'Mullet's not a hairstyle, it's a lifestyle'

'Mullet's not a hairstyle, it's a lifestyle'

'Mullet's not a hairstyle, it's a lifestyle'

Posted by BBC News Feb. 25, 2018, 8:41 p.m.

Mullet fans have gathered at a festival in a small Australian town that is dedicated to celebrating the hairstyle. ✂️

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  1. Clean and neatly groomed, not greasey and wild, is the hallmark of a great hairstyle.

  2. Barber: What you having today sir?

    Customer: I slept with my sister last night.

    Barber: Say no more sir, sit back and relax.

  3. Looks as absurd today as it did 35 years ago.
    The only people still sporting a mullet today in the U.S. are backwoods hillbillies driving beat up 4x4 trucks with a confederate flag and a gun rack playing Ted Nugent cassettes.
    AKA: Trump voters.

  4. It’s true; Australia is Arkansas with a beach.

  5. Australia may have banned guns but they obviously neglected to deal with the real issues: dudes with mullets #thoughtsandprayers

  6. Here in America, those hair cuts are reserved for trailer trash and welfare recipients.

  7. Business at the front, party at the back! 😀

  8. In a related story, a convention of sadly single men is being held, in that exact place, immediately following the mullet party.

  9. Cute accent, haircut not so much. They DO know that that haircut in the US is the equivalent of having a neon sign on one's head that says stupid, right?

  10. If recall, that was a hair stlyle of the mid 70 to early 80s in the US so it seems the Aussies are about 35 to 40 yrs behind the times.

  11. I'm so glad that we made Australia our Biggest Prison. So so far away from civilisation, and normal people 🤔

  12. And why shouldn't they? Women are free to wear their hair in any shape, colour and form that they wish and yet we criticise men who diverge from the short back and sides, collar and tie, sensible shoes and oh,so, boring suits, slacks, shorts and jeans.
    Let them wear what they want as long as they are not'indecent' and frighten the horses, just like our sisters in society.
    After all, what's sauce for the goose.....

  13. Isn't it an American haircut Mr. Australian Mullet Guy? Horrible 80's cut, but still horribly horribly American. Or maybe English? Ziggy Stardust perhaps?

  14. You know, I generally judge the F out of mullets. But they were talking about it the way I talked about my mohawk. Plenty of people told me to grow out the 'hawk but I loved it and ignored them. Hope these people stick with what brings them joy.

  15. Sheila Barham Punchy LaRue I thought the Mullett Fest down here was this when I first moved. I was so disappointed it was a fish and not the haircut 😂😂😂😂

  16. Hugo Tomasso 😅A hairstyle most definitely not to be copied. Leave that in the 70s/80s where it belongs 😂😂

  17. Not sure why so many on this post feels the need to make fun of people for their hairstyle. If you're one of those people - grow up, and get some bloody decency

  18. I mean I’m not a fan, but it’s awesome they got some festival for it now so they can show off their proud locks.
    Should do what makes you happy right.

  19. As a civilised Australian, I’d like to apologise on behalf of most of the Australian population about our uneducated brethren... the bogan.

  20. Tim Wheeler Richard Ratzinger Hurley Hope your weekend was well spent :P
    "business up front and party at the back"
    "it's not a hairstyle, it's a lifestyle"
    "not everybody can wear it"

  21. Lucky Garrett Cheyenne it could be worse. We could have high gun related homicide rates AND mullet festivals.

  22. Lol in Germany they are called "Vokuhila"
    ( vorne kurz hinten lang ) which means
    short in front and long in the neck

  23. For some people in life they get to a certain age and stand still...you could call it happiness...security...but come on the mullet??

  24. This haircut I believe was an accident....some guy went to cut his hair and part way through the current went...the barber couldn't trim any further and wasn't skilled in trimming with a scissors....client wound up having to go home and BOOM....the mullet was born #mytheory

  25. The mullet is like that Bruce Willis character from Die Hard: you can shoot him, you can stab him, you can even make a whole airplane explode with him inside but he refuses to die.

  26. How awful. Hope that style isn't making a comeback although there are some parts of the country where it never went out of style.

  27. Robert 😱 maybe you should create a company hairstyle. MC Mullet. What do you think Mike, Vern, Ross, Daryl? Launch it at the Intertraffic!

  28. John Dragun who would of known... Sarah & I will always remember your iconic hair style. Thankful those days are overt though!😝

  29. Janell, although her words in bath the other night was. See? My hair? Yes I see your hair is long in the back, all the way to your shoulders! Beautiful!

  30. Breanna Funke Suzi Reul Fraser this reminds me of the picture you (suzi) shared of your daughter 😂 btw yesterday i saw the worst mullet cut at Target 😭😭😭

  31. Andrew we won’t move to Australia until you change your haircut for this... apparently this is a must now😂

  32. As usual, some bozo Pom (Englishman) reporter (note the clip was from the BBC) comes up with some rubbish and the culturally inept lap it up. I can assure you that only what many of you describe as redneck hillbilly types have mullets and communicate like this in Australia.

  33. There's a small Australian town dedicated to mullets? I'm guessing it more likely someone at the BBC can't string a sentence together (again).

  34. They were dreadful back in the day and now a cultural hair cut to have a festival? I love the Aussies but holy smokes - why bring back awful????? lol

  35. Billy Rae Syrus (sp?) Is there I thought I heard on "As It Happens." Or one of the prizes is to see him in concert. And, only about six women/girls are participating in this festival. Wacky stuff.

  36. Do you think they put on a bus from Ullapool Linda MacLeod. Could have sworn saw a few of your exes in the background

  37. There's a lot of dickheads in this comments section without an appreciation of what true culture is. One thing it's not is homogeneity, and the fact you are repulsed by such an exquisite and wondrous thing as the mullet is a testament to it's longevity and value as a cultural icon.

  38. Ian Ludford and Karen Myers - if the gargantuan spiders aren't enough for you to consider relocation - this should be...

  39. I’m sorry but you’re the first person I thought of when I saw this Tim Myers! Bring back your majestic mullet! 😜😂😝🤣

  40. Chris Lewis I have found your calling in life. Even if you lose your hair, you will never lose your ability to grow a mullet.

  41. Cliff, I think Kevin should grow a mullet to match his handlebar stache. Don't you think so too, Amanda?

  42. Tanya Sorensen-Bockol I didn’t think there could be so many variations to the worst haircut of all times. “All my friends are telling me they want one “. Sorry, who?

  43. Emily Hankinson apparently this is the most Australian cultural haircut, I changed my mind there is not only cool things made in Australia 😂😂

  44. Min Kyu Jung don't get your hair cut today! You could grow it out and we can go to the mullet festival next year!

  45. So not a good look these days. It looks absurd as though they were born a long time ago it’s so old fashioned

  46. See, Alex Bailey and Amelia Smith, Australians are concerning themselves with the real important stuff. I hope you all are planning to go next year.

  47. Well, each to their own and I gotta give them respect. I’m sure they took a lot of verbal abused and still standing bu their passion. lol

  48. Mike Arenas our 10 year anniversary is coming up. I think this would be the place to celebrate. Start growing it.

  49. Anthony Pham apparently it's a Australian cultural hairstyle that you need to have at least once in your lifetime 😂

  50. They handle the business of checking in, assigning rooms, and name tags in the front, but the party is in the back of the convention.

  51. How cool is that! Been obsessed since Travis got Ryan and I hooked on mulletsgalore.com😂. Add some butt rock to the background of that video and it’ll go viral!

  52. Brad “you’ve got to grow a mullet at least once in your time.”

    NO. no, you don’t. But enjoy lol 🙂

  53. Really Tony no need to label people,that was a style that most like once,and if some people like today it's no big deal

  54. “One of Australia’s most cultural haircuts” Jessica Sola evidently you must get this haircut if you wish to be accepted as an Australian

  55. We call it Vokuhila ist die Kurzform für „vorne kurz, hinten lang“ und bezeichnet den entsprechenden Männerhaarschnitt. Wikipedia
    Front short behind Long

  56. And when you are ready to marry and settle down all you need to do is cut it! Instant clear message. Saves a lot of talk.

  57. Will Strong. As you know, no one can wear a mullet like you. Maybe you should plan for the next mullet festival in Australia.

  58. Man evil never dies. It just resurfaces at a later time and different place but it's the same. Always the same. Lol

  59. Jonathan Walker, is this something we should do next year? You can grow a great mullet in that time and embrace your inner bogan

  60. Ben . Perhaps too much beauty in one spot. I don’t know if I could handle if I was there 🤭

  61. "you've got to grow a mullet at least once in your time" ... Kevin Justin you're set for life, no more mullets for you!!

  62. Elise Drag Astrid Hylen Klippenberg om dere noen gang lurer på hva slags kulturelle eventer byen jeg bor i har å by på. Er vel på høyde med NY og europa

  63. No... I have lived in Australia for a total of more than 30 years now, but it is not something that rocks my boat.

  64. People posting negatively should try the blind mullet instead. I think it would suit a lot of the Yanks.

  65. I remember! When I was living in Melbourne, all my schoolmates have one, even some girls have it too! 😄

  66. Michael I think that was you I saw in the background of that first shot right? Never miss a year of (mullet)#fest