemies always be sorry

  72. Russia don’t want it come on people how many times has Russia ever kept one of their allies safe zero we will keep taking out there allies hopefully know the rest of the world will know that Russia can not protect you! Just ask Saddam