Pasta straws

Pasta straws

Pasta straws

Posted by BBC News May 3, 2018, 8:39 p.m.

Don't like plastic straws? Here's a solution you'd never have thought of👍🍝🙀 (via BBC Radio Bristol)

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  1. Penne for your thoughts on this story.

  2. Or maybe drink like a grown up ... without straws 🙄 .... (On a serious note this would be a complete nightmare for people with Coeliac Disease!)

  3. Every business should ban plastic straws eventually.It's like with everything, people at first will complain about the inconvenience and then they will get used to life without straws. Simple.

  4. Genius! But why do people need straws at all? why can't people just drink straight from glasses etc? It's not that difficult, honest!

  5. How about bamboo straw? It can be washed and reused. We have a few restaurant using that straw here, in Cambodia.

  6. For those of us that have to drink with straws because of sensitive teeth issues. Get stainless steel straws. Use rinse repeat.

  7. Just not using a straw seems like a good solution though 🤔

  8. If you have reached the age that you can frequent pubs and not managed to master the art of drinking out of a glass without spillage then you should not be out in public.

  9. Good idea ... but personally I'm a fan of the bamboo reusable straw (thanks to Jo Hayward). Never go anywhere without one!

  10. Pasta still goes soggy though, just like paper straws do. Get a wide firm plastic or metal straw that you can clean through properly.

  11. You can use paper straws! They are available and I used them when I was a child! Straws were around before plastic!!! Totally bio-degradable

  12. Just stop using straws period. My local cafe provides paper straws now, and they work perfectly fine should you need a straw.

  13. That really is a great idea. I genuinely mean that, but can we all stop banging on about straws. That ain't gonna solve this issue. We need to be talking about all those countries whose refuse 'collection' policy consists of waiting for the waters to rise so they can tip their rubbish in their rivers...

  14. As an oldie, my memories are of paper straws. They were just fine. A tendency to get a bit soggy on the last laps (!) but they worked.

  15. The reason people may need a straw to drink, disabled, teeth sensitivity, elderly, and just because they like to and you have no right to question or make fun of their choice of how to drink a beverage. This is a great idea, totally biodegradable and won't get moldy like metal ones after many uses because you can use it once and it won't pollute.

  16. There are only a few drink/situations where a straw is even needed. Just put your mouth on the glass! Sheesh.

  17. Aww. I like using plastic bendy straws in a large bottle of sidekick. It lets the bottle breathe so you can neck it back in one go. How will I be able to do that party trick with a pasta straw?

  18. There used to be an Italian place near my university that used pasta straws. Back in the 90's. They only last about 3 hours before they start to bend..and you can't use them in warm drinks, but it's a great idea. I've also been to a few places that use paper straws that have been dipped in bees wax and work really well in cold drinks.

  19. Restaurants etc need to start by asking people if they would prefer to not have a straw! That way everyone, me included, could say no thank you! I don't want one or need one, but if your preoccupied with looking at the menu or talking, one forgets!

  20. Well, pasta straws will break down completely with no risk to the environment! Can't say that about plastic straws! A great idea and a step in the right environmental direction! Bravo to this restaurant! Paper straws are just fine as well! No need for plastic at all with more innovative products.

  21. There are many physically disabled patrons that require a plastic straw to drink. I am all for forgoing straws for those that are able bodied. But I hope these restaurants will keep some on hand for those that need them.

  22. Great idea. Although, I feel like for me and other people with Celiac disease it's just another thing that we are left out of, especially if you love drinking out of straws like me.

  23. Just stop using them, if diversion of them works, go for it, otherwise, just stop. Didn't use bloody straws 20 year ago like today, just drink ya drink, make it non-fashionable, stop using them, job done, it's simple and it works if you want it to, same for the whole coffee thing too and its cups, just don't buy it, go buy a coffee machine and travel mug, and don't be a sheep.

  24. Why is there so much focus on a many things aren't recyclable that are completely useless! ! For example so much packaging for a small item....or a huge plastic bottle for 50tiny pills....etc etc etc....focus on that useless crap before you worry about the almighty common straw!

  25. No, not for me. I have straws I've had for years, just wash them, and let them air dry. Pasta does have a taste and I would hate to ruin a good cocktail by giving it a pasta flavor.

  26. Why don’t they charge for a straw if people want one, or bring your own from the pound shop & reuse, like the coffee shops are asking you to take your own cups in for takeaway coffee, Waitrose are starting it as well with their takeaway coffee, I’ve bought a takeaway cup cost a fiver and will keep my coffee hot for longer as it’s a thermos & reusable, not rocket science, come on people

  27. What about a straw made of... straw? Or some other grass or hollow stem? I've used lovage stems as straws, before. You could use something neutral flavored, or that imparts a desirable flavor to the drink.

  28. How about no straws at all? At least that way, a person doesn't have to worry about gluten contamination.

    If someone needs a straw, paper works well for short periods of time and can be composted.

  29. I remember seeing wafer straws somewhere.. but I guess that's more likely to affect the taste of drinks. In any case, it's always a good idea to replace plastic with something biodegradable. Keep it up!

  30. One would think the world would explode if people just stopped using straws, theres so much news about them and ideas of using other materials. It's not as if they are a vital need. They are a CHOICE that EVERYONE can take or leave.

  31. Wax paper straws, like we used in the sixties and early seventies,and always from a glass bottle that was recycled 😃

  32. Not everyone is wasteful with plastic straws. I use them and recycle responsibly. Mine are reused & washed until they crack, don't end up on the ground, in the ocean or anywhere they shouldn't be. Just saying.

  33. I don't understand all the hype about straws. Don't you know drinking from straws gives you creases around your lips...that alone is enough for me to not use them lol....

  34. A couple casual restaurants in my area have been doing this for years. The kids love it, they aren't dumping plastic in the trash and it doesn't cost that much.

  35. Helen Moppett, good alternative (not for me, I can’t handle wheat, ha, but I also don’t NEED a straw. Perfect for the kiddos!)

  36. save the planet and money yourself, just drink it normally out of the container it was served as intended.. sip it if you can't take large mouthful's 😁

  37. Dry pasta has taste and smell and it will ruin the taste of whatever one is drinking. There is another example why many think that "British food" is disgusting!

  38. For mixed drinks a chopstick would do just fine. Half the time the straw is there for the mixing and set on the table. At least that's what I see men here in the states doing

  39. Why are people unable to just drink from the cup the liquid is siting in? When did drinking from a cup become taboo?

  40. Not only it s a waste of food... but pasta would release starch or how u call it in your drink.. and get soggy after a while... very crap idea to me..

  41. I have plastic straws I bought before I learned better. Now I have stainless steel straws. But what's the best way to dispose of those old plastic straws I have? (Genine)

  42. Urgent! Please help me!
    What can I do, if there is ever more plastic packaging in the supermarkets surrounding me!

  43. Wouldn't the straw absorb the liquid and get kind of gross after a while, not to mention possibly leaching flavor into the drink?

  44. I’ve always used straws because I have sensitive front teeth. Can’t stand the cold. I will definitely use alternatives to plastic.

  45. Why is it so dramatized. For now biggest problem is plastic water bottles and avoidable and excessive use plastic packaging materials.

  46. Can we get our shopping in pasta bags too ?? Brilliant idea - fill the bag with cheese and tomato sauce - cook it - eat it. !! Yum 😋

  47. This is a wonderful idea, thanks for caring about the planet, hopefully more bars will do the same. Great guys it's amazing!!!

  48. Terrible idea. The cross contamination issues this could cause with people with Celiac disease would be out of control.

  49. Why do we even need straws? Most drinks don't require them! Stop being a big kid: put the straw down.

  50. For those thinking straws aren’t a big problem:

    The US alone consumes A HALF A BILLION STRAWS PER DAY.

    It IS an issue; it IS important.


  51. Love drinking from straws, sorry! Hey, here's an 💡 if you don't like straws don't use them and let the rest of us who do have them

  52. Just the US alone use 500 billions straws....
    Where do we get this extra wheat from ?????
    Best solution?
    Stop using straws!!!

  53. Great idea, but there was a day when the only drink we used a straw for was a milk shake...What on earth happened?

  54. Adolph sez; Anything is worth trying when people start turning into plastic robots then it may be to late??

  55. Think I'll stick to my stainless steel straws....less likely of them getting all soft and gross in my cold drinks.

  56. Straws might be a good idea, oh, we used to use those years ago. And the are completely biodegradable!

  57. Love creative human innovation. We've got it in us to live this life well in harmony with our ecology 💗 Great job!

  58. I like the idea, but they would not suit everyone, ie Coeliac, Gluten free or have wheat or oat intolerance.

  59. Nathan Hemann we had so many questions in Prague. That restaurant was before it’s time! 🙌 almost a year ago now!! Miss you!!

  60. I usually drink straight from the cup/glass/bottle. But ehhhh you know i like my pasta cooked in orange soda

  61. I would not like the taste of pasta in my drink. Go back to waxed paper, at least that will degrade.

  62. we used it 60 years ago ..because the plastic straw was too expensive.....why don't you use real straw?

  63. this super bothers me considering that this can easily cross contaminate a person with celiac's drink

  64. Paper straws are not a good idea. Every time when I drinks something, they get soft and I have to exchange them, sometimes 4 times . And the children eat them. And yes, I must use straws

  65. Another amazing straw alternative -- your mouth!