Reps. Zeldin, Meadows, Jordan, DeSantis, Gaetz & other members of Congress announce a 12 page

Reps. Zeldin, Meadows, Jordan, DeSantis, Gaetz & other members of Congress announce a 12 page

Reps. Zeldin, Meadows, Jordan, DeSantis, Gaetz & other members of Congress announce a 12 page

Posted by Fox News May 22, 2018, 3:08 p.m.

Reps. Zeldin, Meadows, Jordan, DeSantis, Gaetz & other members of Congress announce a 12 page resolution detailing misconduct at highest level of DOJ/FBI and call for the appointment of a 2nd Special Counsel.

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  1. Hillary has been getting away with criminality since the Arkansas days. Why does everyone turn a blind eye? It’s time for her to be given consequences for her actions just like all American citizens!

  2. The Clinton/Obama’s swamp needs to be drained... nothing but lies and corruption thinking that laws don’t apply to them!!!!

  3. FBI sets up some of these mass shootings in order to strip us of the second amendment. David Hogg's father, Kevin Hogg is a former FBI Agent!!! Get the picture yet??

  4. More evidence against the Clinton-Obama Organized Crime Family confirmed! Come on Mr. Sessions, time to do your job or step down and let Trey Gowdy do it!

  5. It's so obvious that Brennan, Clapper, Yates, Lynch and others played GOD instead of upholding Our constitution and sworn to uphold our own laws

  6. Jail time is what the Citizens of the United States want! Time to lock them up! What don’t you all understand about this?

  7. The day I wake up in the morning and hear that at least 3 or 4 top people from the Obama reign have been indicted by a Grand Jury, is the day I will believe in our REPUBLIC again.

  8. It's about our country...the United States ...division will destroy ..we need to get rid of those hell bent on destroying Our Constitution, our foundation of in God we trust!!

  9. This country is 3rd world until, Clinton/Obama crime family and all the underlings are arrested and behind bars.

  10. Buckle your seat belts folks, evil is being exposed it’s going to be a wild ride ! Almighty God is always in control!!! Keep praying 🙏

  11. I sit here and realize we as the American people have been bulle d by our own government. What can we do to take back our government and get all these double talkers out of office?

  12. Cancel Netflix and keep standing up against wrong! If everyone did it won’t take long to get the new obama. Controlled shows gone ! Thanks fox for staying in the truth

  13. Thank God for Fox News, or we would not have known none of this , cause CNN , MSNBC and the rest are just as guilty as comey

  14. It’s time to round up all of the Liberal Progressive Left Democrats involved in this illegal activity and throw the judicial book at them all!

  15. This is all very scary! This is not the America i grew up in! Obama ruined this country he is the most corrupt third world thug that ever existed

  16. Don’t stop until will bring down the entire Deep State! We the People want Justice and restoration of the Republic!

  17. May have to drop Netflix! No Obama on my Netflix!

  18. 1,000x worst then Watergate!! This is outrageous no matter your political affiliation. Inexcusable, dishonest and shady and I’m being super polite!

  19. It is great to see a few republicans stand up for the Donald. Our President has been out there mostly by himself. All republicans should be with him. Stand up & fight

  20. Time for all the turn coats of the Republican Party to start getting behind our fully elected president.

  21. SPECIAL COUNCIL!! Indict them all!! Republicans & Democrats with a conscience need to back this!! No more partisan politics...let’s demand truth & Justice!

  22. Don't think for a second that Obama didn't know what was going on. He was right in there with the rest of them.

  23. This is the time when ALL Christians and conservatives need to go to our knees and pray continually for their evil deeds to be brought out to the light.

  24. There are people that should already be in jail. They are exposed. They think they are above the law. As of now, they are. Obama planted corruption everywhere.

  25. OMG where does all this.end?? I'm sick.of it,lock them.all up!! If this were just.common folks we would be under the jail, hope!!

  26. LOCK THEM UP!!! Restore citizens’ faith in the U.S. Government! The Deep State has to be completely and utterly destroyed!!!

  27. Arrest J. Brennan for threatening our members of Congress and our POTUS. Arrest J. KERRY for sedition. We the People demand JUSTICE BE SERVED.

  28. How much more corrupt can this government get? These organizations placed their bets on Hillary winning and non one would know the difference.. sad state of affairs..

  29. Enough is enough, we want rule of law restored, no more double standards for Dems! Lock them up, you would lock me up immediately if I even did 1/2 of what they did

  30. You have enough evidence. Now do something about it! These criminals and traitors need to be brought to justice! We are tired of funding their crime sprees! Anyone else would of been thrown in jail by now‼️

  31. Could this be it? God, I hope's time to show American that no matter what your position in politics, you are NOT above the law!

  32. It's time to fire Jeff sessions and appoint Trey Gowdy as Attorney General of the United States, he'll get to the bottom of it.

  33. ILLEGAL immagrants voting in elections is absolutely inference in our elections yet Dems in California and Chicago are doing exactly that, why isn't THAT all over the news?

  34. Amen! He said it!! TREASON! Punishable by death! Make examples of the traitors who have worked to bring our nation to Her knees! God please help us!

  35. Never has a president left office to collude with others to impede the next president of the USA, till Obama!

  36. Thank you Jim Jordan!! Proud of y’all for having the courage and spine to stand up for the TRUTH!! GBU ALL🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻☝🏼☝🏼☝🏼🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  37. OBAMA'S have contracted with NETFLIX CANCEL ACCOUNT TODAY .........Obama's expressed we like to share life by "story telling"

  38. Stop the witch sessions,rosenstein and Mueller. This is a disgrace to America that Congress allowed this BS to start to begin with.

  39. WHOOPS! There's been a BILL CLINTON MOMENT - remember "it depends on what IS is..."?? He just said, "there's a THERE there!" Ha!

  40. I hope we can get Hillary investigated by people that won't protect her. Now we find out that Rosenstein's wife is Hillary's lawyer. #HillaryforPrison

  41. I do find it funny that these folks are saying "everyone is to be treated equally under the law".... are THEY subject to OBAMACARE? Let's just start there.......

  42. If you PU$$ES are afraid to go ARREST them, I have 20 friends that ALL have (1) or more 5th degree black belts,I hold (2) 5th degree black belts, and we'd be GLAD to ARREST them for you!

  43. Watergate got nothing on this. So much for his “ scandal” free eight years. Never did trust him nor her nor Jon Kerry nor holder nor Lynch !!!

  44. Thank you Zeldin, Meadows, Jordan, DeSantis, Gaetz & other members of Congress for protecting our America. Please bring justice for us.

  45. What good is there in appointing a special prosecutor if there's not going to be any prosecutions for breaking the law? We want these crooks to serve time!

  46. What we are seeing are a handful of a few leaders among many corrupt politicians in DC. No man is perfect but they are serving our country with a passion we all should be proud of 🇺🇸

  47. Lock them up! Let justice take its place with accountability and honesty! Obama’s, Clinton’s, Comeys, all of them!!!! We the People demand JUSTICE! Bring them down fast and hard!!!!!

  48. Time to lock them up. Sick of Obama and Hillary getting away with every crime they have done. Treason😡😡😡

  49. jeff sessions needs to resign....he has done nothing but play pat-a-cake with the demmies ! SESSIONS....DO YOUR JOB ! why is it taking this to happen ???? get the lawbreakers out of there !

  50. Let the truth be told. What the head of the FBI and DOJ did is disgusting. Bring law and order back to this country and let those who conducted all of this despicable corruption go to jail!

  51. Appoint a Federal Grand Jury and begin indictments. Declassify docs withheld by DOJ & FBI. Enough is Enough!

  52. Cancel Netflix for Obama’s he is guilty no one is going to watch a corrupt man. A lair I’ll never watch it !!!!

  53. Total abuse of power to win an election , then to try to impeach our President who did nothing but MAGA.

  54. Investigate Obama & Hillary administration for the Russian dossier & Uranium One. Crimes Treason, Espionage, High Crimes & Misdemeanors & hundreds of felonies.

  55. We demand they all be locked up at Gitmo!

  56. Finally expose the corruption in several areas of government and specific individuals put these people in jail NOW😡👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  57. OBAMA, COMEY, BRENNAN, CLAPPER started all o fthis and should be held accountable and prosecuted for their crimes...

  58. We need a bulldog on this counsel. Someone who won't give in, who won't be deterred. I vote Trey Goudy

  59. Obama and the intelligence department thought Hillary would win so they never thought they would be found out. Time for a second special counsel to investigate the corrupt left!!

  60. Sessions, Mueller, Rosentein, Comey are on it as conspirators. They have to be prosecuted for crimes against the State. It's just a matter of time before they are all exposed. Jail time!!!!

  61. Good luck finding people in DC that aren't linked to the Clintons, Obamas or Bushs'. This problem crosses political lines - they are all a continuation of the same agenda.

  62. This is a shameful time for America..thank goodness we do,have men who are brave enough to speak up for her..#AFewGoodMen

  63. I have a quick question...Why is this not being broadcast on any of the major networks? No CNN! No Fox! No MSNBC!

  64. Sounds like it's time for the 'Jailhouse Rock'.

  65. Shine a bright light on the secretive and corrupt actions in the shadow of darkness! They have lost the trust of the American citizens!

  66. FINALLY!!! Go after some DEMONcrook traitors!!!!! Our Forefathers would freakin" HANG these treasonous vile in a split second!!!! Get to it Repubs!!!!!!!!

  67. Jordan, DeSantis, and Gaetz are the young ones in Congress that are actually getting things done in Washington.... and yes, Draining the Swamp.