Make Up Skill: Recreate Female Stars' Look

Make Up Skill: Recreate Female Stars' Look

Make Up Skill: Recreate Female Stars' Look

Posted by 9GAG Feb. 26, 2018, 9:11 p.m.

Teach me senpai!

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  1. Him: I think we need to see other people

    Her: okay

  2. Marry this girl she can be any woman you want.. Lolol.

  3. Is it just me or everyone else here feel unsatisfied seeing only half of the face done?

  4. When you are a wife of an Arab & don't want him to go to 3 more wives.

  5. This is a real situation when you call someone MAKE UP ARTIST 🙂

  6. It's 2am here I am just going to sleep but after seeing her horrible face now I am not able to sleep whole night ...😑🤕whenever I close my eyes see this face 😢

  7. There's always an Asian better than you.... and the list goes on

  8. what kind of sorcery is this???

  9. And I can barely apply mascara without it smudging 😬

  10. I want her to be my GF ...she would be "painted" everyday a different chick, I get to F different girls but not cheating ....PERFECT!! lol :P

  11. Isn't this essentially blackface...?

  12. Lisa und ich habs schon beim lidstrich aufgegeben. schade eigentlich, wäre da talent vorhanden hätte ich auch ne coole influencerin/make up artistin/famegöörl werden können :( oder ist talent optional? 😂

  13. i can imagine how hillarious it'd be for anyone in their house to wake up one day and they have TRUMP or Michael Jackson in their john.. lol

  14. this is why i have trust issues

  15. sorry guys,,, she cant do both sides.,, its because doing such means she need to stuff both her nose ... hehe

  16. Fatima Zahra Oubelkasse Laila Kim Roukaya Khaldaoui Nassima Ait imagine being married to this girl. Everyday you'll come home to find a different person 😂😂

  17. Aoife Cleere possible wedding make up, half your face, half Tay Tays 😂😂 i think Billy would have a heart attack🤣🤣

  18. Me conformo con que me enseñe a tapar mi maldito barro, es que de verdad no es posible!!! 😩 whyyyy yisus!? Karla Gc Wolf Fernanda Herrera Maria Paulina Flórez Cano

  19. Lygia :O teach me senpai !! except the last one failed a bit

  20. And this is why guys cant trust women😂

  21. With the power of make-up, you can be anyone 😂

  22. Make up is seriously such an art 😍😍😍😍😍😍 amazing really really amazing

  23. Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    There is always an asian
    Better than you

  24. Wow that's unbelievable I can't even do my mascara 😂😂😂😂

  25. Breno "marry this girl she can br any woman you want" AHAHAHAHAHA

  26. Thats why i had fckin trust issues.

  27. To complete the Taylor look she sang horribly and got dumped by 3 men in a row.

  28. Rabee that's why i have trust issues 😲

  29. Katie meanwhile I can't even get my eyeliner to go in an even wing

  30. This is why I have trust issues

  31. Ivana mindfuck to the boys bye haha

  32. Jessica Yong Faye Qi she can literally turn herself into anyone 😱😱

  33. Iara , sempre lembro de vc falando das meninas nas fotos.

  34. This is why i have trust issues.

  35. Get you a girl that can do both, of all of them

  36. Regarde !!! Et dire que nous on galère pour tracer l'eyeliner 😐😐😐 Lily Scott

  37. Lisa-Marie Mrb oh purée elle se gave ! N'empêche quand elle se démaquille ça devient une autre personne lol

  38. So weird when they put those plastic things in their noses

  39. No mams el de tu novia esta cabron (la de 2 broke girls) Chuy Medina

  40. Josyane Albuquerque ela é pft velho, qualquer maquiagem se encaixa nela, QUALQUER PESSOA! olha isso.

  41. Laurie Langlois sacramant avoir su tout ce temps jme promenerais pas avec ma face actuelle esti

  42. Anni und ich kriege nicht mal einen Winged eyeliner hin 🙈

  43. Sonia Guerrero Mira esto nmms , puede ser quien quiera .
    Que sad , yo apenas y puedo ponerme rimel , y con Trabajo , luego me mancho el parpado .

  44. Holly i need these make up skills lol

  45. The two broke girls one really blew me away

  46. Jessi wenn i des kannt .. i dads jeden Tag machen 😒

  47. This shape-shifting siren must be stealing souls for a demon lord. You go girl.

  48. Amra e kad ti kazu da si se nacrtala pokazi im ovaj klip

  49. Richard Bylka el maquillage yasna3 el mo3djiza, ça me fait penser à qlqn

  50. Luca Migliaro la prima sei tu che vuoi entrare al concerto di Taylor senza biglietto

  51. Mary nice kaau siya mu make uo bes oh kuyaw kaau ning make up noh?usab gyud anh nawunh as in

  52. who else wants to be asian after watching this? 😂😂😂😂

  53. Nelsie Lee so pag nakipagusap ako sa kaharap ko hawak ko cp ko hahaha

  54. If it was full face i would be crying... 😭😭😭😭

  55. En wij nog dikke struggle met eyeliner hou maar op Sara


  57. يو زرسيف andek hna maquillage wellat Taylor Swift direct 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  58. Salmon Slammin I am usually not impressed by makeup transformations but she is friggen brilliant

  59. Saron Cassimiro
    Não existe mulher feia, existe mulher que não conhece os produtos Jequiti!

  60. Olha só mãe. É assim que eu queria me maquiar, mas não sei nem passar um lápis no olho Rose Takaki Morise

  61. She doesnt have eyebrows, thats the trick 😂

  62. Gracieth caraca amor, pra você que quer aprender as manhas kkkkkk

  63. Nothing special, every Tinder girl does this ;>