Max Verstappen in the snow

Max Verstappen in the snow
Image from: F1

Here's Max Verstappen and Red Bull Racing proving F1 cars can run in snow 👊 ❄️

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  1. Season finale should be an ice/snow race with double points finish! :D

  2. There’s the solution to curner-cutting issues in F1: Replace run-off areas with 200ft vertical drops. That’ll teach them to stay inside the white lines!!

  3. The best about this video? There is no Halo!

  4. They should add a snow track to Tournament. It would put F1 on whole new level. :D

  5. Omg everyone is talking about the halo, the guy is feet from the edge of a mountain driving an F1 car in snow. Must be crazy to do that.

  6. Why not? Why not race 12 months a year, in all weather cinditions including snow and ice? F1 is meant to be a precursor for safety in road cars and lots of countries (Canada, Scandinavia, Russia etc) have a lot of driving in the snow, so lets see the motorsports help every one not just the sunshine celebrities.

  7. Thank THE LORD the "grid girls" weren't there ... I was scared I was going to be offended if the 3 seconds of them smiling was going to be shown ...

  8. Didn't want to watch but couldn't take my eyes off the screen 😱. Max any chance of a lift to work in the morning? Thanks 😂

  9. Loved that he did this as publicity for the team and if I recall he ended up getting a fine for potentially damaging the climate

  10. the chains on those tires are as heavy as
    it's either you drag them down or them them tires drag you down the cliff.those who can't do the math about weight and horizontal velocity may now stfu.(╹◡╹)i'm 12 but NASA's already offered me a job build,design rockets for them.i'll mathematically kill anyone who criticizes my crushes

  11. I just want 2 things to go back to F1: 1 A race in the snow.
    2 Oval circuit race
    Since neither will ever occur, I will follow far.

  12. That wasn't very impressive. I'm guessing suspension geometry kinda sucked without the splitter. Also, why no studded snow tires or something?

  13. That'd be awesome to watch. An F1 race on cool That'd be!!!!
    Especially in mountainous terrain. Mountain on one side. Rocky cliff on the other...

  14. Why putting his life in risk to prove what!? Also, it seems to me that he’s running without the halo, which won’t guarantee his place in heaven!! 😆😇🤣😂😇

  15. I would say its a little bit dragging the old cows out of the moat. But then again i've only been here since this video released as a new thing

  16. This is insane, only a few feet from the edge of the mountain, WTF are you kidding me let a F1 driver do this advertised activity

  17. can you see the tyres, the chains, the suspension??? because theres no HALO and he is driving in snow!!!! GET RID OF HALO!

  18. Now try going upside down on a tunnel.

    Can you do that? I would. Just show me how to drive one of those things

  19. is this slow motion or real action?? wwkwkw really F1? are you sure dude ... i thought the car as fast as lightning not like a cab

  20. Exceptionally boring, from the last few seasons Formula 1, definitely should take place in the snow.

  21. Joe & Daniel and we have standard road cars that can't drive in snow, or it the drivers!!!!! Lol

  22. It would be cool to see an F1 car with skis in the front and tracks on the back !! Maybe a new kind of race !

  23. Needs bigger wheels with the chains on. Will be able to get more of the power down will lesser wheel spin

  24. Col cazzo sarebbero noiosissime logicamente vanno lentissimi e per i meno bravi sarebbe un disastro! In aggiunta con l ' halo!

  25. This video proves even more, No halo looks better and that the sound of a F1 car can be brutale beautifull..

  26. now that what i call f1 skiing go go max win this yr got bet on my bro u come in top five if u dont win

  27. Deemed safe enough to do without a halo. 😂

  28. Aurore Fleuriot Stephane Jacquin Je retourne au ski l'année prochaine avec plaisir, un petit forfait semaine F1 moi je dis pas non !

  29. And some people can't drive an ordinary car on 3mm of snow! 😂

  30. Federico, insegnagli come si fa la streif invece di baloccarsi sopra la partenza...
    Lorenzo Guido Giulia

  31. Anas Khan lets be a part of this race whenever it happens 🤩🤩 Pratyush Srivastava Viplove Jain sab chalo 😄

  32. They deleted the clip where he hit a snowman, reindeer and yeti

  33. All good fun till a Snow Chain takes your Face off 🙈

  34. New Winter Olympic sport for Bejing?

  35. They let a *Dutch* guy drive in snow?!?

  36. wtf I thought he was gonna blow the engine

  37. Actual footage of the testing in Barcelona - Oliver Kasper ❄️😆

  38. Wy we don’t have a racing in this circumstance?

  39. This is what the British GP Silverstone track will be like. ☃🌨🏎

  40. This is what happens when you have Cubic Dollars and no sense.

  41. Red Bull Racing do some cool entertaining stuff 👍👍
    Luke Borgula

  42. Isn't that just very very dangerous lol

  43. Alonso said 'the McLaren performing well in the snow so far.' Today at Barcelona.

  44. Put some paddles or spikes on the tires and get after it!!!

  45. Haha would of loved to of seen a snowmobile shoot up the inside 😂

  46. He is not faster than Ester Ledecka anyway :D

  47. Matthew Batchelor the tekkers this geeza has man 💯

  48. I could watch this video in loop for ages 😍

  49. Still faster than last seasons mcLaren 😂

  50. Marc Marquez did this ages ago on his Repsol Honda Moto Gp bike. Can drive any car on snow with snow chains no matter the horsepower, take them off and let see how good you are.

  51. Thankfully there were no grid girls present, someone could've lost an eye in that weather..

  52. Aglae CG los motores no lo se... me tranqulizan esos acelerones :$ PRECIOSURA DE RB:D

  53. Traction control working overtime here.

  54. Side of a mountain? Woah, I’m terrified just looking at it

  55. Beth Machin this needs to be an F1 track, like one intense mountain snow track

  56. They deleted the clip where he got beaten by a rally driver 😂

  57. Parece que ta fazendo uma vitamina de banana e abacate com a tampa aberta do liquidificador!!!!! Ridículo essa motorização pra que m largava tudo e ía pra Interlagos assitir a F1 !!!! 2.500 kms não era nada pra rodar e sentir o arrepio dos MOTORES !!!! Hj é isso ....... que méérrrda !!!

  58. Alexis Bouchard C'est pas ce que tu faisais avec ton automobile à ce fameux rallye de Finlande ?

  59. Que padrísimo correr F1 sobre la nieve, algo fantástico par@ los pilotos...!!!

  60. Jonathan Hall that beginning drop on the left makes me incredibly uncomfortable 😂

  61. they can, doesnt mean they should

  62. Jaynil can you imagine a snowy F1 race?!!😂

  63. Henry James I get scared if I snowboard too closely to a massive drop off 😳

  64. John Calvert Sue Moore just when you have seen it all! 😉👍

  65. Kevin ab nächster Saison offiziell im rennkalender haha

  66. F1 cars can run in snow because there's no halos

  67. Marcos tu vois que pour finir une F1 ca peut meme rouler sous la neige... :)

  68. Chris Ozaki I wonder what kind of clearance they had to make for the chains

  69. Susan you say your car is not built for snow❄️