President Trump suggests proposing concealed carry for teachers and school staff

President Trump suggests proposing concealed carry for teachers and school staff

President Trump suggests proposing concealed carry for teachers and school staff

Posted by NBC News Feb. 22, 2018, 4 a.m.

President Trump suggests proposing concealed carry for teachers and school staff:

"If you had a teacher who was adept at firearms, it could very well end the attack very quickly."

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  1. I am a teacher and I do not choose to have a gun thank you very much come up with a better idea orange head

  2. I’m beginning to think it’s impossible for idiocy to not constantly flow out of this person’s mouth.

  3. Teachers have enough on their plate without having to be ready to shoot someone. No. Ban easy access to guns for all situations.

  4. It was like he learned a new word today. Adept was used over and over. What a horrid excuse for a human. He can't even act sympathetic. Sad!

  5. So in addition to teachers having to get degrees to educate our children, they must now go thru similar police training??? Are they going to be compensated as both educators as well as armed security???

  6. Here come all the gun nuts defending assault rifles. when the only reason they need an AR 15 is to make up for their tiny weenies

  7. If carrying a firearm is going to become a requirement to teach...guess what the teacher shortage we have now is nothing compared to what it will become. Our kiddos uneducated...bad idea....

  8. Teaches have to buy their own school supplies but yes let’s arm teachers and still not give them pencils copy paper 🙄🙄

  9. Hell no to you Trump. You won't put that burden on our teachers who are already underpaid, unappreciated, paying out-of-pocket, and filling the gap in so many ways for our children in our country. If you want armed security, you and your clan can stop using our money on extravagant trips and entertainment and the wall. Put it towards the safety of our country.

  10. Then they know teachers have weapons so they make bombs, use high powered sniper type of approach. Plain and simple. It needs to stop with gun reform, regulations. Guns should never be more important than human lives.

  11. I cannot believe we are here. We might as well become communist Russia. “In communist Russia, teacher shoots you!”

    Throw out this trash human being from the White House, and let’s get back to being a country that improves ourselves and the world.

  12. #1 Teachers don't even have basic classroom supplies like kleenex, ink pens. and copy paper. #2 Who pays for the training? #3 If armed security guards are trained NOT to discharge a weapon in a melee of students, how does it help to arm a teacher? #4) What happens when a slip-up occurs and a student gets the weapon? Absolutely ignorant and ill-thought out

  13. Yet when Swat comes in looking for a person with the gun, they will mistakenly shoot the teacher. Or if some kid wants to they can take the gun away from a careless teacher. Or said teacher could miss place it. There are so many things wrong with this idea, I can keep going. And I own guns and appreciate my right to bear arms.

  14. What a bad idea - why expect teachers to shoot someone in addition to teaching your kids?? That is NOT their responsibility!

  15. He is obviously not listening because that is not what everyone is proposing. Hopefully Florida reps can get smarter gun control legislation passed.

  16. Here's what most Americans are asking for
    1. Universal background check on everyone purchasing a gun
    2. Ban Assault rifles
    3. Ban bump stock
    4. Keep your hand gun for protection, we don't want to take your gun away
    5. Keep the automatic firearms off the streets

  17. So I guess now in order to teach school one needs to have a degree in education, a membership to the NRA and a gun. What an idiot!!

  18. GREAT THINKING...then the shooter doesn't have to worry about BUYING or STEALING a weapon, there will be one waiting there for them at school...Oh My Friggen God....this dumb whats gonna happen when a bigger, meaner, crazier student takes the teachers gun and uses it????

  19. We had a teacher who was a CCW holder here in UT who accidentally shot herself going to the bathroom... So Trump will have to beg my pardon if his idiotic proposal does nothing to assuage my fears.

    Besides, I suspect that if teachers wanted to be SWAT officers, than that's what they would be.

    And of course, who's going to be paying for all of these guns, ammo and tactical training Pres. Trump? We can't even provide teachers with the tools necessary for them to teach effectively... Are they supposed to provide their own guns, ammo and training out of their own pockets along with the school supplies they are already tasked with buying out of pocket?

    You're an embarrassment to the human race Pres. Trump.

  20. I am a retired teacher and that idea is absurd!! I could just see myself standing in the middle of the hallway with my hand gun facing an AR 15 and being mowed down in front of my terrified students. Just absurd.

  21. I can't tell you how much I hate the idea of solving school violence by asking teachers to get guns and kill people. It's outrageous and ludicrous and offensive. What is wrong with us, that arming teachers is the best idea we can come up with?

  22. What about schools where no teacher excepts that responsibility. There are ethical schools. And an automatic weapon will out shoot a handgun. And were some of these kids not shot outside the school?

  23. Why not let kids go to school armed so they can defend themselves too? Kindergarten sounds like a good start.

  24. So someone could walk in with an assult weapon kill several at a time and yet you think a person with a handgun could stop them....

  25. Believe me, I'm no mind reader, but I can ashore you this.. nothing went into this president's mind that will make him overturn anything. He will spin it and turn it against the victims, illegals or the other party and maybe if he has the extra time, throw a few of his own under the bus. while still promoting Russia as innocent.

  26. Tell ya what YOU carry a gun and we can let your security do other things beside watch you. If a teacher can do their job and Police you can too.

  27. ...til a kid takes the gun from the teacher and goes on a shooting spree. More guns will not solve the gun problem

  28. This man needed a Cheat Sheet to show fake empathy to the survivors - what a pathetic human being! Guns in school is not the solution - in fact its a ridiculous idea! He has sold his soul to the NRA and doesn't care about anyone but himself and his money. He's a sad representation with all that is wrong with this Country.

  29. Just ban assault wepons, what is so hard about that?? Everybody doesn't want to. carry a gun or be responsible for taking someone's life.. Put metal detectors in schools and screen everybody coming into the school during the day.

  30. I get why some people think this will work. But if you stock pile all these guns at school how long before it's nursing homes? When you arm the orderlies, or our RNs how long until it's retail stores? Do you just wanna arm every individual in the country? Having more guns in school campuses isn't a solution. In fact it's just adding to the inflammation.

  31. Hmmm, active shooter at a school, person running down the hall with a gun. Great way to get shot by the cops. Genius!!

  32. So why would you like the idea of buying and putting guns in the hands of a
    Teacher? I will not attempt to answer this question, but it seems to me this would make gun manufacturers very happy and their stock will go up. Just like building a wall making a cement companies stock skyrocket.

    In the 2016 election, the NRA spent $11,438,118 to support Donald Trump.

    So let me see, let’s purchase more guns, paid for by the city, state, local or federal government. Hmmmm!

  33. I don't know a single teacher who could shoot a kid they teach or even just see walking in the halls. People think it's easy to pull a gun and shoot someone. It's not easy and not everyone who can shoot at a target can actually kill a human being. Our teachers should not be asked to train to kill.

  34. I love teaching because like today, I get to answer questions like this one: “Should teachers carry guns in school?” Here is my answered: “Teachers are meant to carry books, clipboards, student work and worry about where the materials for the next lesson are. We did not go into teaching to carry a gun for protection and worry about where to keep it in the classroom. It is just crazy to think I will carry one, if I wanted to carry a gun, I would have joined the army or police force.” Enough!!! Arm us with more resources to better educate our students. #LoveTeaching Sorry to say, but do not count me in to solve a problem politicians have created. Think harder!

  35. I'm a democratic snowflake and I don't think it's a bad idea. Not every teacher but those who are willing. A teacher at my kids school already does. But if you were going to shoot up a school, you would think more than twice about it if the teachers were armed. That's like shooting up a military base. You're probably going to die too.

  36. Dear 45 ... The answer to a gun problem isn't more guns. That's just an NRA sales ploy. Marksmanship is not a part of a teachers education and qualifications.
    Why should our schools be turned into the OK Corral, where a gunfight can break out at any given time? We shouldn't have to live this way!

  37. The easiest remedy to solve mass killing is to ban assault weapons and magazines that fire 30 or more rounds per minute.

  38. Arming teachers is NOT the answer!! It has become necessary to hire trained law enforcement or military personnel to protect our schools!! Teachers have enough responsibility!! Teachers are not trained in weapon retention or high stress shooting scenarios!Identifying the perpetrator is key. What about creating an active shooter protocol so kids have some idea what to do?

  39. Omg! I don’t want to be faced with potentially ending a student’s life! We train police for this! I’m a teacher! I want to build lives, not take them. Please just let me teach in peace. Please just give my kids a chance at life. Please just stop this madness!

  40. Teachers should not be expected to police our schools packing a gun. Teachers can only do so much. There’s enough stress on teachers educating children let alone expecting them to be trained in something they didn’t go to school to do. Please come up with a better idea. Metal detectors, no back packs for starters!

  41. in other words, he is normalizing school shootings, and shifting the responsibility to stop them from the government to the teachers. Sure, a good old cowboy shoot out in the school hallways will solve the problem. A handgun against a semi automatic weapon... someone is not doing the math right 🤔

  42. Takes nothing to get a concealed carry. To be”adept” takes training, to be “adept” under pressure takes a lot more. This country doesn’t value teachers but wants them to put their life on the line and take a bullet which I’m sure they would do with or without a gun.

  43. I didn't go to school and spend thousands of dollars to become a teacher just to learn how to operate a pistol or firearm and will leave that to the vigilantes because it's not my job

  44. Yeah let's add yet another responsibility on to these under paid teachers. Hell no!!! Instead of having a parade and building a stupid wall let spend that money on security for schools!!!!!

  45. WTF is wrong with youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu 🤬🤯😡 so as I leave my house to go teach first grade, I’ll take my purse, school bag, lunch bag, and strap on my firearm??? Really???

  46. No guns in schools for teachers. NO NO NO. Ban assault rifles and any other similar weapons, rigid background checks, rescind your asinine order to allow mentally ill persons to have guns. Pathetic. Give the 30 million you got from the NRA to the families of the murdered 17 children and those recovering.

  47. Cops fire hundreds of rounds and only hit a suspect a few times. Do this in crowded school and dozens more students will die. Or maybe a kid finds the gun and ises it. Or the teacher snaps themself?

  48. As a former teacher I feel most teachers would throw themselves in front of the gunman to save their students than to use a gun to shoot another individual. It's kind of who we are.

  49. One man, ONE, tried to blow up a plane with a shoe bomb. ONE man. And now the entire country removes their shoes to ride an airplane. ONE man changed airplane travel for us all. We have lost more than a hundred students to gun violence in our schools and we think adding more guns to the equation solves the problem? Let’s try reduction, like we do when we remove our shoes each time we go through airport security. Seems to have worked to date...

  50. So dumb, what happens when a dumb kid having a bad day grabs the gun? Or when a teacher is “in fear for his or her life” and kills a kid? Come on, use ur brain guys...... just make guns harder to buy

  51. He said he was against it in 2016 but now yea let’s make the NRA even richer by putting more guns in society

  52. I have a problem with the awesome responsibility and burden of having to kill one's student or students, as well as "collateral damage", or the fact that innocent kids will get caught in the crossfire

  53. Oh great, so when the police and SWAT team show up, who are they going to shoot when everyone is armed and shooting. Risky business.

  54. Does this mean if you are not adept at firearms you are fired and replaced? We had better start hearing from the Teachers, since he is considering making decisions for them. What he may do is, not fire but send in a person he thinks is qualified to shoot. Then are schools are going to become militarized zones. Don't go this route America!

  55. Yea we really want teachers going OK Coral across the room full of kids. They would kill as many themselves shooting through walls and everything else. That’s foolishness

  56. Latest advertising ploy: Arm lots more people = Lots more money for NRA & campaign contributions keep flowing. Don’t fall for it, more guns is not the answer. We are not a combat war zone society and country...or are we becoming one?? all in the name of greed. Is this the world you envisioned for your child to grow up in? Less unnecessary guns, less deranged, random crime. It’s been done in multiple countries. Practically zero random gun violence and their citizens own guns. What’s the difference? Politicians are not Corporate High Priced Whores.

  57. Teachers don't get enough in their budget for pencils, now you want to train and arm them. Where is this money coming from?

  58. So..I am interested in knowing sincerely how many of you that don't "choose" to carry if you are a teacher (and I can respect that) would honestly tell another colleague that you respect that they are a (fool) one person puts it for being comfortable enough to take on the responsibility? I mean really - millions of you may have colleagues that you would trust your own life with that have been carrying always and you don't even know because they dont go around bragging about it. I truly would love to know. Not every person with a conceal carry is a threat to the children. Its heartbreaking that it has even come down to this being a layer that is an option but this will be brought to the table and the school isnt going to Force you to do this if it isnt your choice. Thats extremely dangerous.

  59. Everyone realizes that giving 9mms to teachers who aren’t trained in live fire scenarios against someone with an AR15 isn’t an even match and is just going to cause additional dangerous cross fire, right? If you want to talk security fine, but don’t be a moron. If you want security put in trained personnel and I’m not talking about security guards. But that’s going to cost money. You also need a ban on certain weapons (like the AR15 , which poses a large danger to society with few useful purposes) and stricter gun control laws in addition to “REAL” security. The idea that just handing guns to teachers would do the trick is so ill thought out it’s embarrassing to say out loud.

  60. We just had a teacher try to commit suicide in his classroom 30 minutes before the kids arrive. He shot himself in the face. He lived. I seen a video some school has cameras everywhere that's monitored by the Sheriff's Department. They have emergency buttons in every classroom, and the teachers wear a fob around their neck so if there is an emergency they can click it and the sheriff's department knows exactly where to go in the school. If they hit the switch on the wall all the doors lock.

  61. Lock the doors, no one gets into the schools without answering questions on a security camera, a guard then can open the door to authorized personnel!
    If we can't get these morons to raise the legal age of when a gun may be purchased or if we can't get them to make any automatic or semi automatic illegal, then we have to lock the kids into the school! Glass must be bullet proofed on all school buildings, doors also. Each classroom should have a safe room!! Sounds ridiculous? Well it sounds more ridiculous to arm our teachers. I will never touch a gun, my daughter and son in law both teachers will never touch a gun!! Why don't we ALL strap on gun belts and walk around like the wild wild west!!!

  62. Sure they could do that. Are you going to start paying for school supplies again and all the things kids in the 80's and older got when they went to school? Teachers have enough crap to deal with on a daily basis. Sure just throw being a security guard on them as well? Going to give them a raise as well? You don't want your children exposed to guns or anywhere around them but hell let's make an over worked, under payed teacher take the responsibility of having to use what money they do have to obtain a gun, CCW training and permit, ammo oh and some way to lock up a gun in the classroom to keep kids out of it, but make sure they can get to it in a split second to become Rambo in the event of a shooting.

  63. Gun control is partially the answer. I agree that moving forward, possibly banning semi-automatic rifles or more stringent laws in order to purchase would help. But the criminals and mentally disturbed unfortunately already have weapons or can get their hands on them illegally. Therefore getting some type of protection in the schools, more guards (retired military or law enforcement) and school staff with proper training and their carry permit is a good idea. This stops the assailant much faster than having to use your body for heavens sake to save the children. You have the opportunity to save so many more lives. There is no easy fix. Calling names and fighting against each other doesn't solve anything..