Russia Calls Syria Strikes 'Danger To World Peace' While U.S. Allies Praise Attack

Russia Calls Syria Strikes 'Danger To World Peace' While U.S. Allies Praise Attack
Image from: NPR

Theresa May said it was a "limited and targeted strike that does not further escalate tensions in the region" and it will "send a clear signal to anyone else who believes they can use chemical weapons with impunity."

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  1. Yeaa let's Let's punish a country without any real evidence by killing more people with a 100 million waste of misssles . This is the what the west has become

  2. Hypocrite-in-Chief orders the bombing of Syria because Syria *allegedly* gassed their own people... And we extend the damage in retaliation that's illegal and a breach of treaties.

    But if his predecessor did the same....

  3. Of course. Neocons and the merchants of war want the war at all costs. It is truly sad what is happening in the world today. Their see through double talk is pathetic. Let's hope that reason prevails and Czar remains levelheaded as he's always been.

  4. Expressed impunity is the perfect target of these military actions. Plus, it is political posturing for our meeting with North Korea. There's a "new sheriff in town", and be mindful of that, any opponents. Unpredictability can ironically be an asset against our foes.

  5. Cold War 2. Inevitable. Interfering in EU society/elections was huge mistake. New Populists will lose. EU will be strong again...soon. The anti-democracists cannot win.

  6. This, in essence, is what people love about him, and why he was elected. Y'all keep griping about semantics, and don't nobody care about semantics.

  7. There goes Hilary starting WW3 again....

  8. political theatre - what's the end game? Is there a point to any of this?

  9. Wait. Didn’t we bomb Syria not too long ago for the same reason? I feel like I’m having dejavú.

  10. Yeah ya see, don’t break the rules or we’ll...we’ll blow up a few abandoned buildings.

  11. Sure.... dropping bombs isn’t going to escalate anything! 🙄

  12. We can't police the world on loans from China forever.

  13. Imagine if someone launched cruise missiles at us because of Waco...

  14. “Uh-oh. There’s an incriminating book out about me! The doorman is gonna talk about the baby?! Quick! Drop some BOMBS! Literally.”

  15. Meet the new boss... same as the old boss...

  16. Bohoho Teresa! complice of mass murder!

  17. Russia might be right on this one.

  18. But invading Ukraine and annexing Crimea was just fine.

  19. What happened to MAGA and not interfering in what happens in other countries? That is what Trump's entire campaign was based on. Make America First and focus on 'Making it Great Again.' Guess that only is relevant when war is not the perfect deflection tactic to keep people from talking about him letting hookers piss on him, sleeping with porn stars, Russia and having his lawyers office raided.

  20. Russia and Assad had it coming to them.

  21. Russia had 'advanced' warning.. So theyre 'upset' with property damage?? Seems the whole thing was 'staged', a distraction.. Forewarned air strikes risk retaliation?? The enemy helped plan the targets, with the advanced warning..Fake air strikes by our fake president.. .. The strike was 'illegal' and 'staged' for public consumption, a distraction.... ""We have absorbed the strike," the official told Reuters....We had an early warning of the strike from the Russians ... and all military bases were evacuated a few days ago," the official said. Around 30 missiles were fired in the attack, and a third of them were shot down, the official said... Another Trump attack with advanced warning.. So why strike abandoned bases?? Air strikes as a 'publicity stunt', war for public consumption, pretend outrage??

  22. You have blood on your hands May. Filthy staged politics. We are on to you and Trump

  23. The UK is nothing but a glove muppet to the US. How can anyone in the Commonwealth have anymore respect for the UK. Just a groveling little has been!