Offset Says Cardi B is NOT Pregnant

Offset Says Cardi B is NOT Pregnant
Image from: TMZ

Offset says Cardi B is NOT pregnant.

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thank god, dumb baby, crack panther, love cardi, black panther, slow news day, video taday, good blah blah blah,


  1. Is it just me, or is this really a topic that nobody gives a shiit about?

  2. She better Offset her recent weight gain with some extra Cardi-O then, B

  3. It's a slow news day at tmz. I love me some cardi b but 4 stories in 1 day on just her being preggers which she is not!!! Come on guys do some journalism and head to Florida find out some more details on that piece of garbage terrorist

  4. They just doing that to OFFSET the fans and media...In 5 months watch they have the baby n name it Setoff

  5. I can sleep tonight. Praise the Lord.

  6. He must be crushing plan b pills into her food

  7. He has two 2 year old what a stand up guy

  8. He better hope she’s not or that baby might be Bruno Mars (cmon how else did she get on his tour)

  9. well my life is complete knowing that. Now on to a useless post about a Kardashian.

  10. The lie detector test determined that was a lie

  11. Maybe not from you but there's others buddy

  12. Dumb hoes only retracting because people started asking for refunds on their contracts lol

  13. Don't let anybody fool you she's expecting twins one in each buttock

  14. After a trip to planned parenthood...

  15. Not pregnant by him!!! 😂 I shouldn’t say that 🤐

  16. Turns out it was Off-Set in them guts.

  17. Dammm that’s clownin, That means she just Fat ASF.. 🤦‍♂️🤣

  18. If she is he gonna say it ain't his lmao

  19. "Offset"???

    Is that a Transformer or Decepticon?

  20. She posted video taday belly nuch smaller

  21. Yo! What is Aaron Rodgers doing hanging out with offset?

  22. Who cares if she is or not? If she is then Congratulations, if she ain't then keep it moving.

  23. He used a metal hanger to save $

  24. Ummmm....who cares? I don’t and I’m tired of hearing this topic.

  25. Glad she’s not pregnant. Love Cardi b 💕

  26. To much KFC and sweet potato pie!

  27. LMFAO... is that Crack Panther?!?

  28. She pulling a Kylie Jenner! 😂😂😂

  29. Why he look like black panther retarted lil stepbrother tho? 😂😂💀💀