Olympic crackdown on dog meat fails to banish it from menus

Olympic crackdown on dog meat fails to banish it from menus
Image from: NBC News

Dog meat restaurants are cooking up their traditional specialties despite government pressure and financial incentives aimed at curbing sales during the PyeongChang Olympics.

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  1. What is the difference in eating dog, chicken, goat or cow?

  2. Dogs are domestic animals and if you can’t understand that then perhaps you have a pet goat and/or cow, but I’d bet you’d still eat them.

  3. It's gruesome, but it's what they do there. Western culture needs to get over itself and stop trying to forcibly instill our values on other societies.

  4. Cows pigs chickens duck… Why not dog meat!?
    *I cannot believe I have to add this! Seriously people, take a joke! NO I'm not interested in eating YOUR or my friends animals of any kind

  5. When we end up in WWIII, I would rather use a rifle round on your precious FiFi, than a squirell...
    You eat what is there.

  6. Sickening. Keeping the stereotype of Asians alive. Dogs are family members. And in case you try to pull the "farm animals are pets too" card, tell me when's the last time you heard of a service pig or cow

  7. I understand dog meat is very tasty. I can't wait to taste it .

  8. Just cook those chef instead and feed the dogs with ;)

  9. I will pass on the mangy/wormy dog entree. Thanks..but no thanks.

  10. We not see India complaining about Western Countries eating cows...

  11. Yes North Korea is an utter disgrace shythole 😞

  12. What about rhino horns and elephant tusks?

  13. God how sad and disgusting this is. Those poor babies

  14. It’s a delicate there
    Always has been

  15. And they don’t have dog fights

  16. Ignore it. You can't eat meat and be mad about this at the same time lol

  17. It’s just as disgusting as eating cows or pigs or any other animal!!

  18. Traditions causing butthurt!

  19. Dog meat gives higher body temperature.

  20. It’s absolutely delicious and very easy to prepare

  21. People should not eat any meat, period.

  22. This is so sad that they have to utilize dogs for food

  23. Someting is wong with Korea... 😉

  24. Speciesism at its finest *smh*

  25. Meat is meat. We are animals.

  26. Dogs have a better PR agent

  27. Stick to veggies and seafood

  28. Well, South Korea is an "American Ally"...

  29. Emily Beaudette Guard your puppy!

  30. People in India feel exactly the same about American's eating cows. One other note about different cultures, they don't have sickos shooting up class rooms full of children, or mentally ill people literally eating other people ( Jeffery Dalhmer ) etc etc. Let's not judge other countries culture before we fix our own.

  31. Dont bitch unless you're vegan because if you eat animal products you are the cause of the rape and murder of millions of animals. Hypocrites

  32. Of course! We don't want to offend our pointy, snooty Americans!

  33. People think this is fine. Most of these dogs are stolen pets! Many also have microchips still in them. These Koreans morons basically steal people's dogs, cram them in cages. Beat them with a club, skin them alive and than boil them in hot water! Because they think it makes the meat tendier. This is a sick and inhumane practice!