Mongoose Pup Playing Around

Mongoose Pup Playing Around

Mongoose Pup Playing Around

Posted by National Geographic April 4, 2018, 10:32 p.m.

This mongoose pup will crack you up too.

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  1. her laughter is as adorable as the mongoose is!

  2. 1. It would have been more entertaining if Snoop Dogg had narrated this.
    2. So is plural form for mongoose, mongeese? 😆🤔

  3. If i happen to come across that bird in real, i am going to turn around and run faster than a cheetah. That bird looks like a baby dinosaur from Jurassic Park. 😱😱😱🏃🏃🏃🐆🐆🐆

  4. That poor bird is so confused XD

  5. In the end that bird looks so confused 😍

  6. I love this. The mongoose was too funny but the best part was the narrator getting so tickled when she thought the baby mongoose was playing dead. :)

  7. I have watched this sighting with Tayla several times and can't help laughing every time. Who knew that Mongoose did this!

  8. Those 2 are actually symbiotic relationship. Mongoose chases insects to hornbill while hornbill alert leopard, eagle, and other larger predators

  9. Too cute, hilarious and so smart. Survival of the fittest at its best 🤣 I enjoyed watching them play in our front yard in Hawaii!

  10. The bird is thinking these guys are crazy!

  11. That look on that hornbill is epic. Hornbill wandering around the grass, suddenly a pup plays dead. Hornbill "The hell you doing?.... back off from me you idiot. I don't know you." Walks aways.

  12. That deserves a laugh. The mongoose is quite a daring one, I can’t imagine him seeking cover. This really is a funny scene!

  13. Eleonora I just imagine it was Emily running up to you for attention, not getting any, then dying lol

  14. I thought he was playing "dead" like opossums!! LOL😜

  15. Zoe you're the bird and kaitlyn, diane and I are the mongooses annoying you while you try and be a good student

  16. Joseph hol up, did you see mongoose on your 🅱️olorado trip? What was the name of that rodent you saw

  17. aww i knew it wanted to play... thats what our dog does when she wants to play sometimes 😂 Leo Stroud

  18. National Geographic
    Thank you for sharing this video 😊 .This was so cute nature being adorable.♥️

  19. Daniel Harrold hornbill is like a postgrad looking at undergrads (mongooses)

  20. Poor Zazu, first getting tackled by lions, now this.

  21. An excellent and funny narrative, like those adorable mongooses

  22. Dave Quynh Lauren eeeeek! I’m going to need one of these to go with our flock of otters 😬

  23. The bird was unimpressed with their shenanigans.

  24. Plays dead very well, just not
    Very long.

  25. Maja Pickles I absolutely adore mongoose with all my heart look at them they're so damn cute

  26. He probably wants to play😊 surprised he is exposing his underside so he can't me too scared 😳

  27. Cam Cam lol 😊 not playing dead, inviting it to play with him 😂


  29. Sam theyre trying to wrestle like how u do

  30. it a sly Maui mongoose though?

  31. Teppy act weird so no one takes the empty seat

  32. Ginita Trombetta nananan mira esto
    Parece un dibujito animado
    Las mangostas pelotudeando al pajaro

  33. I'm dead, I'm not dead, funny little buggars....

  34. zazu always breaking up the fun

  35. That is great. LOL Smart little critters.

  36. Jimmy Bt when yo food starts playin witchu

  37. Survival and play instincts! Too cute

  38. Ana i hope you find this amusig xD

  39. Very funny and smart, i love i't.

  40. Taylor, is Sadie a mongoose pup?

  41. Thx it wouldn't load for me on the other post

  42. so funny, like me in the Sunday´s morning

  43. Lol adorable when the pup plays dead 😂

  44. the hornbill got out of there! so funny..

  45. Don't smoke marijuana while on safari

  46. Jajajaja pero que pequeña tan Hollywood Jajajaja haciéndose la muerta Jajajaja estos seres hermososssss aprender todos a respetar todo ser vivo 👍🏼

  47. Check out these crazy Mongoose.

  48. play with the mongoose? or i will find some food to eat? - Hornbill. 😂

  49. This is my reaction when people try to converse with me on airplane rides 😂

  50. So funny that the mongoose playing dead, and the bird don't care..hahahhhahha..😀😀😀

  51. Mayura Nawal - me whenever I see any work at all XD - but damnnn it's so cuteee

  52. That’s cute! The bird didn’t know what to do! It left! A very “birds” thing to do! Cute little guys!

  53. Kymmy this little cutie idiot 😂😍

  54. den første jeg tænkte på var dig Simon Let's Go Madsen ... ved ikke hvorfor :) men savner dig ihvertfald <3

  55. Ravenna---catowlfoxmonkey...mongoose?

  56. Maurice Makosso regarde la stratégie,même dans la forêt il y a marmaille,je suis versé

  57. Someone send this to Ozzy Man for his review 👍🏻

  58. I was specting the hornbill to eviscerate one of those mangeese (¿?

  59. If the narrator would pipe down, it would be more enjoyable 😌

  60. Marisol, no son perritos, pero están igual de tiernos :3

  61. Emma Foley these mongooses think that they can fight anything 💪🤣

  62. Amy Roselleiai I'm actually dying 😂 😂 this is the kind of wildlife you'll see in Lithuania 😂😂

  63. Chris Thomas I want a baby mongoose for my birthday....