Ride to Space

Ride to Space

Ride to Space

Posted by National Geographic Feb. 11, 2018, 1:15 a.m.

See the Earth from 20 miles (32 km) above in this breathtaking 360° footage captured from a weather balloon.

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  1. Here come the "duuuuuuuh du earth es flat an NASA lies an Im retahded duuuhhhh" folks

  2. Hey,I can see the “ice wall” in the background 🤪

  3. Earth is not flat but that don't mean NASA don't lie .
    NASA has never get a complete photo of earth

  4. I really wanna meet a Flat earther IRL someday, I just wanna have a chat and try to understand better how the hell you can be this freagin stupid. Stupidity I get, but this is a whole new level unlocked.

  5. Lmao you know it is impossible to see the entire earth like this from 20 miles high right? In fact, to see the Earth from one side to the other and perceive curvature you would have to be 3500 miles high. So pictures like this or even from ISS are not possible because even ISS is never at 3500 miles up or greater. Unbelievable!

  6. Im not a flat earther but this is flat to me.

  7. Flat earth people if you are correct where is your 100% fool proof no doubt evidence to prove what you say, I have yet to see any of you actually prove its flat beyond reasonable doubt you just claim it is without anything backing it up 100% so I'll wait for more that just "NASA" lies

  8. Did anybody see Donald trumps bald head at 105,000 ft?

  9. Science keeps moving on it's way. Earth was flat 2000 years ago, now that it is settled as Globe, there's no point rolling it back. It's done. Science has other discoveries to make, rather than convincing FEs...

  10. If the earth were flat a Cat would have shoved everything off the edge by now therefore the earths not flat. Dick heads .😊

  11. Everyone fighting flat earthers are dumber than them. They only say its flat to get attention. The other ones are trolling. Like 1 % are disturbed and truly beleive it. If that. I doubt its even 1 %

  12. Someone tag Mad Mike Hughes and tell him he doesn't have to launch himself into space in his homemade rocket to prove the earth is flat. 😂 we can see that it's not.

  13. Probably is just my impression but if you take a look the sun you can see how it becomes weak when the camera is higher...should be the opposite

  14. This is the coolest thing I've ever seen on Facebook.

  15. Make a big balloon to bring the travelers to this height, then charge them high price and tell them this is round terrestrial orbit space travel.

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  17. Seriously, can't look a a single post these days without someone banging on about whether the earth is flat or not!! Driving me nuts 😵😵😵

  18. Well done! Only 20 miles? We got to 22 miles with our latest balloon launch...just sayin'...West is best!

  19. I see trying that fake news. That's why I don't watch fox news for the same reason I don't eat out of the toilet

  20. Flat Earthers...you people need some serious medication !!!

  21. Reading the comments I understand why the human race is too stupid to survive . BECAUSE OF THE FLAT BRAIN .

  22. Thank U for tha proving of flat earth ! If the earth is a globe N it’s true, then u don’t need to do all the to prove it’s a globe ! Hahahahaha

  23. Shut the debate .... Flat or not our Earth is beautiful!!

  24. I’m actually scared to ask but if the world is flat, why is it being kept a secret?

  25. Where is the edge then? Flat idiots

  26. And we live on a flat earth wow people are crazy

  27. But, but, but...the earth is flat, ain’t it? Lmao

  28. Don Hawk some cgi for u my flat earther brotha

  29. the edges look curved and not straight.. I wonder what that means.

  30. I love that how every picture of the earth from high up devolves into a flat earth conspiracy

  31. The world is obviously flat

  32. I came to look for the flat-earth comments

  33. At what height do you have to be at to start seeing the earth rotating at 1,000mph?

  34. So if the earth is flat but the moon is round, maybe the sun is square? 😂😂😂

  35. Chanern Chng very interesting video! I think Jacob will like to watch such videos from Nat Geo.

  36. My only question is where are all the stars?

  37. Nossa Meu Deus! Tem que ver issto daqui... Maravilha é pouco!!! Eduardo Arakaki

  38. This might be the slowest loading video ever.

  39. A lot of “nasa lies”comments from the crazy ones lol

  40. Man... how flat that Earth is...

  41. and the Earth is flat, right?

  42. No surprise, you can see the curvature of the earth 🙄🌏

  43. Wather ballon?...Dont they have a satellites?