More than a million illegal immigrants scored California driver's licenses, state DMV announces

More than a million illegal immigrants scored California driver's licenses, state DMV announces
Image from: Fox News

The California DMV announced that as of March 31, 1,001,000 illegal immigrants have received licenses, according to a report Wednesday.

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  1. Meanwhile took almost a year before i was even allowed to take the written test because i had to wait for my legal papers- Legal immigrant.🙄

  2. that means that illlegals can register to vote. The Dems scheme to get votes and eventually gain total control over the USA.

  3. We should throw California OUT of this Country! They want to make their own rules and live by their own laws, then let them FEND FOR THEMSELVES!!!!!

  4. Liberals can differentiate between eighty-four gender types. But don’t know the difference between LEGAL and ILLEGAL!

  5. If they are now able to vote in California, the Fed should nullify the states vote in all Federal elections.

  6. In Oregon they are automatically registering people to vote with a drivers license or ID card. I bet California is doing it too...that is how they are voting and it isn't hidden so any politician saying they don't vote are full of it. This is how they are getting around it

  7. I had to show all but a DNA test to get my license redone when i moved. But Illegals can just "obtain" one? I was born here and lived here all my life. Why should they be given yet one more "free pass"???

  8. I think the federal government should invade California

  9. This is precisely why you cannot accept the State Issued Driver's License to vote. It is voter fraud waiting to happen.

  10. How without a social security card and birth certificate that stupid I just went to the DMV today and it was a f****** nightmare

  11. Russia is slowly creeping into our country and must be stopped.We need a president who will do this.Clearly Trump is not the one.His removal along with his cronies needs to be immediate.Impeachment procedures need to start now...

  12. In SC, my 15 year old needed a social security card, his birth certificate, his passport or other picture ID AND proof of residence. Without documentation, no learners' permit.

  13. I know several people who have been in accidents with illegal aliens here in Oregon, not one of the illegal aliens showed up in court.

  14. Any election in California needs to be contested and recounted and if there are illegal votes the democrat politicians need to be arrested and shot.

  15. Hunt them down.along with millions of others,kick them out of this country,Being they shoe NO RESPECT OF LAW.

  16. Those licenses need to be made void....They are illegal. They are against our constitution because they use these to vote. Only legal US citizens can vote.

  17. Does that mean the California dmv just admitted that there is 1 million illegals in their state & have known addresses?

  18. So this means we deduct that number of votes from the next presidentual election as well as congressional races from there, right?

  19. Yup.brown made sure of that.thats all you need to vote with. He also is passing a bill taking half of everyone's pensions when they retire. Money goes to support illegals and welfare receipts. California is finished.

  20. So... more than a million ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS now have California driver's licenses and will be VOTING ILLEGALLY? JERRY BROWN you are a CRIMINAL for allowing voters fraud in your state!

  21. Illegals have been voting for years. That is the only reason Hillary won the “popular” vote made up of illegals, dead people and rigged voting machines.

  22. Liberals never stop amazing me with their utter ignorance and pure stupidity. Liberalism needs to be classified as a mental health disorder to protect us all from it.

  23. if they know they are illegal why are getting drivers licenses??? cuff em stuff em... oh wait it comes down to money for California, oh wait let me guess if your an illegal alien you probably do nt have to pay for it, only the tax payers do

  24. Time for the citizens of this country to sue California, and other cities/states like Chicago, Illinois, who have caused this , and thus have caused Those here illegally to vote, and take away the vote of citizens. Our country is a mess, 23 Trillion National debt, lawlessness, and voting from foreign nationalist.

  25. We have to be one of the only countries that allows illegal aliens to vote and obtain licenses. What good is it to have laws if we don't enforce them?

  26. They're going to drive whether or not they have a license. Better to give them a license which requires testing and fees than not at all.

  27. Well, if they know that much and are counting them, they have the names, OH MY...a database of illegals LMAOROFL!!! OK ICE< do your duty!!!

  28. THEY ARE ILLEGALS!!! They should NOT be able to get driver's licenses! That is a right and privilege reserved for legal citizens of this country!!!

  29. This is unacceptable. Cut off all federal funds to every single thing in California. They will not obey the law and they need to pay the price by losing funds

  30. California should not be allowed to participate in Federal elections going forward. To vote for President, one needs to be a U.S. citizen. They can't even pretend to make believe their voting roles contain no illegal voters. No California. No more Democratic Presidents.

  31. Yay, that’s something to brag about. 🙄 California is a big part of the problem. Time to start arresting mayors and government officials who aid illegals.

  32. This makes me very upset. California is trying to get all the illegal aliens a right to vote. They are not citizens and do not get a vote.

  33. Same thing here in Washington state and if you can't read English you can request an interpreter and you can take the exam orally. Once you've received a drivers license it is the only ID you need if you want to register to vote.

  34. Ridiculous! Our country is being taken over by our own stupid politicians, We need men and women that love this country more than Democratic votes. Our country is up for sale by the liberals.

  35. My husband just had to get his driver's license... Had to have a passport proof of residency is birth certificate and Social Security card... It is. Smith at California is doing their own thing. My friend that I went to school with was in an accident with an illegal and was almost killed. Of course they didn't show up in court. They shouldn't be given license.

  36. That means that California and any other state that issues license to known illegalls are 1.) encouraging identity theft (have to have a SS# to get one) and 2.) encouraging people to drive without insurance.

  37. Is it just me or has the USA become somewhat like a cat lady of the world. The illegals are like cats, they just show up and never leave and we wonder where they came from or who dropped or brought them to our door.

  38. Why do we give America away so freely??? Usually something that you " just give away" is something that has no real meaning.. Being an American should be a treasured stature.

  39. It is a violation of the Constitution being that will be used for voting privlige's. This is as define as foreign influence on elections. It is treason! Those same people gave ID's so people could vote against Trump as well and all should be charged for treason and to the highest extent of the law. Those in office must be impeached.

  40. Of course they did. Means more to the dems in votes. Dems don't care about our country or our well being . it's all about control to them . pass that law that ALL voters must be registered citizens problem solved . Build the Wall please .

  41. Cut off all federal funding from Cali at this point and just nullify any of their national election results and any elected House or Senate member. This is a blatant disregard for the law and if they believe the laws they should be bound to are only those of Cali, then they should only have say over that state and only have funds received in that state. Heck, build a wall around them too and just give them to Mexico.

  42. Also in California, a Persian woman opened fire on people at the Youtube headquarters. Goes to show you that the Liberals do not care about protecting American lives. They only care about stealing the Hispanic vote.

  43. I had 3 hit and runs in Bay Area. No license, totaled 2 of my cars. My insurance company should investigate, instead of using my uninsured drivers premium, which by the way I pay for 🙈😂

  44. Should one of those illegals with a California license cause damage and injuries in another state citizens should be free to sue California. also in order to protect American Citizens TSA should not honor licenses issues by sanctuary states as a form of valid ID.

  45. Then someone has handed them test copies beforehand OR they have access to online test questions. I took my DMV test a few months back: several questions demand a fair degree of knowledge of the English language-- else you get tripped up. I had to read one question 3 times. Once I was scored I mentioned to the tester that a particular question was ''questionable''(I kill me) to answer correctly even though I knew the answer. I had changed it already --but that 'stuck' with me.

  46. Well, we now know how many illegal votes for the fall election will be cast! It is time to deny them any "Federal" voting rights! Sessions better get moving quick before the fall elections! But this has been going on for decades in California, do you think it is about time that Social Security start checking for legal SS#?

  47. The good people of Cali need to move out and let it sink. LE will be extinct before long, and you’ll have to defend yourself the best way you can

  48. Yep they did this so if ID was required to vote these illegals would have one. If California rejects and breaks federal law then they and every other state that follows this BS should be excluded from the voting process of Real Americans in a real American election process!!

  49. Driver's licenses issued for the sole purpose of allowing them to vote. This is also why Democrats are so opposed to having to show a photo ID to vote.

  50. I feel bad for people in California they have to pay so much and for illegals so they can live for free. it really has become a haven. sad what a beautiful state and people will be forced to move the same thing is happening in New York my Daugther and her husband make so much money and have none left because of taxes.

  51. So why in the hell did I have to prove my life history to renew my license and to get a secure Id this is so wrong

  52. So if an illegal can figure out how to get a driver's license why do Democrats think it is appalling when people say there should be an ID check at polls?

    It obviously isn't that hard...

  53. Name one city or state under democratic leadership that is prospering economically, or environmentally?

  54. The California DMV should be required to report these illegal alien names and addresses, as illegals have no rights in America, since they are not citizens.

  55. If they aren't allowed to vote why are the registering them at the DMV and don't tell me they're not because I've seen it with my own eyes

  56. If they know they are illegal how is that possible and if they didn't know till after it was issued why wouldn't they rescind the license?

  57. Well that's just lovely... Do they even speak or read English? How do they pass these tests... or do people in California just get them granted like a free pass or something.?

  58. All votes in the next upcoming national elections should and must be disqualified....these California elected officials need to be arrested....blatant neglect and lawlessness, they are not above the law

  59. should be easy to round them up for deportation then and should also nullify Californias votes in a national election due to them knowingly allow illegal voters to vote

  60. Surprised Governor brown doesn’t buy them houses and cars and clothes and give them whatever they want! Oh wait he already does!

  61. Florida pulled that move a few years ago .free immunity!!! Under the Obama administration. They didn't do it cause it was believed to be a trap or awe of keeping tabs on them

  62. Tell me how does someone who is illegally in the country get a govt issued driver’s license unless the state govt. is aiding and abetting their illegality.

  63. They are here illegally. How do you do anything legal after that? How do you show up and ask for a drivers license when you shouldn’t even be in the country? The CA legislature should be tried in federal courts for treason.

  64. No matter how hard the Democrats try to rig the next election (bc last time didn't work) God is still in control and has the last say!! We just need to pray without ceasing!

  65. So how does California confirm that they insure their vehicles? Can a US citizen file a lawsuit against the state if they lose a loved one to an illegal immigrant that didn’t have car insurance?

  66. Brown is an idiot and is ruining California. People are leaving California every day, and who could blame them?

  67. And just what LEGAL forms of ID did they present to get these? As an American Citizen... we have to show SS card, proof of insurance and all kinds of other forms of ID. And just how can illegals vote? This is no bueno!

  68. How does an illegal person receive a drivers license? I had to provide my SS card, birth certificate and marriage license. I don’t understand this.

  69. So California. You advertise for people to visit, but have this. I guess if someone is injured, killed or has severe property damage due to the actions of am illegal that the state will be on the hook, since most of them won't have insurance.

  70. Please tell me why this is allowed? Unbelievable! Our country was founded on the rule of law. Time for some action from our DOJ. Talk about collusion and interfering in elections.....wanna bet they vote? Disgusting.