NFL adopts policy to fine club if players and personnel don't stand for national anthem

NFL adopts policy to fine club if players and personnel don't stand for national anthem
Image from: Fox News

JUST IN: The NFL announced Wednesday it adopted a new national anthem policy. The NFL said in a statement that all team and league personnel are required to stand and show respect for the flag and the anthem and a team will face a fine if its personnel do not stand for it.

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  1. Trump wins, add it to the list... #maga

  2. Lost Millions of fans permanently for their disrespectful treatment of our Anthem, Flag, Veterans, Military, Nation! Football is now a Enemy of the State sport, which was once America's greatest game!

  3. Bravo for the leadership of President Trump, who stands for honour and respect, of which ALL citizens should observe! 👍👍

  4. Ratings must’ve went down after last year. Finally they’re taking action. Still won’t watch football though. 🤷🏼‍♂️

  5. I cannot wait to hear the indignation tied to this. One has to wonder how much money the NFL lost last season to bring them to this decision.

  6. Guess freedom of speech and expression isn’t a thing anymore.

  7. Too late and not going far enough, I am doing with the NFL. I will stick to college football. GO BUCKEYES!!!

  8. Well, that's all good but it's too late. My household is done with the NFL. It died of Colin cancer last year. Maybe they should have been more concerned about the consequences.

  9. It’s all just disgusting. There has to be a rule for this? Really?!?!? Ungrateful overpaid babies. They will just stay in the locker room. Fine. Whatever. Still won’t watch. 1 year plus. Not one snap.

  10. thought that was already in the rule book for them to show respect to the flag? I am asking for clarification please, and if it is why didn't they fine the teams last year when they were not doing this? Thanks.

  11. Too late for me they're only taking action now because we heard them in their pocketbook they are really care about America I just care about their money too bad so sad

  12. I'll tell you why they did this - I don't spend a lot on on sports related gifts compared to many, but this past year, for Christmas and birthdays, I completed avoided the NFL - so they lost about $400 in revenue from me. Multiply that by all the other people who stand by their flag, and probably spend a lot more than I do and... you have your reason - the NFL is gonna get that revenue from the consumers, or the players... we'll see how this next season goes

  13. Yeah, and let's not hold our breaths. This is because of the revenue they've lost the past couple years. As soon as the first fine is levied, the players/personnel will sue, probably for discrimination or collusion or whatever else Kaepernick and Reid are claiming.

  14. Too late idiots. If you had done this immediately, I’d say you did the right thing. By waiting so long, it appears to be in the interest of self-preservation only. I’ve already sworn off NFL in my home and the time has long since been filled with other, more productive and family enriching options! Go to hell.

  15. It not good enough. So now they can stay in the locker room while the National Anthem is being played. So coddling rich babies is the new NFL hahahahaha no thanks I’ll watch NASCAR. Sorry NFL I use to love you.

  16. their pocket books must have felt the impact of the fans speaking! Good! Next time they should listen when players do stupid things while being paid to perform a sport...

  17. Two years, too late. You could have saved millions of fans, had this been done the first time. Are the players going to quit, because this is being forced on them?

  18. That's great that they've adopted this new policy that's the way it should have been all along my opinion is that these players have been given the honor of playing for an NFL team and earning all kinds of money in this country America that they disrespect ..if they don't like this country then why are they staying here earning millions of dollars
    .they need to be thankful that they have the opportunity to play the football game and earn all that money

  19. Conservatives I thank you for the boycott supporting this great nations respect for our Military. This is a logical but also big win for American principles. 🇺🇸

  20. Should've been done a year ago, but glad they woke up now. Ratings were going down and Papa Johns pulled sponsorship... this is a much needed wake up call for the NFL.

  21. My son goes to Catholic school and during his baseball game the other day the National anthem was being sung at the other field. Play was stopped, hats removed and placed on chest. All spectators participated as well. NFL...come see how it's done...come see true patriotism 🇺🇸

  22. It shouldn’t even be an issue about standing and showing respect. America is so bad? It’s so wrong? Go back to the mother land and get a nice dose of reality. Over paid, entitled fools!

  23. they lost tons of money so they are trying to get fans back. TOO late suckers'

  24. Too late the damage is done, this is their pathetic attempt to win fans back that have had enough of these overpaid crybabies.

  25. I'm still not going to watch NFL again, on account their policy came forward only because their pockets were hurting. Hypocrisy in any form is despicable.

  26. If you don’t want to stand and respect what Veterans fought for, Then I say pack your bag and leave my Country that I fought for! Signed a Veteran!

  27. For the constitutionally illiterate...
    The first amendment protects you from THE GOVERNMENT infringing on your freedom of speech and expression. Football players are AT WORK and just like any other job you're required to adhere to the rules of conduct at the workplace.
    But I wouldn't expect some of you to understand that since "workplace" is a foreign language to you.
    But please continue with your monologue about something you saw on CNN...

  28. Just a fine, not good enough. Tell them to stand respectfully or they don’t play and 3 no stands, your fired.

  29. This was already a rule for the NFL so I am a bit suspicious of this announcement. All of the teams(owners)failed to have the “the guts” to confront the Liberals. Non-patriots . I , myself, turned off the NFL along with millions of other patriots and have no intention of just turning them back on until they prove that they actually mean what they say. I sure hope they do, but ?????

  30. If it was a player taking a knee in prayer for a fallen officer, that would be an entirely different story. I’ve been going to NASCAR and local track races since the 50’s - every single race is opened with a prayer and singing of the National Anthem. Never have I ever witnessed a driver or any of their crew taking a knee. No thanks, NFL. I’ll stick with a sport that truly loves America.

  31. Dear NFL your attempt at damage control is to late. Your ratings are down and people are disgusted at grandstanding, extremely well paid and well protected players disrespecting our flag and by extension our military and veterans. Now that it’s off season, where are the protests from all those players now?

  32. I had stopped watching NFL games last season. The damage is done NFL. You should have never allowed such disrespect in the first place. I expect there are plenty more ex fans just like myself.

  33. it’s called respect!!! these glorified boys are employees of a company and there are rules in every company in the world!!!! while you’re on the clock and working is not the time to demonstrate and protest certain mindsets!! feel free to do it on your own time

  34. It's simple and just like all of our jobs. Follow the rules, get disciplined and/or you're free to work somewhere else.

  35. What took you so long NFL? Did you see your ratings slip? Seats empty? Merchandise sales plunge? How sad the almighty dollar comes before respecting our flag, country and all those who have sacrificed for our freedoms. 🇺🇸

  36. I guess the NFL national felons league lost too much money last year. I guess all of those of us who stopped watching it really did make a difference.

  37. Why did it Take the Jerks that long to figure this out. 2 yrs of Disrespect and Deversiveness has COST the NFL Millions and we are not done yet. Those who have and will continue are complete LOSERS and should Lose there CUSHY NFL Careers.. This has to STOP NOW!!! IF U WON'T RESPECT OUR FLAG GET OUT OF THE USA & NFL

  38. It's about time the kneeling clowns learn to respect our flag, our country and those (much greater men then they will ever be) who not only fought but especially those that gave their lives for our great nation.

  39. Shouldn't have to adapt a new policy, it should be an honor and privilege to stand, place your hand over your heart and reflect on the flag and those who protect, fight and died for this nation.

  40. It's part of game play. Tough crap if they don't like it. Make a difference in other ways, but do not disrespect our flag, or this great country that gave you the privilege of playing a sport you love and paying you millions to do it.

  41. Hope this for real & not fake news. I'll believe it when it happens. In light of the controversy I no longer watch 4-5 games a week, but just 1 maybe. I've found better uses for my time than watching NFL overpaid crybabies. Good policy but too late.

  42. What’s really amazing is the polling. At the time that I’ve placed this post, nearly 30,000 people have either like or love this post, and only 247 people were angry by it.

    Come on folks, doesn’t this tell you all something? Our nation wants our flag and anthem respected!

  43. I'll believe it when I see it! That was the whole problem with last year, it was in the NFL manual already to stand for the anthem or face punishment. This is just another pr statement for damage control to WIN BACK fans who left.

  44. and this is what happens when americans stand up together for what the believe in must have hit them right in the bank account because they did something about it thank you our soldiers deserve their moment because they are the reason we have the freedom to play sports and have sporting events !!!

  45. About time that someone took a STAND on this issue. This is the United States of America, and if you live here, and call this your home, you should stand for the flag, and National Anthem.

  46. What a shame that have to be told to love their country and show respect. For all the money they make to play a GAME. SMH

  47. Nice that they finally did something but should have done it the day it happened. They let it go on to long now its hurt there pocket books and they are back pedaling trying to recover. Didnt watch last year and didnt miss it at all.

  48. "All team and league personnel on the field shall stand and show respect for the flag and the Anthem.""The Game Operations Manual will be revised to remove the requirement taht all players be on the field for the Anthem."Personnel who choose not to stand for the Anthem may stay in the locker room or in a similar location off the field until after the Anthem has been performed."

  49. I'm still over it...i have waaayyy better thinks to do with my extra 20 sundays a year not worrying about these greedy clowns. Nope. I shake my head at the time I've invested in it up until recently. It's just so unimportant

  50. Doesn't matter anymore if they stand or not!! Still boycotting the NFL again this season and only watching college games!! They are more exciting to watch anyway!!

  51. Not watching anymore. If you have to fine teams and players in order to get them to show respect for their country then I really done now.

  52. Hmm, seems losing money is changing their tune. "You reap what you sow." Karma NFL, Karma. Haven't watched in 3 years, don't intend to start again. More fun watching college and high school.

  53. Good for them!!! You dont have to like Trump, but he is putting this country back together one piece at a time! And simple respect is one simple but important step!

  54. Crying shame that you have to force these fools to stand and honor the country that provides them the opportunity to make the $$$$ they do. Still not going to watch or support the NFL.

  55. Thats great, but I'm still done w the NFL for not having the stones to nip it in the bud in the first place.

  56. Not good enough & besides all the owners are billionaires so they don’t care if their team is fined. The NFL is trying to do damage control, however, it’s too little too late. I won’t be watching NFL games any time soon

  57. I’m over it!
    For years, every Sunday we hosted football. Big spread of food and a packed house. It was a genuine get-a-way from real life issues.
    When the kneeling started, we stopped hosting football parties!
    NFL should have handled it back when it started.
    We are moving forward with the distaste of the Seahawks and the NFL.
    We’re out!

  58. Here is a rule I would like to see. If you kneel during the anthem you no longer play in the NFL. Bet it would stop.

  59. They also said the players don't have to come out of the locker room until the anthem is over. SO, the NFL is a joke. I learned last year, to my utter surprise, I can do with out football.

  60. Not good enough! Enforce the rule that is already part of the NFL-stand, hand over heart, helmet in left arm. I don't intend to watch the NFL ever again-I've moved on to big and better-the PBR. They all stand during the national anthem, hats over their hearts. That is respect, gentlemen! The NFL should follow their example.

  61. There’s a time and place to protest, during our countries national anthem with the flag raised is NOT it. It’s pretty sad when we have to force adults to show respect for the men and women that fought for their freedoms, and the fact that some say there intention is not to disrespect have no clue what respect really is.

  62. Some of the statements the commissioner made today are not true! There were dozens of players and team officials that spewed Anti-patriotic sentiments! I hold fast that even if they can't come out of the locker room for the flag or the anthem they have no business taking money from Americans!!!

  63. It’s still a cop out if they stay inside and don’t stand for our flag🇺🇸 you were hired to play and you make a whole lot of money because you live in this country... you should be proud to stand or leave our country and play some where else and see how that works out!

  64. Who cares anymore? I wonr watch a game in the future. Won't you join me? It's real imporrant to think of consequences before, Yes Before, disrespecting our Flag, Our Freedoms and Our Country. GOD BLESS AMERICA, The Land of the FREE!!!!

  65. Yes!!! Our country’s flag, veterans, military, and any true American will be honored. Thankful for the many prayers that were said for this to happen. Thank you President Trump and Vice President Pence for standing firm on this.

  66. it's a little too late for me! Should have done this sooner. Shouldn't have to force them to respect our Country. Done with the nfl.

  67. It's about time! However they made this decision for the mighty $ not because the flag & our military should be respected.