Meatless Dog Food Startup Launches With $4 Million

Meatless Dog Food Startup Launches With $4 Million
Image from: The Wall Street Journal

Vegan dog food. It’s a thing.

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  1. It’s great we force our human desires on our pets...

    Look, unless your dog HAS A VERY SPECIFIC ailment affecting the liver, kidneys, etc there is no justification for this. Ever.

  2. Animals need protein, and animal protein is the way nature has done it for, like, a long time.

    Fun fact: you can cook for your pets, just make sure it's the food your doctors say you're supposed to be eating

  3. While dogs can survive on a plant base diet, I wouldn’t be trusting some company to do this. I would be searching for a veterinarian nutritionist. Because there is still a health risk if it’s done wrong. Dogs are more omnivores like us humans, but cats are obligate carnivores and well basically asking for a dead cat if you try to convert a cat to a vegan diet.

  4. Dogs are different than cats. Cats must have meat for taurine. Dogs are more omnivorous. However, they have very small digestive tracks and cannot digest some of the items that would be needed to make up for the loss in protein by not using meat.

  5. I would love to hear more proof behind the claim that most dog foods contain byproducts of euthanized animals? Obviously if true, that’s horrifying. But i want to see the hard science behind that before I make a judgment. Someone who is trying to make money on their product saying it in an article isn’t enough.

  6. My daughter makes her dog food. It includes rice, veggies, eggs, peanut butter, and CHICKEN/BEEF AND has no garbage the dog food cartels include. Very healthy and happy pup. (A deeply beloved Grandog!)

  7. You guys are all crazy.... The dogs will be fine....I mean, come on... look at the the Vegan lions at the San Francisco zoo. 😂

  8. Dogs can be you really think your domesticated dog could kill enough to actually sustain life? I wouldn’t feed my dogs this stuff but I mean it’s not that crazy.

  9. Vegan isn't a phylosophy that suits me either. I add sardines, green beans, blue berries and canned dog food that is mostly meat to dry dog food and save some of my fish or chicken and salad for my big dog. My little dog won't eat green beans, blue berries, salad.

  10. The lamest thing ever. A doggie will eat a dead animal or person, or feces, before they eat a plant. Look it up.

  11. Tonight I accidently got a piece of green bean in our little dogs food She ate ALL of her food but the green bean

  12. How much for a bag of animal cruelty?

  13. Those poor poor puppies. That seems like animal abuse to me.

  14. What about genetically modifying the dogs to make them more ... herbivore?

  15. Guaranteed to make your dog hate you in less than a week

  16. Did anyone bother to mention to them dogs are CARNIVOROUS???

  17. At least they can't annoy all their friends telling them about their veganism.

  18. Wouldn't it be enough to feed your dog with a chocolate instead?

  19. sorry, this is a nutty idea--dogs are omnivores

  20. "It's a thing."

    It shouldn't be.

  21. This sounds like an oxymoron if I’ve ever heard one.

  22. I've been a vegetarian for 30 years and would never force this on my pets.

  23. It’s counter to millions of years of evolution. Dogs need meat period.

  24. Dogs are carnivorous. Cats are obligate carnivores. Veganism isn't a philosophy that suits them.

  25. Not feeding your dog meat is animal abuse. Seriously.

  26. It's insane. Someone could have used this money to feed homeless people.

  27. Dogs require meat. You wanna be vegan, be vegan. Leave your dogs out of it.

  28. I can tell this would be a great stock to short if they trade on the NYSE

  29. Sure...vegan dogs? Maybe they will learn to MOO.

  30. Obviously for all of the herbivorous dog species.

  31. Olivia Salela your two favorite things

  32. Mariah Ariahmay Cole for rocky honey and billy... oh and desna and Chanel Carolina Obregon

  33. No veggie burgers for my dog!! 😕

  34. Puuuuhhhleeze! They are CARNIVORES!

  35. Dogs are carnivorous animals. Period.

  36. I'll take animal abuse for 100 Alex

  37. Morgan Walls Marietta Walls watch out Blue Buffalo!