Police have spoken to the man who filmed Jamie Carragher whilst driving

Police have spoken to the man who filmed Jamie Carragher whilst driving
Image from: BBC Sport

Both could end up in trouble.

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  1. The only mature, intelligent person in that situation seemed to be the 14 year old girl. The so called adults are a pair of idiots

  2. He's apologised to the family and it's been accepted, he's suspended from sky so I think he's been punished for his disgusting act. The man who obviously set out to get a reaction from him succeeded, but what he did was far worse in my eyes. Filming whilst driving putting not only his passengers in danger but any other motorist near by.

  3. She should probably be grateful he did not work at the BBC, it would of been a lot worse than spit in her face...

  4. I see the driver with th phone is getting spoken to not prosecuted but spoken to, that's going to go down well when people get caught using their mobiles say in court but he never got fined for videoing with his phone why are you fining me for talking on mine.

  5. The media are really blowing this story up what has gone wrong with spitting out the window plus that spit didn't even hit that young one it's only because it's Jamie Carragher let's see how funny the guy is now selling his story the the paper

  6. The poor girl is mortified by her dad and tells him to just stop it where as the 'dad' seems pleased as punch that he had spat at his daughter. Both men obviously dumb. Only the girl shows maturity sadly 😩

  7. Carragher needs sacking and the driver needs a ban and a fine, simple as that

  8. Neither of them was acting correctly while in charge of a vehicle and one was also in charge of a Child...

  9. I thought it was the daughter who was filming the incident - after all she is 14 so quite capable

  10. Finally some balanced coverage. Time to move on.

  11. What's more serious, a man spitting at a car or a man using a mobile phone whilst driving.

  12. Both are wrong. But since Jamie's apologised, I have no problem with him at all.

  13. Two wrongs don't make a right...

  14. not to proof could be his daughter lol

  15. Whilst I don't condone Jamie's actions, I support the other driver being dealt with & charges being made if appropriate. What a great role model & father he is! Absolute idiot 😠

  16. I think the father is to blame. How could he use his poor daughter like that.

  17. Seems as if the guy with the phone has abused the situation by trying to make money out of carraghers wrong doing. I hope the police come down hard on the guy who decided to have a mobile phone in his hand instead of concentrating on the road

  18. No one is perefect he is human we must accept his apologye

  19. When idiots start something they cannot finish.

  20. Jay Heer Bryan Jack YYYYEEEESSSSSS. Great news

  21. He talks shite anyway .sack him and nevell

  22. How did Carragher get the blokes No to apologise?

  23. And rightfully so! What an idiot

  24. I love football with all my life but I'd never spit on any rival fans not even Liverpool fans..

  25. Stuart Hutchison...as you predicted!!x

  26. Andrew Heywood Zara Urry Darren Vigor

  27. Oh there's no question the other bloke wasn't acting responsibly either, but as a public figure who's been filmed gobbing on a child, Carragher will inevitably be in the deepest sh*t. What baffles me most is the people who attempt to defend his actions, even Carra openly admits he's f*cked up big time.