Peyton Manning to drive pace car for the DAYTONA 500

Peyton Manning to drive pace car for the DAYTONA 500

A touchdown or two might be thrown at Daytona International Speedway Sunday.

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  1. He's going to stand at the car for 45 minutes. Change seats 76656 times. Yell out blue 78 red 99, 4334 times. Then get in and drive like nothing ever happend.

  2. You people complaining have no idea how good this is. This man has his hands in so many companies. He can easily help nascar attract more sponsors. You see him at the track at least 1-3 times a year.

  3. If Dale Jr. Is the Grand Marshall, why isn't he driving the pace car? We don't need any of the Manning's, they probably don't even like NASCAR.

  4. stupid, go home Peyton and be like your daddy, retired. Is he buying a team?

  5. They should call this race the Daytona 500 presented by Nationwide, if they both Nationwide athlete spokespersons.

  6. Why him and not Nick Foles or someone from the EAGLES who won the Super Bowl THIS year?! Manning is old news.

  7. You people piss and moan about nothing, it does this change your life for a whole 3 pace laps? Ever wonder maybe it is because of Nationwide maybe?

  8. Does ARCA driver Natalie Decker have the talent to compete in the Cup series? I think so

  9. As long as he doesn't sing that stupid jingle while he's driving...

  10. Hope he does dirty dancin routine for pre show.

  11. Should let Danica drive the pace car so she can lead a lap.

  12. They need to have a live mic in the pace car---as the lights are off and he makes the left turn---OMAHA !

  13. Between Manning and Danica, they should wreck the whole field on the first pace lap!

  14. Really ??? They couldn't find anyone else ??

  15. Colynda This is going to make Ressy a NASCAR fan now.😍🙄😄😆

  16. I thought R R was doing this.

  17. Jakob Howchick pretty neat. Dale Jr as the Grand Marshall. Manning with the pace car

  18. Wish I was going to be there! Peyton Manning was my favorite football player!

  19. That’s awesome my two favorite’s at their very best Dale JR and Payton Manning

  20. No passing zone around the pace car!

  21. Is someone going to tackle the pace car?

  22. Peyton drives with papa John in the passenger seat lol

  23. Will Aaron Rodgers be there with Danica...very cool if he and Payton got chance to throw.

  24. Is he going to deliver a pizza?

  25. That's the best you can get?

  26. Teresa Wiggins Cobia make it Saturday. I will NOT be leaving the house Sunday

  27. look out for danica..keep nationwide by your side..,,

  28. Chicken parm you taste so good

  29. lots of respect for Peyton Manning.

  30. Best watch those air pressures!!! Oh sorry, I guess that's Brady's schtick!🤣

  31. Nothing beats that new car smell. 🎵

  32. Or maybe a Super Bowl clinching pick 6??

  33. *Nationwide Tune* “Look I’m driving the pace car”

  34. Manning? Why not the Superbowl QB?

  35. Why??? Who is he to deserve this honor?