Lighting Up for Love

Lighting Up for Love

Lighting Up for Love

Posted by National Geographic May 17, 2018, 10:15 a.m.

Male fireflies broadcast a light signal that’s code for their species.

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  1. and yet, when I start flashing at the women, I get arrested!

  2. We had them here 55 years ago, but the changing environment I think made them move on. I would love for my grandkids to see them. I loved watching them.☹️☹️

  3. I saw this once it was very magical, kind of like you were in a magical kingdom surrounded by fairies..

  4. I was blessed and had the privilege to see in person the moment the fireflies started rising out of the grass just outside my house. ❤
    It looked magical, like something straight out of a fairytale. ❤

  5. In my country, THAILAND You can see them a lot.

  6. Don't see them as much I use to catch them and put in a jar watching fascinated then set them free. The good old days of my youth. Most kids have never seen one. Sad

  7. I remember catching them, as a kid, with my hands! I was enthralled that bugs could not only fly, but produce light too.

  8. Sophie Green remember the time you literally walked off a boardwalk into a swamp bc i will literally have that as the final and only lingering memory my last two brain cells can cling to

  9. I miss the firefly's , i'm from California, san Francisco and now in Germany, they don't have them here. Someone needs to bring them here, like they did, with the raccoon, years ago 😭😂

  10. Tra le lucciole, come nelle profondità oceaniche, la bioluminescenza è un ottimo sistema di comunicazione, sia tra specie differenti, sia all'interno della stessa specie (ad esempio a scopo riproduttivo).

  11. You must see it. Each Time I see it , I like it . It is like a Christmas tree. Possible to see so many in Sabah. And the most impressive, It is when the fireflies fly blinking and come in your hands. So amazing

  12. They need to be restocked all over our country as lethal mosquito spraying has annihilated the firefly population in Texas...

  13. I couldn't imagine that, how many ways of language's love we can find in nature. This is so precious to see.

  14. You haven't seen anything until you find a whole nest of them emerging in the first showing of the \spring. It is absolutely breathtaking.

  15. I use my butt everyday to send "signals" to my wife, but the only answer I get is always " You're disgusting!" 🤔

  16. I loved seeing them when I lived in Ohio. They don't have those here in the southwest....but we do have glow worms!

  17. Collect them all and put in the bottle,become light, they are like electronic,that have electricity and bulbs

  18. NO words could ever express HOW amazing God is.

  19. I grow up seeing this when I go @my rural area and 💋 and this flies are still plenty there @night time

  20. We are finally seeing them come back in our area. We were at Huntsville State Park - Texas Parks and Wildlife, hiking at night and saw a lot of them. I was so excited to see them again!

  21. The big I always thought of as a lightning bug turned out to be a predator that imitates the flashes of a lightning bug and eat it when it comes over to mate.

  22. Love fireflies. We called them lightening bugs when I was a child.

  23. They could try snapchat or something...

  24. For my kids who loved to see fireflies ... Jennifer Stephanie Dave 😍😍😍

  25. We called them lightening bugs in the south

  26. Marla Recuerdas nuestra aventura con luciérnagas y burros?

  27. Michael Carboni are there fireflies in California? If so I want to see them.

  28. Yet when I walk into a bar, and loudly proclaim that I'm horny; I'M the ass hole...

  29. Remember all the fire flies at the cottage?!? Jade McInnis it was magical!! <3

  30. One of my dream in life is to have glass dome full of fireflies 😃

  31. We haven,t got fireflys but instead we have twinkling glow worms in our Redwood forest.Just Magic.😊

  32. Keila Vamos a acampar y buscamos luciérnagas.
    Deberíamos intentarlo con tus babes.

  33. Louis :) ça me ferait presque penser aux yeux de Moutons sur le pont de la cascade bleue Pauline

  34. Kent Ove Lidal husker at du ikke trodde på mæ når æ sa at dem faktisk lyser 😉❤️

  35. once one got in to my very dark house at night. I thought we were being invaded from outer space, it was amazingly bright

  36. I remember seeing these as a kid... I miss them. So sad we don't have them anymore.

  37. Used to see them back east. sit on the deck and watch them light up the trees... don't have them in CA.

  38. That's probably the only thing I haven't tried. Oh, what the hell... 💡🍩

  39. Jenny just some random firefly info for your Thursday morning

  40. Saw this all the time growing up in rural Maryland. Today...not so much.

  41. I haven't witnessed their beauty in years but I will never forget how breathtaking it was.

  42. In my country Honduras we have also:-)

  43. It is a beautiful world indeed 😊

  44. Nature is a beautiful thing. <3
    * I wish we weren't epically fucking it up.

  45. We don't have fireflies in SoCal. Evidence. Staying in a Moyer in Massachusetts, sister says from bed "do smoke alarms move?"

  46. I love these little creatures. Nature is beautiful.

  47. who knew - orgy in the woods lolololo -I will never look at them in the same way

  48. We see tons of them here. Always so mystical💛

  49. Cristy it reminds me in palawan after dinner at kalui restaurant. 😊

  50. Que bellas... La creacionde las especies animales increíbles!

  51. no wonder i love this little bugs.....i still play with them in the summer

  52. Love ❤️ them; magical, mesmerizing awesome nature show; on the watchful-waiting every June/July

  53. Trying to send messages with shiny butts? Are Nicki Minaj and Miley Cyrus fireflies?

  54. Oh my God .... ! 😍

    So beautiful .... 😍 Amazing .... My dear NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC .... Amazing .... ! 🌎

    Thank you my dear NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC has timely information and posted this great video .... ! 🌎

  55. Lenny Emia naalala mo tong mga ito? Dun sa may mga cotton tree sa may Vista sa Sta Lucia. 😉😉😉

  56. I miss seeing fireflies. They were everywhere growing up on the east coast.

  57. En el parque nacional de Nanacamilpa, Tlaxcala, México.
    Se pueden observar un montón.
    Hermosa función.

  58. Udi Bornovski because I showed you your first firefly the other day.

  59. that's what really courtship is 😹 Mikroi Kosmoi

  60. So amazing. You are never to old to learn in a flash what I've been doing wrong!

  61. Много красиво! Сякаш сме в извънземно измерение! Браво , успяли сте със записа!

  62. Me encantan de pequeña en mi tierra habían muchísimas, luciérnaga.