Opinion | Dr. Esther Choo: "The Resident" is a dangerously bad medical drama. Literally.

Opinion | Dr. Esther Choo: "The Resident" is a dangerously bad medical drama. Literally.

"Inaccurate and dehumanizing, the show stokes fear of medicine when what we desperately need is a rebuilding of trust."

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  1. I like the show, they are actors not real doctors ( it’s a tv series not documentary) but it brings out some things that are wrong in healthcare: like people are treated based on their ability to pay- that is the truth! Also cancer treatments s are given even if doctors think that it will not help, but they need to get to their monthly quota to make money for the hospital they work for. But let’s remember it’s not a documentary!

  2. I like this show. Emphasis on "show". It's a television show. For entertainment. It entertains me. People always have to be so supercritical.

  3. This is the problem society has....they actually think tv is real life and actors are good role models to listen to......

  4. Take your opinion and shove it. Its not supposed to be a realistic representation of hospitals...

  5. As a CPR instructor, past ICU/ ER nurse with ACLS training I Cringe each time I see a show in which they run a Code or a scene where first responders are not performing life saving techniques according to AHA or even Blue Cross standards. We're are the consulting experts on these shows?

  6. it's fiction.You will get over it!

  7. I stopped watching after the first 10 minutes on first episode. the main character was appalling. I immediately knew I wasn’t going to like it.. it made me sick as he insulted another new resident for being a minority.. just a shitty gross show!

  8. As a nurse anesthetist, I am of the opinion that all medical drama shows are dangerously bad.

  9. Yup. Too much truth for some people.. great show.

  10. It’s entertainment, not a documentary! I’m enjoying it. I’m sure the story lines that focus on hospital finances are unsettling to the medical profession.

  11. I know medical shows usually has an advisor with at least some medical background. I can't believe this show does. Many times a simple change of one word in the dialogue would make a huge difference. There is not the slightest attempt at realism. Not quite a parody. Not quite a satire. Not quite a comedy. Just quite a mess.

  12. I like this show, I watch it for!! It is fiction, I watch it for ENTERTAINMENT!!

  13. That indian actor on there is horrible! Where did they find that fool? No acting skills of any kind! The rest of the cast are good.

  14. Psst, most medical shows have been jokes.

  15. Hospitals are a cluster f ck anyway.