Peyton Manning drives the pace car at the Daytona 500

Peyton Manning drives the pace car at the Daytona 500

Peyton Manning drives the pace car at the Daytona 500

Posted by FOX Sports Feb. 18, 2018, 10:56 p.m.

"I didn't realize these guys were going to get QUITE so close."

From NFL to NASCAR: Peyton Manning took the wheel as the pace car driver for the #DAYTONA500.

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  1. Great job on the coverage. Good thing pit stop aren't a big part of the race because with 30 laps to go they went to split box and you could barely see what was going on then come out of split box and go to commercial. P. S. Leader board on side of screen sucks too. You all had one job.

  2. Fox Sports do you think maybe you could play some more commercials? I mean 3 whole seconds of the race in a row is just way too long between commercials. I'm am how ever very glad to see you don't interrupt the commercials this year for anything weather it be a caution or pit stops. I mean it's not like anyone would want to see any of that stuff. If this is the way your coverage is going to be I will not be watching the races until it switches over to the other NBC.

  3. Really!!!???commercials right through the green flag pitstops? Then one lap and more that producer!!!

  4. Absolutely the worst coverage of the 500 I have ever seen !! Fox sports you suck and I mean suck bad !!! Next time call it the commercial 500 !!! Your not helping Nascar get fans back at all !

  5. Your broadcast sucks. Every two laps there’s a commercial break and when there’s a wreck, you don’t cut the commercial short and go back to the race so we can see what’s happening. Money-grabbing pricks...

  6. I understand it's all about revenue but really how many commercials does FOX Sports have to have in the Daytona 500?

  7. Hey Fox charge a little more for the commercials so you won't have to have as many and you can make the same amount of money and still keep viewership. If you don't first go the viewers and then the sponsors because there won't be anyone watching to show them to. What a joke you have turned into.

  8. Just read some of these comments so I decided to turn on the race and guess what was on, a commercial

  9. So you split the screen the entire race then the last 15 laps you go to commercial without splitting the screen. Someone needs to pull their head out of their a$$.

  10. Commercials every 2 laps! This is ridiculous! Very disappointed in your coverage Fox-if this continues every week you are going to lose most of your viewers!

  11. Lets go to a comnercial break with 15 laps to go. Everytime something happens on the track Fox is on a commercial break.

  12. There ya go fox!!!! I didn’t want to see the finish of the race I wanted to see Richard Childress in the stands!!!

  13. Hey Fox Sports....Thanks for all the commercials. I really don’t want to watch the race! Ridiculous.

  14. I want see a race but it commercial I hate nascar

  15. Who in the HELL cuts to commercial with 14 laps DAYTONA!!! More racing and less bs.

  16. Good coverage of the commercials guys! Keep it up👍🏻

  17. Why go to commercials with less than 15 laps to go

  18. NBC does a better race coverage, and they suck at it!


  20. Hey fox put the leader board back on top of the screen on the side sucks takes up half the screen😎😎😎😎

  21. Worst Daytona 500 every, should be named 500 commercial race because that's all you see.

  22. Are you kidding 3 commercials with 15 laps to go?

  23. And no mention of the lucky dog during the race

  24. I will never buy KFC the rest of my life

  25. Listen on MRN radio online. Fox playing all the commercials is a joke!

  26. Is there a channel to watch the race instead of watching commercials

  27. Fox Sports is it the Great American race or the Great American commercials

  28. Maybe they’ll go to commercial when the white comes out!!!!

  29. Coverage SUCKED , no mention of all Richard Petty’s wins, poor screen format, no way to tell what place anyone was in, too many ads and wouldn’t cut out of ads for crashes , cut to ads with 14 laps to go, poor pit stop coverage, all around sucked

  30. They couldn’t get a helmet for his giant HGH filled head

  31. What happened to side by side racing and commercials

  32. I guess it's sports news because Manning used to be an athlete?


  34. Never mind I love Peyton.Manning


  36. KeeShon Oldham Blake Jones pretty funny what Bowman did lol

  37. What the f!$k are you doing with all theae commercials at the end of the race???? You people are idiots. Please stop already