NFL's Catch Rule Must Be Addressed as Super Bowl Caps Season-Long Disaster

NFL's Catch Rule Must Be Addressed as Super Bowl Caps Season-Long Disaster
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"Common sense," is what ex-Cardinals HC Bruce Arians suggests as a solution.

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  1. Can we all just agree Chris Colinsworth shouldn't be aloud to call another super bowl?!

  2. How about the extremely biased Cris Collinsworth be fired!!!!

  3. The Ertz touchdown was no question a touchdown, he took 4 steps and dove. The earlier play that was ruled a catch was a lot more questionable than the Ertz play.

  4. As a Pats fan Ertz’s was a clear catch, he caught it took 3 steps, was touched by a defender and hit the ground passed the goal line therefor it is a touchdown.

    If you are looking for someone to blame, blame the defense that didn’t force one punt the entire game. Amazing game, hopefully we get a rematch next year

  5. Ertz's TD was clearly a TD. Difference between his and Jesse James was that Ertz made multiple football moves before crossing the goaline. James fell right to the ground.

  6. If Coleman kept the ball in the original position it was in all the way to the ground it would have been a catch. He knew that was unlikely so got the ball in a better position. I think both touchdowns were ruled correctly. As touchdowns.

  7. Where were the Pats fans concerned about the catch rule when Jesse James got that TD taken away? #Karma

  8. Arians is right. It is common sense. Forget what you know about the rule for a second, or ask a non avid NFL viewer. They will tell you that it was a catch, because all they are judging off of is common sense. They aren't taking into consideration the rule, as they don't know it.

    The rule needs to be changed.

  9. If you're running with the ball and cross the plain, as soon as you cross it's a TD. There should be no debate about it.

  10. Funny how you have to complete a catch going out of bounds but not the same for crossing the plane whatever

  11. He caught the ball, made multiple football moves, and then dove. I can't believe how bad collinsworth wanted new England to win, he said repeatedly it wasn't a catch when it was very very obvious.

  12. Catch rule has to be one of the pettiest/stipud rules there is. Doesn't matter, running, catching, re-adjusting while running/catching or bobbling, if you touch the line/cross the line with the ball, it's a touchdown !!

  13. Common sense yes! This whole "going to the ground" garbage no. Take the "ball moved slightly" out also. Everybody that has caught footballs knows what a catch is... having control and two feet in bounds done!

  14. The rule should be simple. Catch or run, if the ball crosses the plane of the goal line and the carrier/catcher has position at that time AND a foot is clearly inbounds (with no other part of his body having touched out-of-bounds), it's a touchdown. Ertz' catch was a touchdown, not once but twice--once when the ball broke the plane of the goal line and a second time when he lost control caused by the turf while he still had control and he caught it in the air without the ball ever touching the ground a second time.

  15. Trying to go on "common sense" will lead to even more controversy. The current rules are fine. The issue is that fans make stuff up and then try to argue what they believe is right

  16. The ertz catch and score shouldn't have even been in question. The previous eagles TD catch is the understandable debate.

  17. Wow I can't believe people are actually doubting this play. As long as the player has controll of the ball and the ball breaks the plane it's a td. He broke the plane before the ball came loose. Just as a player who is running for the td pylon jump at an angle out of bounds but hits the pylon with the ball it's a tb....He isn't out of bounds....common sense guys. He caught the ball turned made like two steps (a football move) the jumped the ball crosses the plane before hitting the ground. Then only people complaining are pats fans and the commentators were especially going for the pats.

  18. It was, at the very least, a catch. He had control, made a clear football move and then broke the plane. Since he had control of the ball, fumbled and recovered.

  19. Why do we keep pretending this is hard? Complete the catch to the ground or complete the catch and become a runner. It's not that complicated.

  20. Ha ha , this is funny ,, did you know the eagles won,, note eagle fans say they were catches,,pats fans say no catch, even the two announcers were bias and wrong. ... it's over it was a good game... the turning point the sack fumble period.

  21. Meanwhile, LeBron runs with the basketball from the top of the key to the net and he's not travelling. 😉

  22. Absolutely have to get rid of the "Having Control".... you get 2 feet in bounds and it dont touch the ground it is a catch.