Parkland school resource officer decried as coward gets princely pension of $8,702 a month

Parkland school resource officer decried as coward gets princely pension of $8,702 a month
Image from: CNN

President Donald J. Trump called him a coward, adding that he "doesn't love the children." The officer received his first monthly check of $8,702.35 in April.

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  1. Yes, because you really love children when you throw their parents out of the country.

  2. Trump shouldn't be calling anyone a coward, after he dodged going to Vietnam FIVE TIMES!!

  3. his pension was earned from the 32 years of service he put in before he was ever assigned to the school.. i dont see how him getting his earned pension is wrong?.. i get he failed the school.. but come on now.. he earned his pension....

  4. Trump said that if he had been there personally, he would have ran, without hesitation, unarmed into the school to defend the students.

  5. TRUMP would have run in there to save the children without a gun. Now that's a President America is proud. What a time to be alive #MAGA #TRUMP _2020

  6. I am a big supporter of law enforcement, but any system that gives a pension to this guy, who shirked his duties, and will now receive over $100,000/year is broken. Its the taxpayers $, not to mention free healthcare for his entire family for the rest of their lives! No wonder our taxes are so high :(

  7. Well, next time I hope someone calls a Trump supporter to combat a shooter with an AR-15 while they have a small handgun. I wonder who would win that battle.🙄🙄🙄

  8. Coming from someone who dodged the draft. His grandfather was a coward too they left Germany because he didn’t want to join the military.

  9. Gosh I hope trump is in the vicinity of the next school shooting so he can race in and save all those kids unarmed... he’s such a hero. A war veteran and a hero

  10. This is insane. Average teacher salary in Florida is $45K a year. His pension is $104K. Teachers died protecting the kids, and a coward gets rewarded.

  11. So fireman sees a house on flames... he just sit there n wait... n receive money... plz... do ur job! Dont run from ur responsibilities!

  12. That’s over 100K a year in pensions money. Regardless of whether he failed to stop a shooter that is way too much.

  13. I never thought the resource officer was a coward. I understand new protocols call for entry on hearing gun shots but I could also understand - other than seeing a person with a gun - how would he know which student or teacher held a visible gun? As it was - the student with the gun ran out of the building and officers thought he was still in the building for some time. Pensions are just another problem - If you look at anyone making $8,000 monthly pension ($96,000 a yr) - it won’t be a teacher. Our systems of checks and balance are out of wack!

  14. Why wouldn’t get a pension when retiring after 33 years of service? He wasn’t criminally charged with anything.

  15. Hard to say unless you were in his shoes...hell cadet bone spurs sez he would have ran right in and taken care of it right!!!

  16. Coward,so says the five time draft dodger that supports separating children from there parents if they come here illegally!

  17. I do not believe this guy was a coward. I believe, you cannot run into the line of fire under any circumstances and doing so may or may not have changed this tragic outcome.

  18. trump loves children SOOOOOO much that he wants to cut 7 BILLION from CHIP (children's health insurance program) to cover his tax relief for the wealthy.
    What a great guy. 🤢

  19. The story on this never did come out... Their first shots this officer heard we're outside... So he cautiously move that way and called back up. It's easy after the fact when you know where the shooter was and what was going on questioning where the offices were... But when you roll up on a scene and shots have been heard and no shooter can be seen you just can't go running in and get picked off one by one and become a victim. Stop judging... If you think it's easy put on a badge put on a gun and get employed.

  20. pension is way too high, including all the corruptions, thats why many cities and states are broke. im well aware for his service. but over $100k/yr, forever? really?

  21. Do all officers who work get that much? Its an honest question i really don't know. If its normal than ok he did work for a long time. He has to live with that he never went in and saved anyone but i guess over 100k a yr will make u forget lol.

  22. The same people clowning the resource officer would've done the same thing. That man didn't work 32 years as a resource officer to get gunned down by a nutjob and that's just the truth. People are always trying to put on airs for social media. Now if he were younger, I'd agree but this was an older man. Sheesh!

  23. I hope this coward loses the bulk of his money in the wrongful death lawsuit brought against him. He was there to protect the children & instead he abandoned them to the fate from a mass murderer. He deserves to be punished for his cowardice!

  24. Take the Coward over the Liar whose going to run in there and face down the shooter unarmed; anyday of the week...

  25. Ya blame the the security officer, blame mental health, even blame the victims but let’s not blame easy access to guns ...

  26. I say go to his house with a mob outside chatting coward and follow him at a distance make his life sorry and miserable and depression liter his yard with pictures and names of people who died cause he didn't act

  27. Oh but the gun control laws are the problem! The NRA is the problem! The politicians who support the 2nd amendment are the problem! Let’s protest and riot and vandalize and scream and cry and whine and piss and moan about the evil conservatives and the evil NRA and ignore and barely pay any attention to the real, super obvious reasons why these students are dead!

  28. When everyone started calling him a coward in February because he stood down instead of doing his job, CNN and their poster by for people control, Attention Hogg, essentially praised him for being a coward and still blamed the entire problem on guns. Are you still praising him or have you finally come to your senses and realize he should have done the job he was trained to? It's also kind of funny how Infowars reported that this officer and others that arrived on scene stood down a full week or more before CNN would even acknowledge it, but still went out of their way to try and silence Infowars for it.

  29. He still earned his pension and is entitled to it. I don't agree with actions, but that is separate. I pray this is no longer an issue going forward for other schools

  30. It is a shame that the spineless coward is going to live out his days with a lavish, tax payer funded pension. The coward failed his duty yet is rewarded for his failure.

  31. Wondering why Trump has anything to do with this information.
    A lot of people called him a coward.
    Shouldn't it say, As many people feel the officer was a coward .....

  32. Artexus Lee Are u serious. You believe this coward would put his life in jeapordy. Are you really that brainwashed. ?I really have had a good laugh . Thank you.

  33. CNN once again attempting to subject a police officer to a Court of public opinion without all of the facts. Did this officer make a mistake who really knows? But if he served his community and the department Faithfully all these years. Then does he deserve to retire and reap the benefits of years of dedication? Yes of course he does. Another example of the media chastising someone before an official investigation has been completed to find out if any wrongdoing had actually occurred. Fake news CNN!!!

  34. Trump doesn’t get to flap his trap until he’s been in the exact same situation and can say he’d have run in immediately, bone spurs or no bone spurs.

  35. He had ONE job. When you take a job like that, whether it be a police officer soldiers security officer or other, you know the risks. One of those being is that you may have to be in the line of fire protecting someone.

  36. Ive never known a teacher or a resource officer get a $8k pension check. I was in the wrong profession. This is BS

  37. He risked his life on the streets every day he worked for 32 years, really you can’t put a price on that, he deserves every dam penny of it. Unless you were there don’t judge or be jealous of this man.

  38. The school resource officer's pension is a deal the SRO was offered by the school district. The SRO resigned before any decision could be made on the job performance. There's plenty of people in the workforce that perform badly even criminally towards school students. The SRO did not know where the active shooter was in the moment. He couldn't risk his life without the shooter in view. He needed back up.

  39. When children’s lives are at stake, you do whatever you can. If it’s your time to go, you’ve lived a great life, it’s time to go. Not wait. You die, you will be hailed a hero, you live and kill the shooter and save lives, you live a hero. This is what we train for. So he failed. That doesn’t mean he terminates his pension. He just didn’t go for it. Many people would’ve done the same.

  40. He would have been another victim. It was seventeen minutes. Give the guy a break. The people responsible are the NRA and the shooter. Period.

  41. *trump should not call anyone a coward, but cop did fail the kids terribly! Teachers n others without weapons went above , trying to protect students .

  42. If the officer didn't do his job this time when it counted, than how many other times did he fail to do his job? Where theirs smoke theirs fire. He shouldn't have a pension just unemployment!

  43. Well, despite his cowardly act, he still earned his pension after 32 yrs of work. Sounds like he lost he's nerve and panic.

  44. 100k pension. Hell, why risk that! Thats living fat in retirement. Cant get shot protecting children and ruin that!

  45. Many people and agencies dropped the ball on this shooting. Not sure it's fair to single out just one. Very sad day.

  46. A lot of jealous people out there. What was he suppose to do? Say that's okay, I don't need it. Isn't this what every American look forward to? I don't here anything about those other officers who did not go in either. This man got out at the right time. I hope he has a blessed life and one in which he can get away from the B.S.

  47. I can understand the resentment but if Parkland had not occurred would anyone care what the officers pension was? If outrage on the amount then Florida needs to look at the pension systems they have set up

  48. And in other news the liar in chief finally told on himself. His disclosure forms show that he paid his lawyer to pay off Stormy Daniels. What lie will he will he self admit to next.

  49. That SRO did not even try to confront Nikolas Cruz. If he had done his job, a few of the seventeen could have been saved. It speaks for itself that that deadbeat is now getting $8,700 a month. If he were the least bit sorry for his performance on February 14 and had any integrity, he would offer to donate every pension check he receives to the families of the victims.

  50. I'm retired Military, my pension is a little over $1000 a month, no comparison, all I get is thank you from your service, I prefer a pension closer to this officer pension

  51. Right and trump loves them so much he’s ripping them from their moms arm when she’s trying to flee gangs or a husband that beats the crap out of her in front of her children.

  52. One of the few times I agree with Trump but he needs to quit with the name calling and act with a little dignity and class.

  53. He may be a coward, but he earned the pension. I know people don't like his actions but that has nothing to do with his pension and prior years of service. It sucks, but it is what it is.

  54. How the Fu@k can tRump call anyone a coward! That man is the biggest coward this country has ever seen, five time coward!

  55. Mmmmm. I keep hearing that police in the U.S. are not very well paid. I have no idea if that is true or not. However a pension of $8,700 a month makes my pension as a police officer with just under 30 years service look like peanut shells! Wow!

  56. Wow, maybe in the beginning of his work but it’s what he didn’t do at the end and allowed so many to be killed by being a coward!

  57. First of all, he had a long LE career prior to this incident. Second, has he been charged with any crime or impropriety that would negate him receiving his retirement? Until then, STFU!!!!

  58. So ! How could Trump call someone a coward in didn’t see him fighting in any war. Didn’t he claim bone Spurs! Oh yes Trump is a true hero!

  59. He gets a pension after not doing the job he was hired to do, interesting. When it came down to it he choked, he should get no pension.

  60. How many of us parents fail to be involved with the schools? How many of us don't go to school site council meetings, ptsa meetings or any other opportunity to see and learn first hand the safety and problems with our schools? We all have a responsibility to be engaged and stay engaged.

  61. 104k a year pension for a school resource officer and they wonder why we are frustrated over the public pension system...

  62. Bring the feds in put public school protection under federal authorities or place national guard near school to protect it

  63. CNN reports a cop pension at $104,428.20 annually. In Florida.....I don’t think so, a bit too high. Total BS.

  64. Dodging a made up war to stay alive and make billions is not cowardly its called being smart. Isnt that what liberals did also?

  65. If you were not there you don't know the circumstances/facts... dont judge what you don't know! Anything else is hearsay!

  66. Wow. When this happened you democraps were all over saying he was coward

    Since Trump says it, now you stick up for the coward.

  67. Bet Trump doesn't get nearly as upset about this as he did about Andrew McCabe getting a pension. Let's sit back and see.

  68. based on the math how the hell does he get a pension that = $50.00 an hour for quitting his job because he failed to act and do the right thing

  69. So he's being rewarded with this kind of money for his FAILURE to protect the children he was being paid to protect? Quite a racket going on in Parkland. BTW, how much of this is he going to pay to the parents of those dead and injured children? Hummm...let me guess.

  70. 104k+ a year pension? Wtf? Dude sat around schools for decades not really on street and when time comes he is needed he was a coward.