Lions eat suspected big cat poacher

Lions eat suspected big cat poacher
Image from: BBC News

"They ate his body, nearly all of it, and just left his head."

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  1. They best part of this story is that they left the head, like a trophy from a hunt.

  2. I love this story more than is probably socially acceptable. They should stake the head like Vlad the Impaler as warning to other poachers.

  3. Just left his head so they could mount on the wall in their den.

  4. Not at all sorry for the hunter. He got what he deserved.

  5. Wow. I knew humans could be heartless, but literally EVERY single comment? That's still surprising to me.

    It's almost as if we are actually receiving glorified joy and happiness in our lives via the painful death of another human being.


    Hmmm. I guess my OP and all subsequent comments were really complex and hard to understand.

    Let me try a new approach:

    A. Poaching is bad. Animals are beautiful. I like lions. The guy got what he deserves. Lions are pretty.

    B. When people die, I do not throw parties and pass champagne bottles and eat ice cream cake.

    I claim: A and B (both).

    There. There's no way anyone can misinterpret now 😁 this is much better than the really deeply complex metaphysical analysis of the universe that was my original comment!!!! Thankfully I learned this lesson before my brutal habits of being unclear and confusing became a regular pattern.

  6. To everyone who feels sorry for the hunter: this is not a crime. This is nature reminding us we are not important.

  7. Please, dear God, let it be Donald Trump, Jr.

  8. Makes me think the guy's head should be put on a pike along with a sign saying, "This is all that remains of the last poacher. Please send more; he was delicious!"

  9. I hope they enjoyed every bit of it! He deserves no better ending.

  10. Just enough for facial recognition. How awesome is that!!!

  11. Perhaps they intended to mount the head on a wall.

  12. Hope they didn't suffer indigestion....

  13. I want to know why the rest of the Lion community hasn’t come out and condemned this senseless act of violence?

  14. Of course they left the head - they're going to stuff it and hang it on their favorite tree😂

  15. The lion's revenge. It deserves a gold medal.

  16. Poaching/illegal hunting is one of the main reasons why so many exotic animals are either endangered or extinct. Karma!

  17. The irony of leaving just the head (nice trophy for the hall, isn't it) is certainly not lost on those lions...!

  18. The head must have been empty. A little matter in it would have prevented the man from poaching and his loss of life.

  19. I don't care about the comments ..I detest any poachers or hunters. The way they kill is one sided and cowardly. Occasionally the wildlife win.. as on this occasion. As far as I am concerned that is karma and payback for the untold masses of slaughtered wildlife at the hands of man.

  20. The lion should get a medal....or extra food 👏👏

  21. I'm ok with this. Poaching endangered animals should be punished by getting fed to said groups of animals

  22. Goodo! I’m all for recycling so pleased the lions had a filling dinner. Hope this is a lesson to other murdering poachers...the endangered are fighting back 👍🏻 #Karma

  23. "You're moving through the tall grass, getting a glimpse of the prey, the shoulders mostly, the mane. You prepare your rifle. You're very quiet. And then there's a moment. The wind changes, the grass stops swaying. The lion turns, looks at you. The moment you realize you are no longer the hunter, you are the prey."
    -- Sir Malcolm Murray from "Penny Dreadful".

  24. Good news is hard to come by nowadays. Time to celebrate! And may there be more of such stories to come!

  25. Being happy that bad people are dead is not the same as wishing death upon them while they’re alive.

    The world is simply a better place without some existing. Nothing wrong with acknowledging that.

  26. Why is the poacher referred to a the victim No says animals killed by poachers are victims He deserved his end and I hope the beautiful animal who took revenge is left to live out his life

  27. Love it, save your sympathy for the poor creatures who are hunted and killed for pleasure every single day, bonne appetite you gorgeous big cats :-)

  28. I wish no one harm, but when you go into the wild, to purposely stalk and kill them on their own turf, then maybe you get what you deserve.

  29. Such a shame the lions missed out on finishing their meal, poor guy must have had sh*t for brains and they didn't want to make themselves unwell.

  30. The fact that this is an endangered species, and idiots continue to hunt and Kill them, when the opposite happens it is karma in my book, you hunt endangered species just for amusement, they eat you, everything but your head, the cats know what they were doing, they have a right to defend themselves, quit hunting endangered species.

  31. Lowlife poacher got what he deserved! Awesome job lions!! Anyone that kills for parts or trophy deserve the wrath of Mother Nature!!

  32. It’s annoying why every single country doesn’t literally have rangers who shoot poachers on sight. No second chance. It would work, they do it in Northern India and the rhino population is booming!

  33. Brilliant. Pity more poachers aren’t eaten or killed . A trophy for the lions they left the head so they can identify the murdering scum

  34. Hunting is going to war with animals, often with an unfair advantage. Even still, sometimes the animals win.

  35. I love how loved this is! However if the human was not a hunter the lions would be put to sleep .. :( . I hope this is a warning to tge vile poacher's out there!

  36. I read all these comments as a person who is a meat eater and think “would I rather be hunted and killed or killed in an abattoir?”, and you know what, I would choose hunted. I adore animals, wish I had the will power to be vegetarian. Maybe we should all look at our own plate before judging so much. Does it really make a difference if it’s for sport or just a Sunday lunch?!

  37. Just the head retained as a trophy? They should have worn human nails as talisman, bones as aphrodisiac and skin to keep themselves warm. Retribution at its best.

  38. That's the risk u take when you step into their territory unfortunately you get eaten and they leave your head as their trophy. 🏆🏆 🏆

  39. I also shoot lions, but with a camera. I adore the wildlife in my beloved Kenya and would never dream of killing any creature. I have absolutely no sympathy for this man. None at all.

  40. Something the animals need to do to ensure their own safety because the human species can only destroy rather than safeguard

  41. Karma! Hope the lion didn’t get indigestion! Least they left the head so the scumbag could be identified... Hunter got what he deserved and hope it was a slow death, Karma.

  42. In as much as I hate poaching, I'd strongly advise that all the lions in that very pride be shot by rangers without delay -having tasted human blood. Sorry but, that's the way it's got to be.