Patient advocacy groups get kickbacks from opioid manufacturers, report says

Patient advocacy groups get kickbacks from opioid manufacturers, report says

A new Senate report alleges that five of the largest opioid manufacturers in the US paid patient advocacy groups nearly $9 million to help push an agenda that promoted opioid use

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  1. In other words, they basically playing the middle man to big pharma. Bringing in the clientele and and splitting up the profits. Sounds like drug dealing. They'll call it marketing.

  2. Throw them and the pharmaceutical CEO’s in jail. They have lead to the addiction and deaths of millions around the world.

  3. What do you expect from the prodigal son of the British Empire that teamed up with 5 or so other empires to keep China addicted to opium for economic gain? It's your culture.

  4. No shitttttt!!! Keep giving little Johnny and Mary Katherine pills and wash it down with booze!! Keep them good and doped up while we take over the game!!

  5. All these comments...and none about the crisis itself, the real need for pain medication for a small percentage of the population and the fact that pharmaceutical companies found a cheap drug to manufacture—and stopped looking for something non-addictive.

  6. My 19 year old had surgery and they prescribed him hydrocodone for the pain. At first he was hardly taking it, then he started taking it as soon as he could. I told him that he was taking a really strong prescription, he had no idea, the doctor never talked to him about it. He ended up only using half the prescription. The doctor also never talked to me about it. He didn't ask for a family history of substance abuse.

  7. Our medicinal practitioners being bought out by pharma and the culture leads us to just "take a pill".

    Personally, I watched and lost many friends in death, suicide or continual deterioration of their health to a breaking point.

  8. Of course!
    Now that they have made a bankroll they want to stop prescribing it!
    Time for the next one, it don't stop!

  9. The same for Tobacco , pork, alcohol and etc... industries. They don’t care about consumers, but only about their pockets.

  10. There is a town in W. Virginia population about 3,000.

    Over 10 years their pharmacies (there were 2) were sent 21,000,000 (yes 21 million) opioid pills between 2 manufacturers.

  11. Welcome to America where it pays to play #tryingtokillusall at least they don’t have to spend their life in prison for a pill or two 🤷🏿‍♀️🤷🏿‍♀️

  12. And?...Kickbacks are still taxable income as you do it in the job in your system of ways. Besides that: what a waste of time they dump it in junk and water supply. They do not eat healthy, besides gmo, otherwise they are forcing people to live the way they the elite do

  13. Why do people still get arrested for selling drugs when these Big Companies go unpunished?

  14. CNN..Keep on beating a dead horse! That's all you know how to do other than proffer fake news and praise North Korea's propaganda monger. Seven days! Really? Move on!

  15. Don't let this distract you from the horrible paintings of our former first couple.

  16. Your President is a giant orange opioid

  17. LOL is anyone really surprised by this?

  18. The worst drug dealers are government-approved.

  19. I don’t know why anybody is surprised by the level of corruption in our country.

  20. There are many opium farms working under US army supervision in afghanistan

  21. The wall need to be build around them.

  22. I'm more surprised that they didn't pay them more. I guess some souls are cheaper than others.

  23. Guess that the stock markets bounce back is a little too "Real" for CNN to report... 🙄

  24. in the good old u s of a the biggest dealers arelegal,,promoted by the president how got to earn his money from more then only corrupt golf courses and hotels

  25. Health sector is all about business money money money money money money money

  26. Then the 5 ceos should go to prison.

  27. Republitards love opioid! Just check their medicine cabinet!

  28. In the end, who is ultimately responsible?

    The individual who takes these drugs.

  29. Who's surprised about that. It was obvious from the beginning with televised commercial dope pushers.

  30. How much did the politicians pocket for pushing it too? You can blame the drug companies all you want (they are at fault as well) but they would not have gotten away with creating a countrywide drug crisis without the help of their buddies in office. BLOOD ON ALL OF THEIR HANDS !

  31. So.... be it opioids or wart medication manufactures have always had sells-man pushing medications

  32. They should allow them to advertise.

  33. ☕ আমি🐺 নরমাল😿 ইউজার🌊 কিছু🎅 বুজিনা

  34. Im glad this story is out but now let's talk about the heroin drug lords that Obama helped out that kills our people by the tens of thousands .