Paris floods close metro lines, stations and museum

Paris floods close metro lines, stations and museum

Paris floods close metro lines, stations and museum

Posted by CNN Jan. 26, 2018, 6:15 p.m.

Flooding in Paris has gotten so bad that the Louvre closed one wing and meteorologists fear that the water could peak at 20 feet. Deputy Mayor of Paris Columbe Brossel said, "We have to understand that climatic change is not a word, it's a reality.

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  1. So the planets climate never changes naturally? Who caused the Ice Age? Maybe we're living on more land than we're supposed to and the planet is going back to normal. Have you ever thought about that? Nah, there's no money in that.

  2. Republicans will deny climate change even when the water is over their heads.

  3. Paris is flooding and South Africa is running out of Water... meanwhile our President refuses to support any environmental reform.

  4. Flooding is climate change. Drought is climate change. Increasing ice is climate change. Receding ice is climate change. Every tornado, hurricane and dripping nose is climate change. Yah, we get it.

  5. I am Am American born and raised in Paris, as with all cities it is having to deal with issues such as climate change, issues of over crowding and growth but why be hateful. Yes, it has flooded previously but these events are increasing and getting more forceful every year. It is a city of history, art, culture, vision and its citizens like all others are bereft when issues such as this one threatens it. At least attempt to show some respect everything is not a joke or a moment to sow ignorance or hateful comments.

  6. Bernie Sanders when asked in a debate, what’s americas biggest threat. He said climate change and the damage it will do. You could hear the laughter from the crowd. The others said ISIS and the wars .., thousands have died from storms and had their homes destroyed by them .. Isis in America .. not so much .. we are wasting time. We should be under total construction to prepare for the future destruction from storms

  7. So, are you telling me that the flood in Paris, this January 2018, is caused from climate change but all the other floods in Paris were not climate change?

  8. Here we go again. It must be humanities fault. Just 4 years ago Obama blamed the drought in California on "Man Made Climate Change." Last year, California had one of its rainiest year and the drought ended. Was that "Man Made Climate Change" also? lol

  9. I suppose it has nothing to do with poor urban planning, more concrete than dirt, expansion of housing, etc. humans overtaking the land has nothing to do with flooding... no.. nope..

  10. You seeing this, tRUMP?

  11. I live outside of Houston... this summer the town I live in of Santa Fe, Texas got approximately 60 inches of rain during Harvey. It’s a miracle that my house and my mother’s house didn’t flood. Houses all around us got flooded. Some only got inches and others had several feet. And yet our government has done NOTHING to address climate change! And most people whose houses have flooded are still living in travel trailers, hotels or tents... heartbreaking... as well as maddening!

  12. So many scientists on here that don't believe in climate change. Obliviously water levels are rising

  13. Meanwhile... Trump pulls us out of the Paris accord. I'm truly frightened to have this president... when climate change is so self evident. Natural disasters had never been this bad in the history of this earth.

  14. Wait why did this climate change agenda get mentioned lol 😂😂this has happened in Paris before. I swear people gonna call climate change on all natural changes on the planet as man made. We are so arrogant as to assume we control everything on the planet.

  15. All the River Boat cruises will be cancelled. No refunds because of the “Act of God” exclusion clause in their cancellation conditions.
    Therefore, weather is an Act of God, not CO2.

  16. The same thing is happening in the southeastern United States at the coastal islands. Hunting island is quickly disappearing and our home on the next island over gets flooded more than once a year sitting in the middle of the island. The whole island is underwater at some points now

  17. Why isn’t anyone talking about the policewoman who was swept away during a training?! I was there, total chaos and nothing from the media..

  18. Climate change means warming waters, melting glaciers, rising seas and flooding. Also, more intense and more frequent storms from snow, to hurricanes, to rains, to drought and to fires. You can't say, "Oh, we had such a cold winter," and expect that to negate scientific reality.

  19. The planet naturally goes through changes in climate, yes. Deniers have that down. What they appear to fail to associate is the human impact causing faster and more violent change, longer fire seasons, harsher hurricane seasons and more and higher flooding. Our species habits are causing natural issues to be unnatural. This is the thought of scientists whose job it is to study such things so go back to your day job and leave intellect to those better than you or I

  20. Manmade or not, climate change is a REALITY. Time to begin implementing clean energy technologies in a more widespread way. The technology has been around for several decades, let's put it to use instead of imposing tariffs on imported materials for solar at the expense of clean air and to the benefit of the oil companies.

  21. Wow and in Cape Town South Africa 🇿🇦 there is absolutely no rain and water... wish some of this flood water can be send down to them. Weird how the climate is changing...😳

  22. Here’s where the issue started, whoever called it “global warming” is the one who screwed up! That’s when the anti-science <mostly bible thumpers> can say that it’s all Fake News when we have areas that are freezing ...