Marijuana's 4/20 holiday tied to rise in fatal car crashes, study finds

Marijuana's 4/20 holiday tied to rise in fatal car crashes, study finds
Image from: ABC News

Other studies have found a similarly elevated risk linked with alcohol and driving on Super Bowl Sunday and New Year's Eve.

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  1. “study lacks evidence on whether pot was involved in any of the April 20 crashes”

  2. Intoxicated driving is more than just alcohol people. Like it or not, marijuana impairs you.

  3. The article doesn't specify much but the way they link the accidents to marijuana use is too weak, not even worthy taking it seriously. They even say "The study lacks evidence on whether pot was involved in any of the April 20 crashes".
    Looks like pure and simple terror campaign.

  4. The government is trying sooooo hard to delegalize marijuana by blaming it on everything now all a sudden...Before more states started putting medical marijuana on their ballets we never heard of marijuana being linked to anything unless a person was robbed & killed for it...But i bet if anybody check the profit chart ratings with these Pharmaceuticals we'd see EXACTLY why their so angry....

  5. When people say Trump isn't establishment yet America overwhelmingly supports legalization and msm runs a hit piece on marijuana as AG Sessions plots his next anti-pot campaign.

  6. Well there's probably a couple Patriots fans that got loaded and intentionally decided to off themselves in cars after the Super Bowl

  7. Sounds like Jeff Sessions made up this study

  8. holidays have ALWAYS been tied to some kind of studies by some studymakers. Gotta keep grant money coming in. Where's the whiskey...

  9. They just figuring this out, HELLO! wake up people, how much tax dollars were spent / wasted to get imformation we already know...

  10. Them just want to spread propaganda and find more ways to get money off you and ban you from driving it does not do anything like drink you can’t tell if someone smokes cannabis but you can tell when you drink it messes you up but come off it you people just want to control peoples life

  11. There's no solid evidence that supports this article
    And considering the studies are done on people that don't smoke marijuana regularly, they're dismissible.
    Why not do a study on the correlation between campaign donations for senators and the way they vote, and while you're at it actually, it would be super helpful if you could let us know how to turn America into a true democracy instead of this Abomination we call a Republic.

  12. This was a dumb story, this story is irrelevant until they can back it up with facts and data! Which non of that information was given!!

  13. Study showed no evidence of that read your own article??? Have you guys lost the plot you’re posting false information on marijuana

  14. Marijuana actually improves my driving ability

  15. Now ABC is going to peddle this crap after CBS posted it 4 times yesterday.

    “The study lacks evidence on whether pot was involved in any of the April 20 crashes, but marijuana can impair driving ability.”

    As legalization nears, the establishment smears! 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻

  16. In other news, farts have been found to smell bad.

  17. Not everyone is going to react to the drug in the same way. Weed can make some people paranoid, delusional, and unable to walk or move.

  18. Here they go again. This government of ours is a hot mess.

  19. Must have been the slowest crashes every witnessed.

  20. Alcohol is far more dangerous then marijuana but when you combine the two is where the problem is

  21. Who wrote this?? Orange Hilter and Mr Burns aka Jeff Sessions 😒😒

  22. Im just here to read the stoners excuses, LOl

  23. Are they still trying this lol

  24. Maybe we should ban all motorized vehicles on those days.

  25. It's probably from people getting high and waiting for a stop sign to turn green. Lmao

  26. How high is high??! You can only become so high and after the so high who do you think you're fooling??!

  27. There's no truth there, genius, just a random observation. No correlation with anything, no testing done

  28. Wow, what a misleading headline. Typical of ABC news though, so not surprised.

  29. Are the studies carried out by the same people who made it illegal?.....yeah.....think about it

  30. ABC seems to taking it's cues from Fox With misleading headlines.

  31. I'd rather have a bunch of stoners driving than drowsy drivers around me.

  32. It's been happening for years....and now all of a sudden there's a rise in fatal car crashes?

  33. Bahahaha, who knew, looks like the excuse book is out the window! Just say no to drugs!

  34. Only thing that ever impaired me was the slow lane and a cop in the median

  35. the christians are at it more try :)

  36. ABC... Loves advertising dollars from big pharma. Post misleading article about pot. Think they will report accurately about the next war? Always follow the money.

  37. It does lead to increased use of Doritos.

  38. Just like alcohol dont drink and drive. It's the drivers fault not the alcohol or marijuana.

  39. Drunk driving, however, was found to be safe, the report, authored by Mel Gibson and Jeff Sessions, went on to say.

  40. No surprise there, well, the potheads will be surprised.

  41. Duh. Why are we fighting to legalize it!!

  42. They don’t even say all the deaths were linked to cannabis on 4/20

  43. 4:20 that al holiday not mines weed make al dumb not me

  44. Face it: Stoners don't drive well or safely. They end up causing wrecks around them.

    Drug-driving is no better than drink-driving.

  45. Let an honest person like me do the study instead of some negative sob thats pathetic and a liar???

  46. Fake news because high people can't even get out the driveway