Mary Mack Stand-Up 03/12/18

Mary Mack Stand-Up 03/12/18

Mary Mack Stand-Up 03/12/18

Posted by Conan O'Brien Presents: Team Coco March 13, 2018, 4:39 p.m.

"Tater tots care about you. Not salad. Salad is cold and unconcerned with your problems.” - Mary Mack on comfort food #CONAN

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  1. love ron funches' laugh, just delightful. Mary mack is hilarious

  2. Her material is great but her timing is off. Too many long pauses between lines. Like she is trying to remember her next line.

  3. She sounds like one of Maria Bamford's impressions.

  4. I find tater tots disgusting, they have this weird texture and just generally creep me out. I have the memory as a kid of Han Solo slicing open a Taun-taun in Star Wars to place a frozen Luke Skywalker inside and seeing the Taun-taun guts spill out, those white lumpy guys remind of tater tots.

  5. It's hard to find good female comics. This is one of them

  6. She was funny and keep in mind all ND and MN. Residents Don’t have the accent like that but some do

  7. And then she lost her comic timing at NPR ...

  8. Kept wondering how she really talks.

  9. Geoffrey Smith you don't win friends with salad... but Tater Tots maybe!!

  10. One of her rougher sets if you ask me ... she is a great comic and a wonderful writer though.

  11. Conan why did your FB team cut her off? You don’t cut your male comedians off...

  12. Sarah Beth Brea Alyssa Daggett I'm obsessed with her, somehow stumbled upon her and have seen a few of her bits

  13. Wisconsin women don't look like her lol

  14. Grace Prechtel Carrie Prechtel I can't decide who this reminds me of more

  15. Daniel Petersheim you could have ended up with a girl like her

  16. Amy Elizabeth Weirich Jenny Weirich her love for potatoes is almost as great as yours

  17. Aubrey Voboril she shares your love of tots.

  18. She sounds like Stuart's mom from MAD TV!

  19. Somebody give this lady a TV show.

  20. Some pretty good bits here. I like it

  21. I like Mary Mac....but I liked her other Conan routine better.

  22. Mary's awesome. Her interview with Marc Maron is great.

  23. Josh Njaa we need to brush up on our accents 😂😂😂

  24. Kristine has she been reading your diary? 🤔

  25. She's not funny in my opinion 😪

  26. Adwait Deshmukh Sharwari Chandwadkar watch this! I laughed my heart out!

  27. Eric Val Marissa Lincoln Dave Justin Dave Gretchen Chazz Eric