Romantic Dank Birb Cockatiel & Indian Ringneck Wants Cuddles | ompb

Romantic Dank Birb Cockatiel & Indian Ringneck Wants Cuddles | ompb

Romantic Dank Birb Cockatiel & Indian Ringneck Wants Cuddles | ompb

Posted by 9GAG Feb. 11, 2018, 4:44 p.m.

U want, sum cuddle?

By ompb | IG

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  2. When the birds have better lovelife than you

  3. This reminds me of how lonely I am

  4. Even birds have got partners to cuddle but I don't. Horrific life.

  5. Let's ship this two together. They are addressing how pathetically loveless they are.

  6. Strange. I think they are both male.
    I've had both types of birds.
    The male of the yellow ones will have a plume.
    The males of the blue one will have a dark ring on the neck.

  7. Do different birds usually get along as well as this? Growing up we always separated them and I thought it was because they would fight. My sun conure and cockatiel didnt get along either so we HAD to separate them 😂 This is too adorable

  8. and I'm single af this valentine day.

  9. When birds have better love life than yours 😔

  10. Lionel Chabaud
    Moi quand je te réclame un bisou en mode chiante et que tu finis par céder pour avoir la paix!!!😂😂😂

  11. Ahw, Carlotta... het is duidelijk: ik tag jou altijd bij cutiepie filmpjes. Zeg ‘t me als ik daarmee moet stoppen, haha!

  12. thats so lovely, a daydreaming god of money making it all out of her cravings on a man who she cant be withe, so shameful.. happy valentines kiddo!

  13. In preparation for Valentine's day...mood set😂

  14. Blue bird is saying NO to its wife.

  15. When the wife wants to cuddle but the husband is thinking about other things 😂

  16. When u are playing game but ur GF want ur attention

  17. Again :3
    This time I relate more with the blue parrot
    Vishnu Unnikrishnan

  18. Maël je n'y peux toujours pas, réveille moi quand j'y pourrais.

  19. Only if they knew their romance is being filmed..

  20. Morgane Dnc obligé celui en bleu c'est un batard regarde comme il fait l'indifférent

  21. That grumpy kid in high schools who gets all the girls but ignores them any way...

  22. The yellow one is a "Vampire " 😃😃😃


  24. Suhasini this is literally how i look at you

  25. The birds getting more action than me

  26. Jonathan cuando los pájaros tienen más vida amorosa que uno jajaja

  27. Even the bird got a better love story. Shame on you, shame on me

  28. Izzy Ndi Me trying to cuddle and make you feel better

  29. Hahaha asi yo toda linda y tierna contigo haha y tu todo tonto Joseph Louisok no hahahahahahahaha

  30. Anindya that yellow bird is me and you are the utterly uninterested one

  31. Julie c'est toi quand je met l'huile de barbe xD

  32. Briscella, this made me think of you and Jake. 😂😂😂

  33. David how I’m gonna be with you when you’re up here.

  34. Ike Gogolin watch this, then call 1-800 to tell them how lonely you feel lol

  35. Nacho Zamora tú eres el azulito y yo la encimosa chiqueona =P :*

  36. Larry, you da bluebird and I’m the yellow bird 😂

  37. A better love life than mine

  38. Sing Yee yellow birb is you when you encounter a cute guy 😂

  39. Mario so und nicht anders 😍😍❤️ ich liebe es mit dir zu kuscheln ❤️😍

  40. Dane Conley I know I've tagged u in this before but dis us

  41. Mes Joji I’m not sure why but it reminds me of when I want Jack in the box or cake 😂

  42. Christen Visarra I know you’ve seen this before but I always think of you when I see it

  43. Simo Iordache tu cand vi sa ma iei in brate odata pe an si nu prea stii ce sa faci

  44. Richard isn’t the yellow little baby not same as me?

  45. Samara Moraes A Calopsita olha pro passarim azul igual você olha pra mim :3 XD