MJ > LeBron

MJ > LeBron

MJ > LeBron

Posted by FOX Sports Feb. 21, 2018, 2:05 a.m.

Skip Bayless has a message for all the LeBron James fans, aka blind witnesses

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  1. Why is it every time there is a discussion on who the GOAT is, we end up hearing about the accomplishments of some team in Chicago. The Bulls won 6 championships, Jordan was part of that team, he had the luxury of being on a good team the entire time he played in Chicago, if he was really good he would have won with another team that he played for or taken a bad team the finals, apples and oranges, stick to the play, there has not been a better player than LeBron period, its not even close and MJ isn't even second, Kevin Garnett is and there could be an argument that Garnett is still the real GOAT, stat wise Lebron or Jordan will never catch him.

  2. So where does that put Bill Russell and Robert Horry? I suppose Joe Montana gets the edge over Tom Brady too because that slacker Brady lost three out of eight Super Bowls.

  3. I seriously believe if sports shows couldn’t keep bringing up Jordan/Lebron comparisons they wouldn’t have any material to talk about. We get it Skip-you get a hard on because you hate Lebron James so much. 😂😂😂

  4. Lawson Clark skip is such a broken record. Literally the only thing he ever says is “Michael Jordan is 6-0. LeBron melted down against Dallas.” We get it skip you’ve only made that point clear a million times yet he seems to forget all the ugly stuff about Jordan’s career. Literally the only thing skip knows about basketball is that Jordan won 6 and LeBron lost to Dallas outside of that he has no idea what’s ever happened in the history of the game

  5. Skip is biased. It's very strange that Jordan never asked for "help" but like somehow got Phil Jackson Scottie pippen Steve Kerr Dennis rodman. All HOF players and coach. It must be a miracle from the basketball gods. Well sorry they don't exist. It's called reality and Jordan did ask for help.

  6. Michael never had a breakdown? Did LBJ or, ANY player for that matter, have to be told, IN THEIR PRIME, hey, u should find something else to do, because your gambling is out of Control.
    I am no LBJ defender, because I think he is soft, but, Skip per usual is wrong

  7. How many early round exits was Jordan a part of? So losing in the Finals is worse than getting bounced early?

  8. Even though Skip is RARELY right, he just happens to be here. Now, he needs to apply exactly what he’s saying about LeBron to what he says about Tom Brady moving forward because it’s the exact same reason Brady isn’t the GOAT QB in NFL history.

  9. I am not basketball fan but even I back when was playing I had to watch in his prime unbelievable lebron we’ll never be as great as Jordan

  10. What the hell!?!? Come on Jordan was greedy on the court and had multiple meltdowns. How many times did he retire??? Hell he went to play baseball for a while and came back!!!!. That’s not a meltdown???

  11. Coming from a guy that lied about being a star in high school when in reality he rode the bench
    He has zero credibility to talk about anything basketball related

  12. I've seen Jordan era and I was once a fan too until he became a quitter..today I see Lebron's era clearly LBJ is by far the better player..only Jordan is more clutch..

  13. Hahaha they should had won 4 straight in miami but then again they lost to the aging spurs and mavericks

  14. This discussion is insane...we’re talking about 2 different players at 2 totally different times. MJ did things that nobody can replicate. LeBron has done things that nobody can replicate, especially if he makes 10 straight finals. It’s a conversation that will last for years. I was lucky enough to watch both in their prime! 50/50 is a fair assessment.

  15. Bayless also thinks the Cowboys are elite....he’s a clown

  16. I stop listening to skip during football season,with his dumb predictions

  17. This goes out to the bandwagons

  18. THERE IS NO COMPETITION, This comparison only spread by MEDIA.

  19. So these guys ever talk about anything but LeBron and MJ???

  20. Just Remember the 6 Championships Jordan played in 15 seasons. They Won All 6 did not lose (1).

  21. Josh Fike Tyler Sutton William Banks. These are what we like to call straight. FACTS. Hard to argue with Skip Baylee’s here

  22. Jordan never played in a game 7.

  23. Jordan is, and always will be, the 🐐