READ: UK Prime Minister Theresa May's statement on Syria strikes

READ: UK Prime Minister Theresa May's statement on Syria strikes
Image from: CNN

"This evening I have authorized British armed forces to conduct co-ordinated and targeted strikes to degrade the Syrian Regime's chemical weapons capability and deter their use."

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  1. "Now, Hillary wants to start a shooting war in Syria, conflict with a nuclear power, Russia, which could very well lead to World War III.” — Donald Trump, October 2016

  2. Whosshhh!!!....Whosshhh!!!....Whosshhh!!!....BOOOOM!!!!.....and the gas and oil price moves through the roof. Russian economy recovers as gas and oil is it's life blood!!! The Orange dotard and Putin congratulate themselves on a successful operation. Putin thanks Trump on giving him a ONE week heads up to move chemical weapon supplies and strategic military equipment. Dotard now awaits his cut!!!

  3. They lied about Iraq, now they are lying about Syria. 🤮

  4. How much of liars u are!!! This is Iraq no. 2...Syria has a chemical research center?? And France and the west in general doesn't???

  5. guess this rules out any collusion with Russia..... lots of confusion right now from the left. they don't know if they should support the president for the same thing Obama done or defend Syria regime/Putin & the Russians... decisions decisions 🤣

  6. People will suffered...😢😢😢 may all your mind was enlightened for the sake of the children in syria. .🙆🙅🙍🙌🙋🙇🙎help the inocent god..👃👃👃👃

  7. Are you telling me that the POTUS ordered and was instrumental in avenging the senseless murder of innocent children,parents and grand parents in Syria for a second time????? And in a predominantly Muslim country no less????? WoW!!!! This blows my mind!!!!!!

  8. Ooooh no. Please no more war. There is no place in Syria to bomb, the poor country is finished. Syrian people I will pray for You.

  9. The Syrian government and Russia are winning the battle against the rebels and ISIS for the past few weeks,And obviously the United States and their allies don't want to be out of Syria.😂😂😂 Let's get it to rumble!!😂😂😂

  10. Ashamed to be British... fools I am hoping this is just a token strike to keep their terrorist partners who made the fake film happy

  11. Don't get it, from the beginning of the war , nothing could be done, now that it is almost over, the people's resistance has been crashed, let just with a one territory for it all to be over, now they think is time to intervene 😂😂😂😂😂. Only Lord knows

  12. The day will come when we see the American and British cities being bombarded and the flames are burning and we enjoy it, as they are doing in the countries that destroy them. The day will come when this happens because the time is now as it is now and they pay the price of all their hostile actions !!!!!

  13. Very poorly thought out policy in Syria on the part of the western coalition...It's as if they're acting on instincts like morons

  14. If trump ask his poodle Theresa to jump, she would say how high? #trumpsbitch #hypocrites #resignnow #dontbombsyria.

  15. The same how they didn't have evidence and turned out to be a lie about Iraq WMD is happening now with the spy case and alleged chemical gas attack. No evidence whatsoever and people still fall for this instead to think for their own

  16. Do not repent later that strikes in Syria alleging chemical weapons was false and fabricated as your predecessor does.

  17. "In violation of international law": Russia convenes an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council in connection with the aggression of the United States and its allies

  18. Finally a POTUS with a backbone. It was embarrassing seeing a yellow stripe down loserBama back.

  19. A dog will not be able to straighten it's tail. This colonial looters should respect UN mandate. Don't act unilaterally. Don't show/teach China the wrong behaviour. We all won't like it when China gets rough like you.

  20. The truth is hiding for nothing. Whiles they are lying about Syria they are planning on another Islamic country as well, who knows?

  21. And they thought Maggie Thatcher was bad!!!..........😩😩😩

  22. You're walking in the steps of Tony Blair in 2003 Iraq attack.

  23. And chemicals are now above Damascus due to the strikes?! And Novichok is there too?

  24. Degrade the chemical weapons that do not exist ? Your face is degrading way faster than those chemical weapons you are talking about

  25. Why don't u guys declare an open war. U fighting to defend ur words

  26. I'm from (CRAW) comment Readers Associations worldwide. I have arrived please make your comments short.

  27. Anyone thinking these rebels are good guys have short memory. These attacks will help only these guys

  28. thers a song about May called.....lie....lie...

  29. Total and continues lies by the Zionist controlled civilized West.

  30. Do you remember a guy named Tony Blair who was there before you? Get some advice from him first

  31. Was a beautiful sight to see those fireballs!

  32. szomorú , hogy a világ ezt TÉTLEN végignézte, hogy emberek ártatlanok halnak meg, szégyen !! világ vigyázz , hogy mit csinálsz holnapra meg ne bánd !!

  33. No you didn' fell for the Don Con.

  34. His Righteousness, President Trump is compassionate and merciful. His duties are to serve America and her people. His is ordained and blessed by God, to bring peace and justice to America and the world.

    President Trump will protect the Innocent, weak, and poor. With God's wrath, President Trump shall smite Syria and her ally Russia. For the lost souls of Innocents are screaming for vengeance and retribution.

    Bring tribute of oil, gold and stop your injustice upon his children. President Trump shall grant you mercy. Amen! #Trump2020 #KeepAmericaGreat #GodBlessAmerica 🦅🇺🇸✝️🙏

  35. The dick measuring contest starts led by the short fingered man.

  36. Bombing these sites is like putting sanctions on North korea it does nothing

  37. Why are you interferiing and putting your nose in others' affairs ???? As usual you want to conquer the whole world under the pretext of defending weak people hh You are liars and criminals .

  38. So if England is doing it its cool right?

  39. UN security have authorized to conduct co-ordinated.

  40. People in the former Syria, now dismantled to terrorist gang lands, have seen every risks befalling in their life and death. With great deal or more suffering.

    Just one fiction remaining - that the one torturer have the prerogative to torture people. Excruciating brutal encounters against all people within his proximity.

    Comrades of numbness shielding his action by the disintegration of the most precious achievements of humankind - universal statues of human rights - and by the intimidation of the free world.

    Engaging to a proper use of military power is not always for idealistic pictures and easy endings, but taking down the monstrous posters inducing horrors behind. The cancer has spread globally, and blessed are all the efforts fighting for its disintegration.


  42. Its Agood Move But Wat Of The Young Children Of Syria.

  43. We live in a world with us all I believe.

  44. Like Iraq like Syria. It will only end up with more refuges in Europe.

  45. You were wrong to get the cradle of civilizations .. Syria ..

  46. And the Brits like the Yanks are a band
    of warmongers. Never having met a
    war that didn't like as long as not on
    their soil.

  47. No matter how unjust a war may be, you can always count on the UK to back the US. It's always the same characters.

  48. Some military personnels could have also been hit to make it more stern warning

  49. Do any of these people think that possibly they have been played . Perhaps Syria didn’t release these gases but somebody else did to make it look like Syria did , knowing the reaction that the UK and US would have . If so, their objective is being achieved !!

  50. Did you ever find those weapons of MASS DESTRUCTION in Iraq? You know the CHEMICAL weapons in mobile trucks? It took three years of searching for these weapons, BUT it only took you TWO days to figure out who used chemical weapons in Syria?

  51. Too bad the missiles were shot out of the sky

  52. World war 3 is comin. Just watch

  53. Like Thatcher: When your popularity wanes: pick a war.

  54. If it exists... U won't b bombing. follow follow woman